However, Li Detong soon regretted the words in his heart. What do you mean, speak of the devil?

It’s not the imperial concubine’s here …
Zhang Jin doesn’t want to see this struggle at all-a weak one doesn’t even have any fighting capacity. What is there to see?
"The emperor that I excused himself first. Chapter 967 Dare to take advantage of her not to poach?
Looking at Zhang Jin striding away from his back, Li Detong envied, hated and wanted to go with him …
As soon as Feng Xiao came, she saw a clever smile around Jun Moying. The anger index in her heart suddenly soared. Which little bitch dared to take advantage of her not to poach? !
Take a closer look. Isn’t that the noble man who provoked her in Fengming Palace that day?
When I think of that day-the bad memory in my head on New Year’s Eve, I suddenly feel dizzy when my anger index soared to the highest point.
Phoenix shallow eyes have a black almost knock.
Jun Mo Ying didn’t look at her directly, but the line of sight in the corner of her eyes kept falling. She didn’t move her body. She suddenly hung her heart, but in a second, she continued to casually walk towards him. He frowned. Did he deliberately want him to be so soft-hearted?
Snowflakes suddenly swirl and fall on the shoulders. Just now, it was sunny, but the weather in Wan Li was stained with snow for a moment.
"It’s too cold outside the emperor. Why don’t the male and female servants accompany you to Huilong Yin Palace?"
There was some noise beside her, and Jun Moying gave her a fretful look. The refusal had reached her mouth, but once again the line of sight inadvertently swept towards them. The man saw that she was wearing a white fox fur scarf around her neck, and the white color almost blended with the snow falling around her.
And that side …
Jun Mo’s eyes suddenly froze. Maybe the trace has disappeared. She wore a scarf because of the cold weather, but he still couldn’t help but think of what he had said to her-wipe your neck trace first and then come back.
So could she be wearing this scarf to cover some traces?
Once jealous thinking comes out, it will grow wildly with restraint.
Jun Moying stared at her intently for a long time, and her perception of things around her seemed to have disappeared.
Li Detong secretly stamped his feet. What’s this all about? The Lord is here. What the hell is that noble man? !
Although she heard about the recent quarrel between Huang and Feng Shao, almost everyone in the palace knew about it. Everyone wanted to take this opportunity to share a piece of the cake. She just happened to meet her today. Who knew that Feng Shao was here? I didn’t expect the emperor to refuse himself. Does that mean that Feng Shao really lost power?
It’s her chance!
At the thought of your face, a shy joy of your daughter’s family immediately surged. I glanced back at Feng’s shallow eyes with disdain and sarcasm, and then slowly raised my hand to prepare to arm the emperor.
Chicken shallow mercilessly turned supercilious look, I don’t know if her supercilious look posture is not quite right and she won’t come if she turns it over.
At present, suddenly, a black leg and a soft fall.
In fact, her consciousness did not dissipate immediately, and she heard Li Detong shout "Imperial concubine!" with surprise, tension and excitement.
Why are you so excited?
Did she faint on purpose? !
Jun Mo Ying suddenly saw the slowly soft figure and rushed over without thinking, just as the arm was pulled by the woman next to him, and his condensing eyebrow was severely slammed.
Maybe it’s too anxious. The noble was directly overturned by him. 968. 968 Isn’t this the imperial concubine? !
"Emperor!" Noble people can’t believe that the emperor will suddenly exclaim to her like this. "How did the imperial concubine faint at this time?" Maybe she just pretended to faint because she wanted to keep you. Just find a slave to carry her back! "
Damn it, woman, you’re the one who pretends to be dizzy. Your family is pretending to be dizzy!
Chicken shallow malicious cursing 1 consciousness finally dissipated completely fainted.
Jun Moying glared at the noble, did he pretend to be dizzy? Of course, he could see that even though it was difficult to tell just now because he was too anxious, now he is not stupid!
Even worse, "Did she pretend to faint you?" Jun Moying’s face was cold, dark and deep with affection in his eyes, and cool thin mocked coldly, "That’s between her and me!"
The noble was shocked and turned pale as snow. How could the emperor do this to her?
No, no, it’s all Feng Shao’s fault!
That man who is full of scheming base * saw the emperor with her and even pretended to be dizzy, so despicable tricks came out! Don’t you just want her to get involved with the emperor? Aren’t you afraid that she will take away the emperor? Damn it!
"Even if the imperial concubine really fainted, you can’t carry her all the way back to Fengyang Palace. It’s better to find a male and female servant …"
"get out!" Cold drink a gentleman’s ink shadow and directly hit the noble "Doctor Li Detong!"
After saying his word, he strode in the direction of Longyin Palace, and hurried with panic, leaving the noble person teetering in the snow.
Li Detong shook his head. It was …
The imperial secretary of Longyin Palace was stunned when he saw the emperor coming back with a woman in his arms.
I have seen the emperor so nervous about the second person outside the imperial concubine for so many years! Don’t they really empathize with someone new and don’t want the imperial concubine?
But when the emperor approached, they saw the woman’s face in his arms …
Isn’t this, this, this still the imperial concubine? !
All this just surprised to get the last real emperor’s heart still has the imperial concubine of the emperor alone!
Did these two finally make up?