Li-li liang just walked beside the teenager and got a fright when she heard Tang Jun’s words. If there is another national teenager, I’m afraid they will never escape today.

When twenty teenagers walked out from behind the huge rock, Lili Liang’s face was dead and white, and she felt dizzy and dark. The whole person was tottering and limping in the arms of the teenagers.
Tang Jun put the beautiful queen in her arms in distress situation and patted her gently, giving her some encouraging eyes. From the young players of the three great powers, she found that the ten teenagers in Mei Xingguo are extremely venerable masters, the two are high-order venerable masters, and the ten teenagers in Ju Xingguo are even more terrible.
However, these venerable teenagers didn’t attract much attention from him. There were three beautiful and flowery venerable girls who made him look at them more. One was Princess Qin Laner, the royal princess of Hexingguo, the other was Xiao Zhener, an amphibious girl of Meixingguo, and the other was the Leng Yan beauty Tang Dandan.
"oh, my god"
"Mei Xing Guo Ju Xing Guo He Xing Guo, the most powerful three-star countries, have all come."
"Did they form a small alliance?"
Seeing the young players from the three most powerful countries in three-star countries get together, the young players from Nanliang countries are all pale and exclaim. This time, they are completely finished. No wonder the Queen’s Temple is so rude?
"Haha, are these three countries?" Tang Jun suddenly turned to a valley more than 100 meters away on the right and sneered, "It’s ridiculous to hide there like a little puss-head."
Hearing the words of abnormal teenagers, twenty teenagers immediately emerged in the small valley on the right, which is the top five teenage players in the three-star country.
Seeing that the five most powerful countries in three-star countries have secretly formed a temporary alliance, Li-li Liang feels dizzy. If she hadn’t been hugged by teenagers, I’m afraid she would have been scared in the past.
He South Liang teenagers are dejected and despondent gathered around Tang Jun. Existing Tang Jun can save everyone. Chapter four hundred and thirteen Young Heroes (14)
Seeing that the five most powerful forces in a three-star country are all together, Lin Er, a girl and a teenager can no longer stay in her arms, and immediately break free. Li-li Liang is also blushing and leaving her arms.
Li Xing Guo Mu Xing Guo all has six extremely honored persons, four high-ranking honored persons, plus Mei Xing Guo Ju Xing Guo He Xing Guo. They have a total of 37 extremely honored persons and 13 high-ranking honored persons. Such a terrorist force is afraid that even those young players from five-star countries can’t easily provoke them. What is the situation in such a small country as Nanliang State?
Seeing the 50 outstanding young girls in front of the exhibition, Lin Er, a girl, couldn’t help but get a fright and snuggle up to the young girl and say, "What should you do?"
"Let’s avoid it for a while."
Li-li liang looked at the large group of masters and felt his head as big as hemp, and his teenagers were terrified and wanted to escape immediately.
So many people, everyone came and stepped on them and trampled them to death? It’s really a bit of a problem this time, huh? Tang Jun seems to be in danger, but his heart is still tangled. If he is alone, he can still escape, but now he has to be distracted to protect them. They have already lost the battle before they have fought.
He still has a way to deal with one or two teenagers, but I’m afraid he will escape when he faces more than 30 teenagers. The only way is to let them enter the Ruyi button, but how can he let them know the secret of Ruyi button?
Just when Tang Jun was at a loss, their 50 young players actually dispatched 30 highly respected teenagers, and every three people besieged one person and rushed to Tang Jun’s side. Obviously, they wanted to do it quickly.
"This time, I’m afraid you can also look on? Ha ha "Tang Johnson looked outside the square Chu bully days face with a smile.
"My adopted son is fine, but I’m afraid that a group of adopted daughters-in-law will be out of luck."
Chu Ba Tian smiled and said, Now he has already regarded Tang Jun as an adopted son, and he also saw that the six beautiful girls are obviously very fond of teenagers. Seeing the adopted son seems to be a little tempted by the two beautiful girls who just hugged their arms. Others don’t seem to be at ease? I wonder if such a magical boy can spark with his three precious princesses? Now he is very willing to be the adopted father-in-law?
I didn’t expect the beautiful queen beside him to feel his mind cheerfully. "We three princesses are the most beautiful girls in Nanfeng area. I’m afraid I can’t be tempted."
Chu bully nodded with a smile and felt a little joy in his heart. Who wouldn’t want his daughter to marry a tianjiao as a parent?
Outside the competition square, the audience at this time saw that the teenagers of Nanliang met the behemoth of five three-star national alliances, and they couldn’t help but sweat.
Not the kui is a three-star national master of the venerable master. They have already made it difficult for the teenagers in Nanliang State to compete with the spirit-order achievement method, but the worst thing is Miss Guo. However, Emperor Wudi shaved his face in front of the three venerable teenagers for an instant, and Bai Gen didn’t have any resistance. Fortunately, Tang Jun had already cast hundreds of thousands of pounds of strength with her hands and just knocked back six venerable teenagers.
But this is not the way to go, okay? Suddenly, Tang Jun’s mind flashed and he remembered that he still had a colorful jade ring that could hold thousands of people. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and immediately took out the colorful jade ring and wore his fingers to hide Guo Xiaofeng into the ring through mental manipulation.
"ah ah"
Several screams sounded at the same time. Liang Sisi had just cast out the "ecstasy solution" to resist a very honorable person and was shocked by two other beautiful girls. And Qin Pei Liang Geng’s two-person repair is also relatively low, but after competing with a recruit, they were respectively hit by three extremely honored persons and flew out.
Tang Jun immediately turned to the side and shot away. At this time, the three extremely venerable teenagers mercilessly shot at Liang Sisi’s side with six palms and smashed Liang Sisi, who had been injured. Fortunately, Tang Jun had put his arms around Liang Sisi and put her in the ring. Six palms attacked him as if nothing had happened.
Tang Jun glared at the three of them and retreated to the side. At this time, he didn’t have time to deal with them. Miss Qin Man is also extremely dangerous. She is desperately trying to resist the attack of three extremely honorable teenagers. She has lost her sister. Today, if he can’t let this lovely little sister get hurt again?