When they are in a place like this, it is getting shorter and shorter, just like Wang Haidong said that they must be demolished before the hun Festival for half a year. At this time, Huilongguan will always move away no matter what.

Liu Laoliu has a deep affection for this place. For decades, he has been this place from a small peddler named Bao Yazhai to nng, and then he has his own stall and so many brothers to help him. Anyway, most of his life is associated with Huilongguan antique market.
At best, Wang Haidong was a little more here when he was a child, so Mr. Liu is even more sad to say. "Our river city is very scarce for questioning. This Huilongguan antique market is also a cultural place that we managed to establish. It is also a minor celebrity in the surrounding area, but I didn’t expect that it would be demolished in a short time at this time, or that there is a need to consider economic development at this time. But how about so many places in our river city?"
It is very difficult for him to accept this. Of course, even if he can’t accept it, there is no other way. This is a decision that he is so old and has already lost his former feelings.
Ten years ago, Mr. Liu was able to go to the wild mountains in the northwest alone to find the ancient tomb. That was a real hard work, and he spent half a month in the wild with dry food and kettle. It was a common thing. Anyway, he encountered heavy rain, hail, wolves and even a black bear
It is with such a struggle that God jing finally achieved his status and achievements today, but now he has no gasoline bottle at that time. He either burned himself or burned the soil all over the floor, but he could not burn the demolitions anyway.
When Mr. Liu saw this news, he was also very resistant. You’re not even afraid of throwing gasoline on yourself. How can’t you nng die? One or two of them see that people will dare to touch your house. If it’s hard for me, none of you will want to feel better at this time.
This is the mood of Liu Laoliu at that time, but unfortunately, there are not many people who think so. They are naive that gasoline can stop the forced demolition, but in the end, how to demolish it or how to demolish it did not stop at all. Only after the demolition can they see a sad place.
Mr. Liu is already unwilling to do this. He has passed this age of ji, so the Huilongguan antique market will be demolished at this time. What will happen when such a thing is finally encountered? It is always necessary to ask Zheng Yi Wang Haidong to make a decision. Wang Haidong is definitely a different kind of Huilongguan antique market.
At this time, Wang Haidong said without thinking, "It is because of Huilongguan that there are several well-preserved ancient buildings in our river city. This Huilongguan is a historical relic in the Yuan Dynasty anyway. Think about it. If a tall building is built near here, does it mean that this tall building will definitely have a cultural atmosphere? This is a certain time. Think about it and see if this building will be sold at a higher price than other places. The price here is less than 1,500, so at this time, Huilongguan will become a place for them to compete."
Chapter two hundred and three Deep-rooted
Businessmen have always been so profitable that Huilongguan, a local station, is suitable for commercial development.
Wang Haiding went on to say, "It is said that we will demolish before the end of the year. It is not because no one here wants the opposite, but because a place like ours is so popular that it has not yet been determined which developer can get such a treasure trove of geomantic omen. Therefore, this time is only temporarily put on hold, and it will be seen that whoever has a deeper background will get such a place in the end."
And at this time, some things will progress a little faster than we think. I can guarantee that if someone can take such a piece of land, it will definitely be a developer with a background. At the end of the demolition, it will definitely be stormy. I really don’t know what kind of news will come out at the end. "
If there is some news during demolition, it is not a rare thing, but if there is no news, it is a rare thing.
At this time, demolition can always challenge the public to accept that the bottom line will always make news in one way or another, so it is not unreasonable for Wang Haidong to worry at this time. If this place is a treasure trove of geomantic omen, it is also very clear that Huilongguan can build here, which has already said that this place is a good treasure trove of geomantic omen.
Moreover, the Huilongguan antique market is also a downtown area at this time. It can be said that if there were no Huilongguan, this place would have been demolished long ago, but it is precisely because of Huilongguan that there is absolutely no room for relaxation when it comes to demolition, and the compensation estimate at this time will not be higher because of Huilongguan.
Mr. Liu thought for a moment and said, "We developed here because there was a Huilongguan, which was a modest city in the Qing Dynasty. Until now, it has been stared at by people. Perhaps it is because Huilongguan said that I don’t know whether I should be glad or sad. It seems that this place is always changing and every change is always earth-shattering, but this time it is estimated to be the biggest change. More than 30 years ago, Huilongguan was almost demolished, and later this place was requisitioned by an army.
But this time, the biggest change is to tear down this place together. These buildings are also some buildings in the late Qing Dynasty. If they are torn down, it is a pity that it will be impossible to rebuild them after being torn down. "
Once some things are demolished, it is absolutely impossible to rebuild them, just like this Huilongguan antique market.
