Attack special effects 4-ray cutting mode can penetrate most obstacles;

Attack special effect 5 crossbow mode can launch special crossbows;
Attack special effects 6 Hunting mode can realize various functions such as catching, tracking, insight, counterattack, defense, and lifting traps;
Attack special effects 7 melee mode must be connected to the terminal system of the Eastern Warrior System;
Accessory rangefinder, wrist is, tactical mobile phone, eye protector, nighthawk, swordfish, grasshopper;
Durability 1/1;
Don’t forget to say that the power of this gun has reached an astonishing 442, which is simply awesome. It takes seconds for a shot to fly.
There are as many as seven kinds of attack special effects. Fortunately, it is a prop. If it is a real equipment, it is estimated that it is such a famous device. It is hard to shout another meter of sunshine.
All kinds of data show that this new gun is five times more powerful than the original wishful pistol, and it is not only mad dog dragon road. "What attributes does this gun say so little?"
Baldheaded way: "It’s not that there are too many attributes, but that there are too many specific functions to display in the window. You must read it carefully and say that Hua Zai specifically explained it."
Mad dog dragon glanced at the gun box again and couldn’t help their eyes.
Nima, this is really "".Look at the thickness, there are at least dozens of pages.
Baldheaded, "Hua Zai also said that if you want to be fully prepared, you should go to Tiancheng Phantom Store to join a player named Blue Gold Sleeve. She is responsible for filling your ammunition."
Mad dog dragon nodded "is that woman called light light blue? I have seen it in Colorful Island before. "
Bald stand hand way "I don’t know this, anyway, I will help you to the phantom of the opera day will definitely sell your account, if there is nothing else, I will go back to the swallow building first."
"All right!" Mad dog dragon also knows that it is not good for him to stay in this place for a long time.
After the bald head left, Mad Dog Dragon studied for an afternoon, saying that it was almost noon before he rushed into the city.
Nowadays, teasing the dragon is flexible, no matter how much the Phantom of the Opera sells his account, he always asks for help, but he has to lower his attitude first. Now that things are done, it is a good friendship to invite the clerk to lunch by the way.
At present, the production line of Oriental Dynasty produces a limited number of rare props, and other mass production bases are put to other guild production lines to manufacture Phantom of the Phantom Day Friendship Guild. The production of ordinary guns and bombs is contracted by Yunyan and others.
In fact, after the release of Mad Dog Dragon in the southern sky, this is the first time to truly enter Tiancheng.
The central city of this new district is different from other districts. Its style tends to be quiet, peaceful and beautiful. After all, all kinds of buildings in coastal cities have an artistic atmosphere on the whole.
The Phantom Sky Store is called "Dingzhen Shopping Center", which is located in the most prosperous candy pedestrian street in the east of the city. This store is like an imperial palace embedded in the middle of the pedestrian street, blocking all people and traffic.
Hongda shopping center is divided into five floors, the first floor is the main brain, and the official shopping mall sells low-end products; The second floor sales and distribution center is the black market; The red market on the third floor sells high-end goods; The fourth floor is the auction house, while the fifth floor on the top floor is the Phantom of the Opera Day alone interview trading area.
In fact, we can see from this floor that customers on each floor have to say that Phantom Day is getting bigger and bigger and more professional in this respect.
Mad Dog Dragon was also startled by the sea of people before him when he arrived at Dingzhen Center. Is the store in Niang New District so hot and lively? Only the official shops on the first floor are packed and busy, and many players come to shop, and the shopping malls covering tens of thousands of square meters are crowded.
I carefully looked at the side of the gate of the shopping center, and there was a sightseeing elevator that could go straight to the fifth floor. I thought about whether I was new here or honestly went to the elevator to queue up.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-four Dark glow
Because the business of the shopping center is bursting, even the stairs are lined up.
This kind of sightseeing ladder is limited to seven people. Once the number exceeds the standard, it will queue up like a mad dog for almost ten minutes before a new round comes.
I was about to enter the ladder when a quarrel broke out.
In front of Mad Dog Dragon is a warrior costume. Looking at that costume, the male player estimates that his strength is not weak, and he is likely to go to the fifth floor to talk about buyers and sellers.
However, it is a group of people who quarrel with the soldiers. The first group of people is a man in a suit, and his looks may not be very good. But look at that expression, his eyes seem to grow on the roots of his head, so he is not really proud.
"How can you jump the queue? Does this make no sense? " The soldier looked dissatisfied.
"All the brilliant dark brothers are going to talk about big business, so if you have the guts, you will delay the dark brother?" The footman behind the suit man waved his hand.
Brother Dark?
Is this the bloody elite Dark Zeng?
Mad dog dragon can’t help but quietly look at this "dark brother"
Customers who want to go to the fifth floor must be a little wealthy. Players are a little wealthy. Naturally, they will not be unfamiliar with the guild of bloody elite, and the soldier’s face will turn a little pale when he hears the words bloody elite.
However, this person earns a sigh of relief and burns a column of incense. It is quite unpleasant to watch others insert their own team soldiers. "You are a bloody elite. Am I not a fucking person?" Everyone is waiting in line. Why do you cut in line? "
Ben stared at him with great interest and smiled. "Ah, ha, which guild are you in?" Sign up? "
The soldier’s face expression "I have no guild!"
The footman smiled, "If there is no line, you can say a hammer and go away."
At this time, the man in the suit has reached the front of the soldier and is about to enter the ladder. Now there are five people in the ladder. If the man in the suit and the attendant happen to be seven people.
Soldiers can’t get into the ladder this round, which means mad dog dragon will have to wait for another round.
"What’s the matter with no guild? What about the bloody elite? Do you still have reason to jump the queue? " People who dare to say such things are mad dog dragons.
Smiling in front of the classes back way "who? I didn’t catch what you said. Say it again if you dare? "
This threat is very strong, and the players will still talk about it later, but as soon as they hear this, many people immediately stop.