The teacher came back to Taiwan to check Ling’s homework. After the check, she was very shocked and even right.

"The teacher wants you to come up with some challenging questions, otherwise … it will be really interesting to talk." Then he punched the teacher in the face.
The teacher was not a martial artist, so he was punched by Ling and flew to the ground.
Blood flowed from the nose and corners of the mouth, and the face was swollen by ling.
"Ah" azine laughed at this scene and then went back to sleep.
Ling saw that Zine was no longer angry, then turned to the teacher and said, "Don’t you dare bother Zine again at your own risk!" "
After that, I went back to my place to study azine and went to bed together.
At the moment when Ling Dafei was a teacher, all the students stopped to watch the girls play the game of "changing face".
Everyone has the same thing in mind. Never mess with this lovely girl.
Chapter 51-(No talent for naming! )
Everyone flew out of the classroom quickly after school because the two were still sleeping.
Hao also appeared in her class as agreed. This time, he is really alone.
Buckle …
Hao tapped the azine table.
"Hmm …?" Zine looked up in a daze.
"Little lazy pig after school" Hao smiled gently.
"Hey?" The young lady hasn’t reacted yet and said
"School is over," said Hao, raising his hand and gently patting Zine on the head.
"Oh" finally came back. "Wait for me." What suddenly occurred to him when he sat up?
"Ling is out of school." Zin shook her and slept better than her.
Ling, but after sleeping, she didn’t respond.
Zine didn’t give up and shook her desperately.
Finally, I couldn’t help it. Just …
A chestnut hit Ling on the head.
"ah! It hurts! Why do you hit people! " Ling felt his poor head pouting and said
"Who let you see me go after school?" Zin said with a wrapping edge.
"Zine bullies people …" Ling’s present appearance makes people want to protect her.
"Let’s go …" Hao woke up and he didn’t like being seen.
"Oh," the two should arrive together.
Chapter 52-Please ~
On the way back to the dormitory, they all talked and laughed.
In the dormitory, Zin and Ling are very reluctant to go to Hao.
"Hao ~ Please know that you’d better help ~" Zin clasped her hands and begged Hao.
"That’s right ~ I want to share a room with Zin ~ I just came here and have no friends, please ~" Ling is very shameless, holding Hao sleeve and looking at Hao piteously.
"This … this is not for me to decide that you are going to asking for the moon." Hao Shi can’t stand the demands of two beautiful women. The problem is that he can’t decide such a thing.
"What is he!" Zine was indignant at her, but she didn’t want to ask for the moon.
"What’s the matter?" Ling is also curious about why not?
"…" If Zin doesn’t talk, if this girl knows that she has been his maid, is there any threat before her?
"Hey ~ Will you help us?" Zine suddenly mouthed again.
"I …" It’s hard for Hao to listen to every word, even if he is a good brother …
"Please ~" Ling also continued to attack temporarily.
"I …"
"Please ~"
"Please ~" At the same time, the two young ladies said in a coquetry voice that they had despised themselves to the point where goose bumps fell all over the floor.
"I … okay, I’ll try …" Haoshi is still a good compromise.
"yeah! Thank you, you are the best! " The two cheered at the same time.
Hao, this is it. One second, they were about to cry, and the next second, they were jumping for joy.
"But I’m not sure he will say yes."