The sky blue sword is broken and the tiger’s teeth disappear. Water yuan can be fired, and Zhang Yang’s body is back three steps, and the axe blade is trembling.

"The great master has a virtual Dan, which can attack with sharp power, but it is not small and far beyond the six-star master." Zhang Yang andao
Then he said to Wu Yuyin, "Be careful when I go to fight the great master!" He didn’t dare to shout, or he would bring danger to Wu Yu.
Wu Yu nodded slightly, and this chaotic battle was very inconspicuous.
"You also pick me up!" Zhang rushed towards the white-haired old man, leaped five meters high, and an axe chopped down a fuzzy black flame dragon and flew to each other.
Although there is no dragon momentum, it has Zhang Yang’s own cold and violent momentum
"There is nothing but a false appearance." The old man scorned that the sword was cut across the sky, but the firm but gentle Ling Changlong was cut in half and broken in half.
Sandstorm and stones!
The eagle is flying fast, and the sudden attack is counted. The wind and sand roll up and pounce on the white-haired old man. The old man is exposed to the wind and sand, and his eyes are blocked by the wind and sand, so he can distinguish the attack by his ears.
Turn a knife into an ice palm!
Yun Tian’s hands fell and the attack speed was extremely fast. Two long and wide skates were stretched and cut to the old man’s head by his hand.
"Gathering energy to click!"
At the same time, three six-star masters shot the fastest, and three lasers with different colors flew out and stabbed the old man’s body!
A few of them are the strongest young fighters selected by ten thousand people, and their talents are all unusual. Although they don’t usually meet each other, this tactic is countered too many times. Who makes perfect?
During the training, the instructors all said that the killer’s best skill is, of course, sudden attack, fast fighting, the fastest attack speed, and the chaos of the opponent’s fighting rhythm.
Magic sword light
The old man’s experience in fighting is also quite rich. With his sensitive ears, he stabbed a thousand swords in front of him, and the swords were intertwined like phantoms, and he attacked fiercely.
"Bang bang!"
Five six-star master attacks were all broken by the sword of the old man in white, but his steps were also beaten back by this powerful attack.
Didn’t give the other party a chance to take a breath. Zhang Yang can explode with the strongest explosive force and the fastest speed to cover up his breath. The figure appeared behind the old man and the tomahawk was cut to the waist of the latter.
"Danger!" The old man suddenly realized an extremely dangerous reverse sword, and a water curtain barrier appeared in front of the body tomahawk.
Even the great master, the white-haired old man, still has less strength than Zhang Yang.
Reached the master of Samsung and absorbed the six magic pills "Seven Demons Dan". Zhang Yang’s strength soared to 10,000 Jin!
Ten thousand Jin Juli generally failed to reach the fighters the day after tomorrow.
The old man was cut back by Zhang’s axe and retreated more than ten steps before he stopped cutting out the sword, which made the old man hold a sword, and the palm of his hand cracked a small hole, and all the five internal organs turned over. Chapter 41 A third party intervened.
Chapter 41 Third Party Intervention
The ice road glides past the old man in white and a sword is smooth. It’s a sky raid on the old man’s neck!
The old man’s sword resists the sky. The old man’s sword sparks first-class sparks. Two people are wrong []
"Elder!" It was a battle, but in a minute, the old master was forced by Zhang Yang, six people, and some of them were slow to breathe. His two six-star masters were impatient and shouted.
Then they strode to save the old man in white.
Yun Tian Li Ying looked at each other and then he shouted, "If two people resist these two people, the four of us can resist this great master."
"I’ll do it!"
"I’ll do it!"
Two young six-star masters rushed to the two team masters.
Of course, two people who are not low-grade grand masters are happy. They are not as strong as Zhang Yang. If they are attacked by the grand master who can’t die, they will be seriously injured. Today, Zhang Yang Yun Tian dares to fight the grand master in close combat. A few of them dare not.
Just then, a sound caught the attention of both sides.
"I got the ring engraved with" Huatian "!"
"What is it?" The team members are very confused.
Zhang Yang went to the other team. Except for this old man, his two masters looked scared, and others looked puzzled, so they became much whiter.