"Slice! Xin, which have this kind of joke with my brother "light left the pie mouth a face of displeasure said and then went into the bathroom.

Xin, listening to the bathroom rushing water, my eyes were darkened.
"Except in spring, she seems to be the first one." Xin murmured.
"ah? Xin, what did you say? !” Light because the water is too big and I didn’t hear the sound clearly, so I asked.
"Nothing, I’ll go to sleep first." Xin lay in bed and chatted and looked out of the window. When did we get involved again? A person shook his head and slipped into the quilt to show his head. Some wet honey-colored hair stuck to his forehead. "What’s not to hate about this feeling?"
"Blare … blare …" Xin suddenly heard what seemed to be crying, and looked out of the window with a sigh, "Ah, it’s just the wind."
"Woo … Woo …" The sound gradually became louder, and Xin was worried and rushed to the light in the bathroom and said, "Did you hear anything?"
Light is rubbing his hair, shampoo flows into his ears, light turns on the tap again, wants to flush it again, and when he hears Xin Yin, he says, "Ah? No! "
Open your hair, close your eyes and rub your hair.
Xin couldn’t help but open bathroom door only to see-
"ah! What’s wrong with you! !” Xin looked at lotus flower out of control and shouted.
Light opened his eyes and glanced at xin doubt said "yi? What’s wrong? "
Say that finish light turned to look behind the mirror only to find that-
I’m covered in red liquid, which is sticky, just like blood dripping down my hair. I looked up at the light, but it was bright red liquid sprayed on my head, not water!
Light and Xin’s pupils suddenly dilated. At this moment, a white figure Vip°1 floated by the window. You asked for it!
"Light … what is that?" Xin asked, pointing to the white figure drifting out of the window and dying.
Light is now covered in blood-red liquid, grabbed a towel and wiped her hair, then clung to Xin Yin and trembled. "We … didn’t really meet a ghost, did we?" said the light and swallowed.
"Light your body …" Xin looked at the light body "won’t be blood …"
Light suddenly shook his head and then nodded "no … no"
"Boo hoo ….." Crying is getting closer and closer. Light and Xin look out of the window together. Suddenly-
"pa!" A woman with long bloody hair hung outside the window, and her white dress was stained with some blood.
Light and jasmine couldn’t help back a few steps.
"Aha, hahaha ….." With a ferocious smile, the woman suddenly looked up, and the blue light was mapped to the facial features, and her face was distorted, which was extremely horrible and ferocious.
"Ah ah! ! !” Light and Xin ran out of control and shouted out of the bathroom.
"Puffy!" On the balcony of the building, Enoch couldn’t help laughing, holding a bamboo pole and putting his hand in his pocket. He crept to the second floor and scrubbed the tomato sauce he had prepared from the aqueduct and received it in his small bag.
"Uh-huh, I’m sorry to let you mess with my young master. You really asked for it." Enoch slowly got up. "You think I’m hllekiy if the tiger doesn’t show off its power!"
Enoch paced to his room and took a hot bath.
"La la la ….." Humming a tune, Enoch lay in bed and looked at his novel happily.
Within five minutes, Enoch heard the noise of the servant, and Enoch was overjoyed.
Looking at the wall table, I stretched myself. "Aha, it’s almost a little bit." I was lazy and fell asleep on the bedside lamp.
On the other side, all the servants in Liu Chang courtyard ran around the whole Liu Chang courtyard house for three or four times, but they couldn’t find the white female ghost. However, she was afraid to go back to the bedroom and finally lost sleep in the guest room all night.
The next day Enoch laughed all morning after hearing the news.
"Good morning, spring day." Enoch smiled happily at spring day with a wave, which was called a brilliant flower.
"Why are you so happy?" Looking at Enoch in spring, sorting out his doubts.
Enoch smiled lightly while covering her mouth, keeping her ladylike posture. "It’s nothing but seeing two frightened kittens scurrying around yesterday."
"Hey?" Spring obviously didn’t understand Enoch’s meaning, thought for a while and said, "Do Xiaobaiguang and Xin’s family have kittens?"
Enoch stepped forward and touched Chunri’s heart and said, "It was just yesterday …"
"That must be lovely," said a series of injuries in spring.
Enoch sighed that spring is really naive. "It’s cute, especially the red kitten … VIP forgot to tell you that your coach is me today!
"hey! What did you just say! " Enoch didn’t slow down when she heard two roars at the door of the classroom. Enoch couldn’t help shivering and forgot that Guang Hexin was coming.
Enoch some stiff turned my head and said two quick "ah … nothing" Enoch’s eyes couldn’t help looking at the oblique side, not looking straight at the light and Xin uneasy dozen careless eyes.
"Xin must have been her mischief yesterday!" Pointing at Enoch, he said firmly, "No wonder Gen didn’t see her in the garden last night and our things were gone!"
It was a mistake for Enoch to forget the aftermath.