"What are you doing to eat you? ! If you can’t do it, hurry! " Middle-aged traffic police angrily reprimanded that this car has been racing for half an hour, and even the speed has not been measured yet. How can it be sentenced and convicted?

Being scolded by the traffic controller, the intern female traffic police pursed her mouth and replied, "It’s not my fault. Who made the speed measuring range of our center instrument too small? You almost bent the pointer!"
When the traffic controller heard this little girl film, he dared to talk back. He just wanted to teach him a lesson. He looked up at the speedometer, and the pointer kept hitting the dial at the highest value of 200 yards, as if to break through the shackles. He suddenly froze. Mom was more than 200 yards away, so he quickly took out his mobile phone and let the check-in card be intercepted.
"Hey, I’m the traffic control center owner of Haiping Expressway! Macheka intercepted a land cruiser police car! But we must pay attention to the fact that the speed of the car has quickly exceeded 200 yards! " Middle-aged traffic police ordered the duty officer to accept the mountain on the plain.
"But … but that police car has already rushed past!" The duty officer exclaimed that there was indeed a police car just now, but a female police officer inside took out a police officer’s card and told them that it was a special execution. How dare they not let it go!
"What? ! Have you let it go? ! Ah … "The traffic controller slammed the table beside him and hung up.
Brother Gan had already parked his car in the courtyard of the First People’s Hospital of Pingyuan City. After getting out of the car, Brother Gan went straight to the emergency operating room, and the little witch and Qin Xiaowan were in shock. They hurriedly took the car door with their hands trembling and chased after them.
The operation has been going on for two hours, but the red light in the operating room is still flashing. People in the corridor at the door are anxiously waiting, especially those brothers in Loyalty Hall. They can’t imagine what terrible things will happen if anything happens to the master. Just as they are worried, they see a sweaty brother in a black shirt and a stall suit in his hand. "How’s my dad?"
In fact, the amount of exercise is not enough to make the dry brother so tired. The main reason is that he is impatient all the way, and he is soaring at 230 yards. Not only must he ensure his own safety, but he must also ensure that others are not so easy to be safe. Before everyone can react, he saw two beautiful women panting and trotting over.
"It’s still … the operation is still going on …" Li Hushan saw that the dry elder brother came, and his eyes were red to report that the dry elder brother’s mother saw her son coming as if suddenly she had a backbone and tearful eyes, and Zhang Xiaoyan and her brother held her hand and ran to the dry elder brother’s side. "Xiaotian … my son … your dad … your dad .."
Brother Gan quickly greeted his mother and held back tears in her eyes. "Mom … don’t worry, my dad will be fine!"
"Blare ….." Dry elder brother mom nodded heavily and continued to tearfully stare at the closed operating room.
"How good is Hushan’s surgeon for my dad?" Mom can cry, but a grown-up man must never cry. There are still many things to do by himself! So dry elder brother turned and asked
"Don’t worry, brother Gan is definitely a surgeon with the most exquisite medical skills in Pingyuan. Before you came, Zhang Ji, the former municipal party committee, personally called the hospital to give instructions to save uncle’s life at all costs!" Li Hushan stood at attention and reported that he knew it was a war, a war that had not yet been fought.
After listening to it, Brother Gan thanked Zhang Xiaoyan for helping his mother, then nodded and said to Li Hushan, "Hushan, come out with me and I have something to ask you!" With that, he strode out of the polyester suit with his shoulders folded, but the figure was not as beautiful as it used to be, and it was a little desolate.
"Tell me exactly what’s going on, Hushan?" Just came to the door of the hospital dry elder brother turned his eyes bloodshot stare at Li Hushan asked behind him.
Li Hushan’s eyes are also red. Obviously, he just cried and was asked by the dry elder brother. He sobbed, "It’s all because I’m the dry elder brother! If only I didn’t listen to my master and let my brothers protect me personally! "
"All right, brother, don’t blame you for this! You are personally protecting someone. If you want to do it, you will have a chance sooner or later. It will be a disaster after all. You can’t hide it. You have to face it! " Brother Gan patted Li Hushan’s shoulders shaking with sobs. He blamed himself in Li Hushan’s heart at this moment.
Li Hushan suddenly looked up and wiped her tears from the corner of her eyes. Looking at Brother Gan’s eyes, he seemed to have made a big decision. "Brother Gan, when you give me two days, Tiger Mountain will definitely chop the dog’s sun and bring it back to avenge the master!" Said with murderous eyes.
"Why are you Hushan? It’s enough for you to look after a big stall here for me. I’ll solve this myself. Don’t interfere with his brother!" Dry elder brother stared at Li Hushan and reprimanded him that Wang Xiaogan had not yet reached the point where his father’s revenge would bring trouble to his brother. (Today, the second more relatives will have a better look for a while. It’s ok to dot the piano and sword with pk and VIP … Chapter 483 The boss is here.
"dry brother!" Li Hushan looked at Brother Gan with firm eyes and shouted that this was his mistake, but Brother Gan didn’t let him intervene in his heart, so he couldn’t get through it.
"Execute my command! I never took back what I said! " Brother Gan Leng ordered Li Hushan to understand his feelings, but he has his own principles. It is only natural that his father will repay him!
Li Hushan wiped the corner of his eyes and kept spinning. He couldn’t control the tears anymore. He looked at Brother Gan seriously and said, "Yes!" He said, raising his hand, he gave a toast to Brother Gan, who had never given a military salute for a long time and refused to let go.
Brother Gan nodded and walked straight into the hall without saying anything. Now the most important thing is not to get revenge, but to get his father out of danger as soon as possible. He is really worried that his father will not be able to break through this ghost door. Unless he has something to do, he will go to the moon, or he will be able to catch him and chop him up even if he digs three feet!
Zhang Xiaoyan nodded and said hello to each other when she saw the little witch coming, but she was not familiar with Qin Xiaowan. Both Qin Xiaowan and the little witch were the first time to see her mother, so they were all very formal, but now no one cares so much because everyone’s heart is worried about her father.
Brother Gan took out a Chinese cigarette from his polyester suit pocket in the corner of the corridor alone. He was just about to light it when he saw the "No Smoking" sign hanging in the corridor. He silently put the lighter back in his pocket, but the cigarette was still in his mouth. His eyes were still wandering and he listened quietly to the ticking sound of the hanging watch at the door of the operating room. His mind echoed with the teachings and smiles of Tian Tou’s father when he was a child
"Bang!" As the red light in the operating room went out and the green light changed, the operating rooms were pushed by an old doctor with a mask and white hair and temples. When everyone saw it, they quickly greeted him and surrounded him. Seeing that he took off his mask, he was a little tired and asked, "Who is the patient’s family?"
"I’m … I’m … Doctor. How’s my old man?" Dry elder brother mother a listen to hurriedly walked to Zhang Xiaoyan Qin Xiaowan and little syren three girls hurriedly hold to go, and dry elder brother at this time also reached for the cigarette in his mouth and ran over with a few steps.
The doctor saw an old man and cried his eyes out. He took a look as if he had any concerns. He glanced around and continued to ask, "Are there any family members?"
"Hello, doctor, I’m a patient. Just tell me if you have anything!" Dry elder brother immediately understand the doctor’s meaning to hold the mother said