"This guy’s good defense is good. My strength is of the earth. I can’t get a little advantage." Du Xiao muttered at the bottom of my heart. He knew that this was not the way to attack himself greatly. It was even more difficult to defeat this Li Liancheng when he consumed too much immortal power. Then Du Xiao changed his tactics. The long sword immortal power passed and returned to the body again. Although the sword lost its original strength, the speed was really accelerated by a hundred times. The ghosting appeared in front of the pale blue immortal power like a flash.

See Du Xiao change attack strategy that Li Liancheng body momentum is also instantaneous change to defend, I have to say that after the change of defense strategy, Li Liancheng’s defense is tight and almost slack, and there is almost no flaw around his body like a golden bell. No matter how fast Du Xiao attacks, he can dodge the past!
As the fighting between the two sides continued, Du Xiao’s contempt for his face gradually dissipated until his face was finally completely covered with dignity. The strength shown by Li Liancheng was enough to be treated with caution.
"Hoo!" Long spit out a sigh. Du Xiao’s footsteps suddenly retreated slightly, and the pale blue fairy force was rapidly injected into the sword. In a flash, a cold light shining sword appeared, and a huge sword awn appeared.
With the change of the sword, Du Xiao’s mouth finally overflowed with a sneer, and his arm suddenly shook, and a crisp thunderbolt sounded at the joints. Soon, the sword in his hand was on the nearby Li Liancheng. If it flashed fast, it would make the surrounding change a little twisted for a long time!
Li Liancheng noticed that the sword in Du Xiao’s hand changed like this, and his eyes were fiercely colored. His hands clasped the sword in his hand and he immediately drank the sword in his hand. He also took up a sword shadow and stood in front of him like a sword wall.
As a crisp sword sounded, the tightly arranged sword net persisted for a moment and was finally torn up and met with resistance. Suddenly, the tip of the sword in Du Xiao’s hand turned and the sword rapidly rotated 90 degrees, which was directly thrust at Li Liancheng’s heart!
Li Liancheng, of course, is also to see the sudden change of direction of the sword slightly zheng hands long sword without him directly to the stab to the sword to cut quickly!
See the sword chop again and come to Du Xiao. Instead of being nervous, the corners of the mouth show a bit of trickery. When two long swords are about to collide, Du Xiaojian’s sharp and frivolous sword direction pulls out half a meter distance again and just misses the chop.
A sword fell into Li Liancheng’s heart, slightly stunned. Du Xiao grabbed the sword in an instant and pointed it directly at his throat. If the sword advanced by half a minute, Li Liancheng would die. "You have lost the sword!"
"ding!" Li Liancheng took a long sword in his hand and glanced at Du Xiao lightly and said, "I lost Chapter three hundred and sixty."
See Li Liancheng some lonely look Du Xiao heart somewhat unable to take back the sword gently patting Li Liancheng on the shoulder and said, "You can stand still with me for such a long time. It is still very good to practice well in the future. The future is not low."
Du Yun in the stands watched the game finally settled, and the heart hanging in his heart finally fell. I don’t know how Du Yun still felt a little uneasy even though the game was over, and the anxiety still came from the reference platform. What the hell was going on!
Du Yun once again aimed at the Li family. His face was still very serious. He didn’t ease up because of the end of the game. Soon Du Yun realized that there was definitely a problem. He just wanted to wake Du Xiao up carefully.
Li Liancheng, who was born on a different stage, took advantage of Du Xiao’s sudden recovery of the sword and took out a dagger with a flashing tour color light from behind and stabbed Du Xiao hard!
When Du Yun woke up, Du Xiaozheng hugged Li Liancheng and said comforting words. Suddenly, he felt the murderous look behind him. Du Xiao immediately realized that it was not good. He just wanted to dodge. It is said that the distance between the two people is really big, and it is even faster that he can’t dodge.
Listen to the "pa" sound, the dagger with the faint blue light has stabbed Du Xiaoshen. The dagger is faint blue, and you will know that it will be poisonous if you touch it!
Seeing that Du Xiao was stabbed in Du Yun’s heart, he jumped out of his seat like crazy and ran quickly to the reference table. But just after he got to the reference table ladder, he felt the shadow flash across his head. Du Yun quickly looked up and found that it was a figure flying over and falling quickly to the reference table to see the back of Li Guzhu.
The Li family master stopped and prepared to make another shot. Li Liancheng asked sullenly, "Who the hell are you to pretend to be my Li family and hurt Du Xiao?"
At this time, Du Yun has also reached the reference platform, grabbed Du Xiao and worried and asked, "How are you, Du Xiao?" However, it seems that Du Xiao hasn’t woken up from the shock just now. Root didn’t answer Du Yun’s question. Du Yun is Du Xiao who has been poisoned and is in a coma.
I hurried to check Du Xiao’s injury and found that although the dagger was inserted into Du Xiao’s body, it was not bleeding. "What’s going on? Isn’t Du Xiao injured?" As Du Yun wondered, she heard a bang, and Du Xiao’s clothes instantly collapsed, revealing that he was covered with scales, and his body was wrong. That’s not scales, it’s just scales-like immortal armor!
