Looking around, the messy and broken tables and chairs in the main hall and the opposite slant hall were also instantly collected by Su Ling!

Someone broke in here?
Usually, if Yu Su and Chu Yi have nothing to do, they will hide in the dark to protect May and her safety!
She has been fooling around for the past two days and neglected to stay in Wangfu in May!
But on the same day, after she came back from Xiangfu, she sent her two hairs back to May again. That girl won’t be lonely with her two hairs!
But today …
It’s quiet around the West Park. I can’t hear anything. Even Yu Su and Chu Yi are out of sight!
What about May?
"in may? May-"
Su Ling anxiously called for two people who wanted to go out and look for it but were worried about the heavy hair injury!
Although it didn’t kill her, the bloody wound still worried her!
"Mother-I’m back!" Off-topic:
This is a chapter, five, three, three, and punish you for keeping heavy hair!
"Mother-I’m back!"
Suddenly, Su Ling’s courage broke, and when she was thinking about all kinds of possibilities, the May sound came outside the door!
In a flash, the soft and crisp voice of May blew away all the dark thoughts like a breeze!
Su Ling gently stroked a big hairy tiger head and then hurried to the door to lift her eyes. At a glance, she saw May being held in her arms by Yu Su, and the two of them were still looking cold!
A look at a few people look different Su Ling will know that something unexpected must have happened!
Before her lotus step, she directly took May from Yu Su’s arms and looked at her carefully. When she saw her, the stone fell to the ground unscathed!
But once again think of heavy hair injury Su Ling cheek also cold a point looking at jade su two people then asked "what’s the matter? How can heavy hair get hurt? "
Hearing this, Yu Su and Chu Yi looked at each other unexpectedly!
Even when she heard Su Ling’s questioning in May, she hung her head carefully in her arms!
Su Ling, who was half a soldier, calmly looked at Yu Su and Chu Yi, who looked obscure. When they saw that neither of them had spoken, they were about to ask May again, but their tone was stuffy. "Mom is my fault!"
"hmm? May? "
Su Ling looked down at her little face when she heard it. It was an apology to see her look like this for the first time in May. Even if Heavy Hair was injured at this time, Su Ling could not bear to say anything more!
When I heard Su Ling’s words, May’s little hands poked and pouted at each other’s chests, curled Su Ling’s expression and immediately said, "Mom, I hurt heavy hair …"
It can be seen that May is also very self-blaming for the fact that Heavy Hair was injured!
But after her mouth, Su Ling has more and more doubts in her heart!
May will never die for no reason and hurt heavy hair. Besides, she just appeared with Yu Su Chu Yi. What must have happened!
Su Ling watched May get more and more self-reproach, even her usual naughty samples were all converged, and there was a pool of water in her watery eyes!
This is almost crying!
The more so in May, the more unbearable Su Ling felt!
When she looked at Yu Su, her tone was thin and cool. "Yu Su, tell me!"
No matter if she is her own child, she knows that heavy hair is injured enough to make her lose her cool!
But aside, Yu Su and Chu Yi are different!
Yu Su suddenly heard Su Ling’s cold questioning and his face became stiff!
And he and Chu Yi both looked at Su Ling’s arms in May and seemed to want to say something, but they had any concerns!
Sure enough, the two of them looked like this. In May, they pinched their mouths and gently pulled Su Ling’s sleeves and lowered their heads and said, "Mother, don’t be hard on them!
It’s all my fault! Just now, a few people suddenly appeared here. I was still in the office of you or dad. I didn’t think much!
But later, as soon as they entered the West Park, they rushed to the room and rummaged around! As soon as I found something wrong, I clashed with them with heavy hair and two hairs!
Mother, I didn’t mean to! I was angry when I saw them turn the room upside down, so I wanted to give them some color to see see!
As a result, I didn’t expect the leader’s martial arts to be so powerful that I rushed in and almost got hurt by him!
That is, he rushed to me because of his sword and heavy hair! Later, when they came over, the men jumped out of the back window and ran away!