"Boo hoo, how can you make do with your poor health? You are so old and don’t know how to take good care of yourself. How can I rest assured? I’d better move back after I see it!" Qin Xiaowan wiped her tears and pursed her mouth and answered.

Qin Zhonghao immediately waved his hand and said, "Don’t, don’t, I’m a bad old man who can take care of myself. You and Xiao Gan are good, girl!" How can he drag his daughter down when he is old?
"Ha ha that … Xiao Wan, you accompany Qin Shu to chat with me first …" Said Qin Xiaowan and made a wink and knocked on the door and went out. Qin Xiaowan could certainly understand the meaning of dry elder brother, so he pulled Dad who just wanted to stop dry elder brother. "Oh, dad, just let him go. He has lived for most of his life and still doesn’t know how to take care of himself!"
"Don’t say that my daughter’s whistling is ok for you? There is no injustice, is there? " Qin Zhonghao was taught by his daughter to change the subject like a child.
"I’m fine, Dad. I’m worried that Xiao Gan is good to me and Xiao Xuan is also good to me …" Qin Xiaowan nodded and answered with a happy smile, remembering the little witch. "By the way, Dad, I’m going back to his hometown with Xiao Gan this year. If you’re alone, go to Ke Bobo’s. He’s still chanting about you today!"
"Well, I haven’t seen the old chief for a long time." Qin Zhonghao promised that he had been a guard for Koda Tian for nearly ten years. Koda Tian didn’t treat him as an outsider, but all the time, so he didn’t pretend to plan to spend the New Year.
Qin Zhonghao listened to her daughter’s going back to her hometown with her brother. Ke Mengxuan also frowned and said, "You all go home with Xiao Wang. Parents won’t say anything, right?"
"What did Dad say? We’ve already met. That’s all right. I’ll say it’s Xiaoxuan’s good sister. Don’t worry, you." Qin Xiaowan comforted and reassured Dad.
"Ah, you silly girl, you can be wronged …" Qin Zhonghao had a headache and caressed her daughter’s head with a sigh at the thought of her daughter and elder brother.
Father and daughter are chatting. Brother Gan bought a big shopping bag and came back with chicken, fish and vegetables. After entering the room, he took off his suit and rolled up his sleeves and said to Qin Xiaowan, "Xiaowan, please accompany Qin Shu to chat with me and cook. It will be ready soon."
"Xiao dry you don’t busy let small wan do za cannot father talk! "Qin Zhonghao looked at dry elder brother cried again how to say son-in-law is also a guest, how can he let the guest cook?
Brother Gan smiled. "Come on, Uncle Qin Xiaowan asked me to take you away from you and have a good talk. I can bring you good wine and cigarettes after drinking wine for a while. Besides, Xiaowan doesn’t cook as well as I do!"
"I hate you, that’s to let you …" Qin Xiaowan took a coy look at the dry elder brother, but thought that his cooking was really not as good as his, but his mouth still had to be reasonable and tide wait for no man to argue. Chapter 68 Or should I take care of it?
"Ha ha ….." Qin Zhonghao couldn’t help beaming when he saw his daughter pouting and loving her brother. He had lived for most of his life and had nothing to worry about, and he was worried that his daughter would be wronged if she found such a "popular" man. Now it seems that he was overrated and looked at the wine and cigarettes brought by his brother. "Haha, flying Maotai is good …"
"Qin Shu, you can watch that, but I brought it to you specially!" Brother Gan answered himself while holding a spoon in the kitchen. In order to please this old father-in-law, Yi Yi went to Yang Feng’s place to arrange cigarettes and wine from his master. It hurt that little Huo almost didn’t cry.
I’m going to give Koda a day on the hour, but on second thought, when will he get himself less in the commander’s army? That’s not idle. I just need to bring some nutrition and health care, but I remember that Qin Zhonghao brought him two boxes of giant pandas and made him happy like that. I guess he brought a little. How can I say that people have raised their baby girls for more than 20 years and gave them to themselves in vain? How can I say that?
"Oh, it’s still Xiao Gan who knows how to feel bad about me. Let me see. It’s killing me to smoke those inferior cigarettes all day!" Qin Zhonghao called it a joy. He said that he had to wait to tear down the giant panda brought by the dry elder brother. While tearing it down, he was full of praise for the dry elder brother’s son-in-law. At some point, he even complained about Qin Xiaowan’s coming. "You are a dead girl who learned something from Xiao Gan and didn’t come to see me for so many days, even if you go to my office to talk at work! Hum conscienceless ni … "
"Dad, what are you talking about? I’d like to talk to you, but you didn’t say that work is work and life is life. I also said that I don’t want to come to you when I’m in the class. I didn’t order it from you!" Qin Xiaowan pursed her mouth and retorted that she was really an old man. Everyone had a daughter-in-law and forgot his mother. Now he has a son-in-law and forgot to look at his daughter’s nose. It’s not a nose or a face sample. If it weren’t for your baby daughter, people would bring something to see you. Qin Xiaowan thought that he didn’t good the spirit and left his pie mouth.
