With that, Du Yun immediately took a deep breath of gas fairy force, and then quickly spread out. Two kinds of fairy forces, hot and ice, were injected into the square painting Ji, and then half of the dark magic in the Central Plains turned into latosolic red and the other half was covered with a layer of frost. These two different energies were divided into two parts according to the dividing line in the magic!

See magic has reached want to change Du Yun smiled, this is the first time he at the same time make the flame ice fairy force, although I don’t know what the power is like, but according to his guess, it will never be weaker than when making ordinary fairy force!
Sure enough, when Du Yun yelled, he immediately picked up the square painting Ji Xuantieji in his hand, and then turned it into a black, red and white color. After flashing together, he heard a loud bang.
At this time, Du Yun has reached the level of the king of God. This halberd is absolutely earth-shattering. Stop smashing a thin mirror. Even if it is a piece of pig iron, this halberd is absolutely shattered.
However, when I saw the scenery clearly, Du Yun didn’t believe that the thin mirrors in his eyes were safe and sick.
Du Yun spent a lot of time wiping his eyes, and the result was still the same as the first time he met them.
Du Yun’s arm gently twisted because of the anti-seismic force, and the arm kept shaking. It has been restored to its original state. But now Du Yun has a new understanding of the Elves’ seal. According to Angelia, the sealed queen Mo Yan is inside, but now he is breaking the seal outside. It’s like a newly married couple having a wedding night. The woman is fully prepared, but the man just can’t get in!
Seeing that it is almost impossible to forcibly break through the seal, Du Yun put away the painting Ji of Fang Tian and carefully looked at the strange mirror in front of him, thinking about the solution to the problem quickly.
It should not be difficult to break this seal if you adopt a pet rhinoceros in a deep place. However, the rhinoceros rhinoceros has been practicing since it recovered its bag. Many calls in Du Yun have failed, and now there is no hope in Du Yun!
However, some surprises to him were that this time, the one-horned rhinoceros, who had just called for a bag and been sleeping, moved. Du Yun’s heart was full of joy and called for another one. A servant lazy head sighed out and looked at some surprises. The one-horned rhinoceros in Du Yun was also excited. Du Yun kept wriggling in his arms and pulled it out, only to find that the one-horned rhinoceros had changed greatly at this time, and the color of its scales had become thicker and thicker, and the color had turned red, which was even more amazing. At this time, he even felt a little scared. However, the one
Du Yun immediately gave him a sign and then gesticulated and said; "You broke the seal for me and I want to go in." The wisdom of the one-horned rhinoceros is so high that it has already understood Du Yun’s meaning just once!
Toward Du Yun patted his small chest, and then Zhang’s small mouth was bitten at the mirror. I don’t know whether the one-horned rhinoceros’s teeth were sharper or the mirror suddenly became weak. Even Du Yunli made Fang Tian paint Ji and smashed the mirror, but a mouth appeared, but it only lasted for a second and then returned to the original sample.
Seeing that his labor turned out to be nothing, the one-horned rhinoceros snorted angrily, and then he opened his mouth again and bit it continuously. This time, the mirror mouth kept getting bigger and bigger, and it kept growing, but when he stopped, he found that the mouth that he had torn out had disappeared.
The one-horned rhinoceros came with confidence to see that his two labors turned out to be nothing. The one-horned rhinoceros was completely angered, and then he saw a red light flashing on his body. A light and shadow that was ten times larger than it appeared behind him and got a red figure. Like the one-horned rhinoceros, his mouth slammed into the mirror and bit it.
In the red light and shadow, the huge mouth of the one-horned rhinoceros opens instantly, which produces a huge suction force that directly attracts the mirror energy to be quickly transferred to the light and shadow mouth.
With the suction, the energy of the mirror is slowly extracted, and soon a small mouth appears in the center of the mirror, and as time goes on, the mouth becomes bigger and bigger. Seeing this result, Du Yun certainly won’t miss such an attack opportunity, grab up the painting halberd in the rear and then smash it fiercely again!
After a loud noise, the mirror finally collapsed. Du Yun was afraid that the mirror would automatically restore, and then he jumped into the seal.
Du Yun was afraid that the seal had an unknown danger. Immediately after entering the seal, he pulled out the painting halberd and spread his spirit. He carefully looked at the movement around him. It was surprisingly quiet until there was no sound around him. Even Du Yun could clearly hear his heartbeat. He carefully sensed that there was no threat around him. Du Yun finally put his guard on.
Walking forward for more than ten meters, an ice chair, where an old man sat cross-legged, was covered with a thick layer of ice crystals. Seeing such an image, Du Yun immediately flashed a name, Queen Mo Yan.