No one can tell how many stories have happened in this place, even the oldest old man can’t tell clearly what happened in Huilongguan antique market, but once it is demolished, it will all be gone.
Wang Haidong also knows this, but he knows another calculation method. "We people in Huilongguan antique market look at it this way, but some people don’t. At this time, their calculation is another result. Think about it. We will demolish here and build some buildings. If not, we will be able to boost the economy.
It’s a big deal to rebuild the antique market. Choose to rebuild an antique one by one. Although it has no historical flavor, how much economic development can be promoted by building a new antique antique market by demolishing one and building another? What is the representative of economic development now? That is to say, if you have political achievements, then everything will be all right at this time. Everything can be solved by saying that these buildings are left over from history. Anyway, it is good for you to tear down this Huilongguan place sooner or later.
Huilongguan is so famous that it is an old building in the province and even in the country. Therefore, at this time, a person is afraid to demolish Huilongguan, saying that these old shops in Huilongguan antique market are not even registered in the province. At best, some people in the city know that this is an old building, and remember that it is an old building rather than a cultural relics protection unit.
Therefore, it is no big deal to tear down such a place, so we will be more economic development than these old buildings. "
Well, it’s much clearer after Wang Haidong’s explanation.
Tear down the old building in Gai Lou, and you can rebuild some antique buildings at this time. In this case, you can’t help but say that our city doesn’t pay attention to the antique market. We have built an antique market alone. Anyway, the economy has developed, the developers have made money, the government has collected taxes, and the people can live in the building. What a happy ending!
And at this time, with such an ending, it can always lead to more publicity. It is said that the river city’s economic development and real estate are booming, and that the river city attaches importance to the development of culture and has built an antique market. Anyway, no matter how to tear down those old buildings in Huilongguan, no one will pay attention to it anymore. This is also inevitable. Since it has been demolished,
Then what should you pay attention to at this time? It’s already gone. It’s not these things. Maybe it’s impossible for Mr. Liu to understand. Although Mr. Liu is an old fox when he is doing business, it’s quite jing, but once some decisions are involved at this time, not all businessmen can do things and just follow them.
Of course, it’s hard to say whether every businessman will come from there. When I heard this, Mr. Liu finally understood Wang Haidong’s talk about these things. It seems that it’s not so easy to nail things. Maybe it’s a price to pay, but at this time, Mr. Liu is not very worried that there is a nail in Huilongguan antique market, that is, Wang Haidong, Wang Haidong is now the treasurer of Jubaoge, that is, he has a treasure cabinet department. It’s not an easy thing to tear down it. Anyway, Mr. Liu believes that even those vendors have background words, but who can do it in
Without thinking about it, Mr. Liu blurted out, "What should we do about these shops in Huilongguan antique market? If these shops are compensated according to ordinary shops, then we will suffer. In fact, these shops should be regarded as cultural relics protection units, but those people in the city don’t seem to realize this. If I shop according to the calculation formula of those hun eggs, I will lose home. Do you think you can be demolished if you get some compensation at this time? I wonder if we can stop their demolition by setting up a company. If this is successful, then I think it is better to set up a company directly for the whole antique market at this time, and no matter what we do at this time, it is to protect our own interests. "
What kind of company did Wang Haidong set up? It seems that he was too busy to hear Mr. Liu say this two days before he remembered, "Hehe, there is such a thing that there is absolutely no problem. At this time, I can guarantee that a few interests are the interests of my allies, but I can’t guarantee the interests of the entire Huilongguan antique market. If the interests of the entire Huilongguan antique market are protected, I don’t have that much power. The development of this city is bound to happen, and at this time, no matter how it is said."
At this time, it is also necessary for us to demolish Huilongguan antique market, but if I am not given enough compensation, none of them will try to demolish my Jubaoge and those properties of my company. I can’t help most people, because the interests involved are so severe that I can’t imagine how many interests are involved.
But at this time, no matter how I say it, I know better, but it’s just a little bit to ensure my own interests. No matter who wants to send Huilongguan antique market, it’s the same. This room is my grandfather. I won’t let my own interests hinder the development of urban economy, but if the development of urban economy wants to sacrifice my own personal interests, then at this time, I will make those people regret that no one can stop my determination. "
Of course, there are not many people who are qualified to say such things in Huilongguan antique market, but Wang Haidong is definitely such a person. He has such confidence and he has such a background at that time, but others can’t.
Chapter two hundred and four Gift-giving knowledge
Mr. Liu originally wanted to see when the Huilongguan antique market was demolished. At this time, he got the answer he wanted, but at this time, no matter what, he was not very satisfied with the answer. He hoped that Wang Haidong could influence the decision-making, but at this time, he forgot Wang Haidong. If you don’t mess with me, then I won’t mind my own business.