"What are you doing?" He asked coldly

Long Wei frowned. "Should I ask you this sentence?" There is a thin layer in her eyes. I don’t believe that he suddenly wants to start work on her. Why do you have the face to ask her? Will this man ask a little too naturally?
You take a deep breath on a cold night and then you barely adjust your mood.
He remembered his brother’s words. Although he didn’t know exactly what his attitude towards his woman was, at least he wouldn’t be so rude and angry all day … He can’t be angry now!
"Wang is to see your hair scattered and give you a wave," he said, and then he said, don’t look at the line of sight and his eyes are faint.
Long Wei paused and turned to the baggage and take the journey. "Duan Wang Ye, do you think I am a three-year-old child?" "How could you have done that?" he asked with a sarcastic sneer.
Even if he could do it, he couldn’t do it to her, could he?
Jun Hanxiao felt that he had been provoked. "Wang doesn’t want to quarrel with you, so talk well."
Long Wei picked his eyebrows. "Yes, I’ll talk to you if you let me go back."
You can’t stand the cold night. This woman hasn’t said a good word in one bite!
"How many times have I told you about this? Don’t even think about it!"
Xuan black is filled with a layer of dense fog, and her eyes hold her tightly, sipping her lip and leaving angrily.
If I stay any longer, I’m sure I’ll have to quarrel with her again!
Jun Moying took the letter sent by Zhang Nanyue in his hand. After reading it, he felt quite happy and evoked his lip angle.
Although Yunluo had told him that the contemporaneous method was solved, the news from South Vietnam confirmed this fact again, which made him feel a little more relieved.
Phoenix humble opinion, he smiled puzzled and teased tunnel "what do you see official documents so happy? Someone gave you another draft? "
Jun Mo Ying stared her one eye "Nangong Che’s wedding today"
"Ah?" Phoenix shallow a face of surprise is not to say that in the spring?
And the key is … Nangong Che wedding He is so happy to do Chapter 864 I would do such a childish thing?
Her face was startled, and the mood in her eyes was quite uncomfortable.
Surprised? Sad? She put on this appearance when she heard the news of Nangong Che’s wedding?
Feng looked at him with a shallow black face, and his eyes were full of suspicion. What happened? Wasn’t it just fine?
"Are you sad that he married Redjade?" He slightly gathered black eyes narrowing her eyes and asked crossly.
Feng chuckled and immediately pursed his lips to make a deep thinking appearance, so that Jun Moying was so angry that he slapped her in the palm and said angrily, "Do you still dare to think?"
Phoenix shallow eyes joking light more bright good laughs "didn’t you ask? I’m not allowed to think about it? "
"Hey, are you really not allowed to think about it?"
"Of course not!" Jun Moying grabbed her into his arms and bit her ear. "You are me alone. What do you want from his man?" The last word was pronounce in a dangerous and threatening tone.
Feng Xiao’s cheeks are red and her eyes are black, and her heartbeat seems to have missed a beat. "Well, I just miss you. No one else wants to." She hugged his neck and kissed him with a small white tooth. "Hey, hey, what are you worried about when people are married?"
Jun Moying sneered scornfully, "Is he a man when he is married or a man who has Xiang Xiao for you!"
"Oh, by the way, how could I forget this quarrel?" Feng Shao nodded in a serious way. When she said that she had just said that, her mouth suddenly popped out, "But every male species, even if we raise that little fox emperor, you should be jealous!"
"…" Jun Mo Ying jumped a few invisibly between the eyebrows.
Feng shallow squinting quickly captured his ears and passed away. Red was in a good mood and pie pie continued to tease him. "Emperor, you now make me very suspicious that you will be jealous with your own son."
This kind of thing is not unheard of. Isn’t it always the case with overbearing presidents in TV dramas?
Jun Moying gave her a disgusted look. "Would I do such a childish thing?"
How can you be naive if you can even be jealous of a fox?
"Well, no"
"Little thing, what do you mean by being so perfunctory?"
"Is there … well …" Feng shallow mouth was blocked.
It has always been a good principle for Jun Moying to carry out when he can’t talk directly.
The South Vietnamese Palace is decorated with lanterns and colored glazed beads and tiles everywhere, showing a strong festive atmosphere.
Although it was not the day of the enthronement ceremony, everyone knows that the toffee is still a toffee today, but soon the horse will become the queen of South Vietnam and the queen of the palace!