See Du Xiaoshen scales others are no response, but Dragon Emperor No.1′ s face is suddenly cold. Even the teacup in his hand is crushed and staring straight at Du Xiaoshen’s armor face with a look of surprise to the extreme. "It turned out to be Long Lin armor. How can he condense Long Lin armor when he is so young? Is he the direct blood of the Qinglong clan? "
Descendants of ancient God Beasts are also divided into branches and branches. The purest veins can be inherited and exerted more powerfully. Before the underworld, people in the underworld will naturally feel a sense of awe. If they don’t fight, they will lose three points, let alone fight.
Dragon Emperor No.1, a descendant of Dujia Qinglong God beast, naturally knew it, but he didn’t expect to have pure blood, which made him feel shocked.
The people sitting next to them were surprised to see Dragon Emperor No.1. They haven’t seen Dragon Emperor No.1 in their memory for a long time, but it’s just a strange armor. Is it necessary to be so nervous? "
Looking at everyone next to him, they are all puzzled. Dragon Emperor No.1 is too lazy to explain to them what it means to have Long Lin armor. According to the ancient god beast family system, it is very special to be able to condense the virtual shadow. Long Lin armor has a very special significance. It is decided whether this man can become a real god beast family successor and condense Long Lin armor. Sooner or later, it also determines a person’s blood force concentration, which determines the achievement of this monk. Now Du Xiao is so young, and then his achievements will be absolutely limitless, which will definitely exceed the first Qinglong god beast ancestor! This is the biggest rival of their Warcraft family, and if he doesn’t feel scared.
Du Yun was surprised to see Du Xiaoshen’s Long Lin armor, but now he is most worried about whether Du Xiao is poisoned. He can be ignored. Seeing Du Yun wake up and just want to ask, he saw Du Xiao poof a mouthful of blood and then his head tilted and he fell into a coma in Du Yun’s arms.
Du Yunlai’s hanging heart has just tightened up again. Seeing Du Xiao faint, he quickly spread the knowledge to check Du Xiao’s injury. After a simple inspection for a week, he did not find anything inappropriate. Only then did he rest assured that he would come to Du Xiao to be in a coma. It should be because he had just made the immortal force too strong, which led to the unstable operation of the immortal force. There would be no danger.
As Du Xiao was in a coma, his body emerged, and Long Lin’s armor had dissipated. Although Du Xiao was not in danger, it was obvious that things were not over. He cast a cold glance at Li Guzhu, who was close at hand, and asked in a gloomy tone, "I don’t know how you explain what happened to Li Guzhu’s adult?"
Instead of directly answering Du Yun’s question, Li Jiagu coldly stared at Li Liancheng and asked, "Who are you trying to frame the Li family?"
Li Liancheng was restrained by the Li family, and once again he recovered just like that. Nuo Nuo bowed his head and said, "My Lord, I am Li Liancheng, but you asked me to do this. Why do you ask me in turn?"
Hearing this, Du Yun immediately pulled Du Xiao back a few steps and pulled away from Li Guzhu and made preparations for the battle at the same time.
Seeing Du Yun’s reaction, Li Guzhu didn’t say anything and didn’t stop him. Instead, he directly asked coldly again, "Who are you and what are you going to frame the Li family for telling you your intentions and instructing you? I can spare you!"
"I’m Li Lian …" Before the word "Cheng" could be said, Li Guzhu had to listen. A light sound made the man’s right arm bone broken. "You answered wrong!"
"ahhh!" The reference platform immediately came to that miserable Li Liancheng, whose forehead was cold, and it was whispering to the front of the reference platform, which formed a pool of water stains!
"I’ll give you another chance. I hope you can answer me honestly or I’ll wring your neck directly!" Li Jiagu once again said that the tone was colder than the second time, without any feelings.
Looking at Li Guzhu’s performance, even Du Yun unconsciously gave a chill. This Li Guzhu looks very elegant at ordinary times. I can’t think that it is biting to start hands. But at this time, Du Yun doesn’t know what happened, but some believe this Li Guzhu!
Li Guzhu woke up again when he saw that Li Liancheng was about to speak. "You’d better think clearly, or I will never be with you again."
Hearing Du Ping’s resolute words, the man looked even paler, and his eyes inadvertently forgot to look at the table and said, "I said I would say anything, please bypass my life!"
"Hum, if you know that you have to say it, you have endured so much pain in vain for so long, but you can rest assured that I will spare your life if I keep my word!" Li Gugu’s cold face finally gave me a smile!
Glancing at the stands again, the man finally said with great determination, "I got it this time …" Before he could put the words, he heard a drink in the stands, "Where did the thieves dare to disrupt the cemented convention?" Before the sound fell, a black dress person whooshed out from there and quickly stabbed the Li Liancheng with a sword!
The man in black was so fast that even Li Gugu and Du Yun couldn’t come if they wanted to intercept him. They could see the sword thrust into Li Liancheng’s heart and hear the snow!
Li Liancheng was surprised to see that the black dress person’s face showed an incredible look. After the sword was struck, he twitched for a few times and soon stood still. That Du Yun took a cautious glance at the black dress person and looked at the Dragon Emperor No.1′ s face with a thoughtful look!