"So it seems that Xiao Zhou has made great contributions." Mo Lin didn’t expect that after the death of Bailong, it would lead to the melting of ice and snow in the mainland. I heard Linghu Zi talking about almost drowning, but I was still worried when I saw two women sitting in front of me.

Seeing Mo Lin’s face, she couldn’t hide it. She felt that everything he did was not in vain. He was a hero who was indomitable and slew a dragon. She also risked her life to save her lover. If she sacrificed like this, she would have no regrets about things and people.
"Isn’t it? He’s busy every day now. I heard that he’s been ordered to what … what’s his official position again?" Yue Yao sipped his lips and took Mo Lin’s hand with one hand. After thinking for a long time, he couldn’t remember the name of Xiao Zhou’s new office.
"What’s the name of the commander? Anyway, he’s a pretty big official." Ling Huzi smiled and said that she was not jealous of Yue Yao’s intimacy with Mo Lin. She knew that Mo Lin didn’t belong to him alone. Besides Yue Yao, at the very least, there was a Sandy that made Mo Lin dream.
"It seems that he is going to treat him to dinner …" Molin laughed. "By the way, after the ice and snow melt, how about the polar cold state mainland?"
"I can’t see the result yet, but according to the analysis of the sea people, the sea level may rise by seven to one third, and the land will be submerged by the sea, but even so, the sea people will get a large area of good land enough for them to be excited," said Ling Huzi.
"People in the sea have been partying for two whole days every day, singing and dancing, cheering and celebrating. Xiaobai is the most ridiculous person to join in the fun and get drunk every day," Yue Yao added.
"It seems that many things have happened in my three days of lethargy." Molin laughed.
His voice just fell off the door and he was so drunk that Xiao Bai jumped in and shouted, "Boss, you finally woke up!" "
Then "maliciously" glared at Yueyao "Did you speak ill of me behind my back!"
Yue Yao made a face at him and was not afraid of the threat of Xiao Bai.
When Molin woke up, it represented the complete success of the dragon slaying operation. Everyone was concerned about the hard battles that the mainland of China experienced day and night.
Especially the last white dragon crazy ice explosion is a nightmare.
"If it weren’t for the white dragon underestimating the enemy, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be so simple to kill him." Xiaobai saw clearly at that time that the white dragon didn’t cast the strongest spell, otherwise Molin might not be able to strike hard.
"It really depends on the wooden dragon ball." Molin recalled the situation at that time and felt very lucky.
After listening to him, Mulongzhu played a crucial role in helping Molin get rid of the power of ice explosion. Only then did everyone know that Molin almost couldn’t launch dragon slaying.
"Gee, that’s good luck. It seems that there are two dragons left that can’t be dealt with like this." Xiaobailai is arrogant and has a higher eye than the top guy. Many people are stimulated and converged by Bailong in the first world war, and they dare not be too arrogant.
"I don’t want to go to the mainland for the time being. Let’s send two dragon balls home first. There are water dragon balls to restrain the red dragon ball, otherwise I don’t know when it will go crazy." Mo Lin said.
"It’s a good idea." Ling Huzi was the first to agree.
Xiaobai also raised three tails high. "Haha, you can go home!"
Everyone agrees with Mo Lin’s suggestion, just wait for his health to recover.
In the next ten days, Molin used acupoints every day to restore his body, while his body played four rounds of acupoints and his psychic powers also ran for 52 weeks every day. He had a good foundation. Although he was deprived of his vitality by dragon slaying, Hu Zi and Yue Yao took good care of themselves and practiced hard, they soon recovered and could travel long distances.
In addition to practicing these days, Xiao Zhou has been teaching Mo Lin some novel tools to make, especially a whole set of airship manipulation techniques.
Although the science and technology of seamen is simply a fable to Mo Lin, after all, he is smart and talented in manufacturing technology, and airship operation is not very difficult enough for him to learn in ten days.
Molin wants to learn to operate the airship because the sailors thanked him for everything and racked their brains. He prepared a special gift.
Molin doesn’t need money or manpower from the sea, and he wants to go home. After much deliberation, the sea people decided to send him an airship.
With the airship, Molin and his party can not only avoid a long sea trip, but also satisfy Molin’s curiosity about seamen’s science and technology. As soon as it comes out, everyone will be happy.
According to Xiao Zhou’s calculation, it will take less than 20 days to get to Chixian Shenzhou from the mainland of the polar cold state. With this sufficient time, you can prepare Molin to rest for a few more days, but it is true that he has already been in anxious to return.
Chapter 196 When you give me a song
Chapter 196 When you give me a song
There is always a time to leave. When Molin feels that the departure day will come after July 7th.
Although Nicholas and Xiao Zhou and other senior officials of the sea tried their best to keep Ke Molin from leaving, he was even more uneasy when he heard that the sea people were preparing him to build a huge bronze statue up to 50 meters.
When he first wanted to save the world, he thought of being a Mexican and a child’s love for his home, and he didn’t want to get any honor for it, which made him feel a little unbearable
To some extent, Mo Lin is still a childlike innocent person. He is enthusiastic and willing to give without asking for anything in return. This is a Mohist with lofty qualities. Unfortunately, these masters were expelled and abandoned by Mohism. I have to say that this is really a big joke from God.
When the airship stopped temporarily, the airport was built. This is the first building in the New World for the sailors. It was built for the voyage of Molin and his party. Although it is simple, it represents a new page in history and is of great significance.
"You must come again. In ten years and five years, we will be able to build a magnificent city here." Xiao Zhou personally heated the airship hot air balloon next to the airship