"Xiao Ni, you dare to talk back and go to help Xiao Gan without a wink!" Qin Zhonghao looked at her daughter with a smile on her face and then ignored her smile happily. She took out a giant panda cigarette and sniffed it deeply before putting it on her nose. She took out a lighter and lit it, feeling that "fragrance is fragrance …"
Qin Xiaowan looked at Torre’s worthless appearance and walked into the kitchen with a smile on her mouth. She thought that the old child and the old child were seen today. Once she was older, she was even funnier than a child. Qin Xiaowan was ridiculed by Torre without reservation and sprinkled the "culprit". Brother Gan came to the side of Brother Zheng Dianspoon and stretched out his small hand and squeezed his lower back with a sycophantic smile and a tangled face. Brother Gan looked at "Hey, my dad is praising you. Did you hear that?"
"Ah?" Brother Gan, how can a pure man who has never touched a leaf among thousands of flowers not see through Qin Xiaowan’s little mind? He froze for less than a second when he saw Qin Xiaowan’s teasing smile. He instantly knew his face and piled up a smile to please him. "Hey, hey, I heard that it was all the wife’s adult leadership and command. It was the wife’s contribution to the sensible wife …"
"wife?" Qin Xiaowan’s heart thumped and almost melted when she heard this name. If she remembers correctly, it seems that this smelly man called his wife for the first time, but on second thought, it seems that all this is arranged by a little witch, so she didn’t get the wrong idea. So Cheng stared, "Which wife?"
"What other wife, of course, is that everyone loves flowers and flowers and smiles and pours people into the city and smiles and pours people into the country? San Xiao pours my heart into my little wife!" Dry elder brother glib please said, picking up a piece of freshly fried spicy chicken and biting half of it, and putting the other half next to Qin Xiaowan’s cherry mouth "Hey hey, try your man’s craft wife …"
"Die, it’s all disgusting ~" Qin Xiaowan was coaxed to be happy by Brother Gan, and his face was full of happiness. He gave Brother Gan a clean eye with a happy smile, but he still had a sexy mouth to let Brother Gan put his hand holding chicken in while chewing his little hand with relish, while he was just stroking his lower back.
The elder brother of the dry these days was provoked by the little witch girl, which was extremely sensitive. I don’t know if the little girl’s skin was stimulated by Zhao Lan’s pregnancy or if she wanted a bed. That’s called a insatiability. Even if she was all about to collapse, she gritted her teeth and insisted on not losing even her endurance. At this moment, she was touched by Qin Xiaowan and suddenly felt the body. The younger brother of the dry gun surrendered and swelled up. The elder brother of the dry hand quickly looked at Qin Xiaowan with a tangled face. "Wife, you see the face …"
Qin Xiaowan just arrived and didn’t understand that the food fell to the floor. I didn’t look down at her. She looked down and saw that the little tent was set up in the crotch of the dry brother. The little face was painted red and went to Bogen. "You … you hooligans … all day long, your mind was full of dirty things …"
Brother Gan looked at Qin Xiaowan’s delicate and charming little figure like a ripe red apple, but he couldn’t chew it. Unfortunately, the old father-in-law was outside, so he didn’t dare to mess around, so he smiled awkwardly and said, "This can’t blame me. It’s not just Xiao Ni who provoked me. I’m the victim!"
"Die, you hum!" Qin Xiaowan didn’t good the spirit JiaoChen 1 just faded little face brush a red again, because she remembered just now is really his ambiguous look at dry elder brother strong suppress pain expression looked at him with a little love "that … that how to do now? Are you uncomfortable? "
Nonsense, grandma, a bear, which man is like this, can’t feel bad, but you have to endure it again. You can’t make somebody else’s daughter shoot her worse in front of her father-in-law or the public security bureau chief. So she choked back her desire. "What else can I do? Don’t worry, you go out with Qin Shu. I wish you weren’t here for a while …"
"Really? Then I’m leaving … "Qin Xiaowan looked at Brother Gan in disbelief, but her eyes kept staring at Brother Gan’s small tent. She secretly scolded herself for being so" colored ".She thought about shyness and walked out of the kitchen. She met Qin Zhonghao, who was ferocious and smoked one cigarette after another." Dad, why are you smoking so much? "
"Hey, hey, don’t worry, Xiao Gan brought me special cigarettes …" Qin Zhonghao said that he was going to pick up cigarettes like a child, but Qin Xiaowan stretched out his hand and knocked it off.