Although I’m not sure yet, there are many similarities with Angelia’s introduction!
When Du Yun came to the front of the ice cube, the old man died suddenly and opened his eyes all the time. His eyes were black and red, and they looked very S-curve. But when the eyes saw Du Yun, they first smiled slightly and then they were dry as bark. Chapter four hundred and sixty-six Mo Yan Queen.
For the old man to act like this, Du Yun jumped back in a hurry and pulled away from her, then respectfully said to the ice seat, "Please forgive me if the younger Du Yunyi disturbed the older generation!"
See Du Yun bow to her, and suddenly the old man’s original confused eyes showed a trace of clarity. Just now, Du Yun moved, and he felt very familiar with it, as if he had seen it before. But when she seriously thought about it, she immediately felt a stabbing pain in her mind, and the old man screamed, "Ah!" Then she just recovered a little, and her eyes were lost in confusion!
The original has stopped moving, and then it is put to use again. The withered palm once again cuts into Du Yun’s arms. Although the withered palm seems to have no vitality, she is really fast. Du Yun is almost dodging!
Just saw the old man move, Du Yun quickly dodged. When he turned around, the dry palm brushed the clothes beside him and tore a big mouth directly. Du Yun Pi Shengsheng felt the strong wind in the sheep’s paw, which stung him!
Although he avoided the old man’s attack, Du Yun’s heart really feared the speed of the old man to the extreme, and then he jumped back a few meters to prepare to pull the distance with the old man again, but the old man didn’t give him such an opportunity. When Du Yun’s body just moved, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, and then his body turned around like leaves in the autumn wind and flew behind him! Finally, hit the ground hard!
Immediately after landing, Du Yun felt severe pain in his body. This time, the pain was so intense that even Du Yun was almost unbearable. Du Yun kept rolling, howling and struggling to get up …
Ugly than the old man flicker came to Du Yun’s side and pinched his throat hoarse voice and asked, "Who are you and why are you here!"
"Ahem, Du Yun, the younger generation, visited the elder, meaning that I am sorry to disturb the elder and feel his identity here." Du Yun said with a severe cough and pain.
"Du Yun Du Yun! You are Du Yun, and who am I? " The old man repeated Du Yun’s name several times, and his confused eyes gradually recovered a little!
Hearing this question, Du Yun’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and some words murmured, "How can I know who you are if you don’t know who you are?" But just when Du Yun was ready to tell the truth, he felt the pressure on his throat getting bigger and bigger, and he was almost out of breath!
Du Yun knew that the old man had become angry, and if he was in a hurry, he would die. When he was in a hurry, he saw the word Mo Yan written on the necklace on the old man’s chest. At this time, Du Yun was finally sure that the old man had visited Princess Mo Yan a long time ago, so he quickly said, "I know who you are. You are an elf princess Mo Yan and you will also be a queen Mo Yan."
"I am a princess and I am a queen! Princess Queen! " This man kept repeating these words, holding Du Yun’s hand slowly loosened, but just as Du Yungang was about to relax, he felt the old man shaking violently. He casually grabbed Du Yun’s arm again and asked urgently, "If I were the queen of the Elves, how could I be here!"
Du Yun, after hearing this, gave a fierce look at Queen Mo Yan. This question is really too difficult to answer. Now she is in a daze. If she tells the truth for fun, then she will be violently stimulated. He dare not predict what she will do.
When Du Yun hesitated to say what to say, Queen Mo Yan’s arm forced Du Yun again, and then he felt a sharp pain in his throat as if he were about to break. Nai Du Yun simply said it again and heard Queen Mo Yan one leng one leng!
After becoming speechless for a moment, Queen Mo Yan burst out laughing. Suddenly, the ice caves accumulated around her were smashed, and the old man was also directly overstimulated and constantly attacked the surrounding area like crazy!
Seeing the old man’s crazy behavior, Du Yun knew that if he didn’t plan well, this seal trip might be the last battle in his life. Du Yunman thought of more than a dozen ways to get rid of the dilemma, but in the end, none of them were feasible! Finally, when Mo Yan’s hand was about to pat him, he suddenly thought of a novel move. Although I don’t know if there was one, Du Yun chose it at this time!
Listen to Du Yun’s roar, "When will you be lost after all, Queen Mo Yan? You have abandoned your country, your people and you, my friend. Are you going to abandon yourself now?"
I heard Du Yun talk about the slow pace of Queen Mo Yan’s actions for a few beats. Since the game was effective, Du Yun continued to say, "I know that you were once a brilliant figure in the mainland, but you only became a human king, and 40,000 people helped the man-eating baiwenhang. You have fallen for so long that it is difficult for you to continue to fall!"