"Even if it is special, it is also a smoke, and it is harmful!" Qin Xiaowan pursed her mouth and "taught" that Qin Zhonghao seemed to have done something wrong, and the child kept nodding his head and looking like a teacher.
At this time, the dry brother smiled and brought the fried food to the table. He received the distress signal sent by the old father-in-law, and smiled and said, "Even Dad, you should control us when we are children. It’s just your health. The lesson is!" Say that finish smiled and took the cigarette in Qin Xiaowan’s hand and took her little hand. "Hey, hey, come to Xiaowan for dinner and take a bowl for dinner."
Glared at Qin Xiaowan to be a nice guy and a peacemaker, I just wanted to turn around and take a bowl. See Brother Gan to play around and smoke the cigarette after it was lit. I was so angry that Qin Xiaowan pinched his waist with his hands. "Wang Xiaogan, you …"
"Cough … cough …" Dry elder brother coughed a few times and then smiled and said, "Hey, hey, I can sacrifice myself by letting dad smoke less …"
"Hurry up and eat!" Qin Xiaowan has never seen such a thick skin. She really can’t understand how she loves this smelly man. After that, she twisted little ass and went to the kitchen to get a bowl, while the dry brother still hung a smug smile and smoked freely. Qin Zhonghao kept giving a thumbs up.
This night, the elder brother did accompany the old father-in-law to open up and drink, and a baby daughter was "seduced" by herself. I was really a little sorry in my heart and didn’t pour it. He accompanied him and both of them drank seven points to get drunk, but it was stopped by Qin Xiaowan.
"Oh, what’s the matter, Little Sister Wan?" At ten o’clock at night, the little witch girls were watching. When they heard some noise at the door, they knew it was Brother Gan Qin Xiaowan. They came back, so they quickly greeted him and saw Brother Gan coming in with a drunken brother.
"Ah, hurry up and help hold Xiao Xuan …" Qin Xiaowan explained with a little difficulty and panting. "Don’t drink it with the master. I don’t know if the wine is so delicious …"
It turns out that Qin Xiaowan didn’t drive until she settled down her father. I didn’t have much to do when I came back, but the more he said nothing, the more uneasy Qin Xiaowan was. I couldn’t help her to hold it, and I could take the opportunity to eat some tofu and wipe some oil.
After the shower in the evening, I saw that the little witch didn’t have her own bedroom on the second floor, but she walked towards the bedroom on the first floor of the dry elder brother. Qin Xiaowan thought to herself, what happened to this little witch recently? I didn’t find that her demand was so great before. Has she been depressed before, so she teased with a smile, "Come back tonight, Xiao Xuan?" Can he stand it? "
"ah? I ….. I’m a little uneasy to look at this drunken night and don’t need someone to take care of it … "The little witch turned to look at Qin Xiaowan with a swish and argued irrationally.
Qin Xiaowan smiled and didn’t expose the thought in his heart. He continued to quip, "You’ve had a long day today, or I’ll take care of Xiaoxuan … Chapter 69 Zhao’s good son-in-law."
"Ha ha, you have no experience in caring for elder sister Wan …" The little witch looked at Qin Xiaowan and smiled and replied that the most important thing for her now is to realize her plan of making babies, so one night can’t be delayed to establish her big sister status as soon as possible. How can she bear to be so lang for such a night?
Qin Xiaowan is also a heart. Doby’s little witch girl has an ambiguous smile on her face. "Hey hey, look, you said that Xiaoxuan can’t learn without’ experience’. There will always be you. Let me take care of you for one night. You are tired enough these days …"
The little witch is not so evil as Qin Xiaowan. Of course, she doesn’t understand what "experience" means in Qin Xiaowan’s mouth. She seems to be really experienced and careless. She looks at Qin Xiaowan like a big sister. "Ah, you really have no experience. Sister Wan needs to hone this experience slowly …"
"Oh, it’s not because there is no talent. If you have words, who will learn? Do you think you can give your little sister a chance when you have practiced this’ experience’? "Qin Xiaowan continue to tease the thought with a smile on her face. Today, I have to have a good Doby, a little girl, to make her old house call so awesome, but don’t say that at first I can’t hear her call. It’s really a little uncomfortable for Qin Xiaowan to think about how she suddenly woke up and scolded herself for being so colored.