The other is the big drunk lion in the Lion Camel Ridge, but it is also this guy who was crushed to death by me. The place where the first petty bourgeoisie in Yuncheng was killed by Wu Song was the Lion House.

The cleanest thing about Jia’s house in a dream of red mansions is the two stone lions at the door.
Among the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao commented that Sun Jian is a lion, which shows that this lion is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the literary image.
Chapter XVII Antique Smugglers
The stone lion in front of Gaoyi Tomb in Ya ‘an County, Sichuan Province, is the oldest stone lion in China and a relic of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
China, the lion, is more of a mythical animal that appears with Kirin to become a China spirit beast.
Hui Lin, a monk in the Tang Dynasty, said that "the lion is also from the Western Regions". The auctioneer proudly introduced that "this pair is a pair of lions at the Shangfu Corner Gate in the Qing Dynasty. This kind of beautifully carved lion is dated and signed by craftsmen, but it is rare to see the starting price of 50,000 yuan, and the minimum price is 10,000 yuan."
And a few shopkeepers in the antique circle at the scene are not so good at this matter. The heart lion is the door to the generation of Mr. Liu. This is not a lie, but this lion is not rare.
What’s the Shangfu lion? There may not be such a lion at the door of the local rich people in Jiangnan. If it’s not over-controlled, you can carve it as you like. Of course, it’s not rare for people in the circle.
However, it is very new to those rich people. This kind of white marble lion is also rare, so the bidding of several rich people is also fierce
After a while, the price will reach 100 thousand, but it will be difficult to go up after the price reaches 100 thousand
At this time, Liu Qingqing asked curiously, "What is the origin of this lion? It seems that it is different from the lion I saw in front of my family."
Wang Haidong snorted and said, "Of course it’s different. Who should this pair of lions be? The things outside the ancestral hall are of course different from those of ordinary people. Generally speaking, the stone lions carved outside this ancestral hall are more exquisite. This also shows that we China people respect and know our ancestors. Judging from the traces of the lion’s face, we don’t know which prodigal family did evil when it was taken for more than two months."
Because Wang Haidong sat in the back, he didn’t come to buy any antiques himself. To put it bluntly, he came to smash the field, so naturally he wouldn’t make a head bird.
Sitting in the front row is not about competing for sixteen ding San, but about a few rich people sitting there triumphantly.
Several antique shop shopkeepers are sitting inconspicuously, and those rich people are vying for the white marble lion Wang Haidong’s voice here is also relatively low, so not many people hear Wang Haidong dialect at this time.
However, Jin Pang’s side is also clear. He immediately said, "Haidong is a little too careful about this matter. Anyway, the origin of this thing is that you and I are willing to make a consensual thing. What do we care? If you are in charge, you can’t even pretend to be a prime minister."
The antique market, especially the auction here, is really rare. Who wants to come to this place for auction?
So every antique has its own story.
Wang Haidong did know that the weight stared at Liu Qingqing, which means warning her not to talk when she shouldn’t talk. Liu Qingqing was full of grievances and thought that she couldn’t ask if she had any questions. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I don’t want to ask
But when it came to the third antique, it was a plum vase with hundreds of blue and white flowers in the Qing Dynasty. Finally, Lu Qingqing couldn’t help but ask her curiosity again, "What does this thing do?"
People who are not familiar with plum bottles certainly feel a little strange when they look at this thing. Wang Haidong explained that "this thing is a container for people to hold wine in ancient times."
Liu Qingqing said with a face of disbelief, "Who believes this stuff holds wine? It’s strange how to pour it out without spilling it all over the floor."
Wang Haidong patted his head and said,’ The plum bottle didn’t become like this until later, so the plum bottle is not for wine, but an ornamental thing to save the plum bottle. It’s like seeing the plum bottle cut off in the middle and keeping half of the shape.’
Although things like Wang Haidong’s shape are not very accurate, they are about the same.
The former plum bottle is definitely not like this, but it is really like what Wang Haidong said.
It was later that with the development of the times, plum bottles gradually became a modern ornamental thing.
Therefore, it pays attention to the characteristics of smooth curve and visual comfort.
It is not unreasonable to say that this plum bottle is like a stretched jar.
If this plum vase is placed in the living room, it is also very elegant. You can’t put the white marble lion in the room, can you?
More than 100,000 yuan to buy and put at the door? That’s burning buns, so the competition for plum bottles is a little more intense
Is Sun Shaohu this guy finally don’t know what is convulsions or root, there is no look at Li Jing this dog strategist directly one hundred and sixty thousand this plum bottle to reach.
160 thousand is already the market price, and there is almost no profit, so no one is willing to compete with him for this price
Finally, Sun Shaohu paid 160,000 yuan to take this plum bottle.
And at this time, Sun Shaohu proudly said, "What about Lao Li? It’s worth my shot this time."
Li Jing, of course, did not dare to say that it was not worth it. He nodded and said, "This thing has really appreciated a lot. It’s good."
Then a few things didn’t have many I people competing for the base, and they were all taken away by the big money who came to join in the fun.
Sun Shaohu and other three-way people are sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai, but they won’t come here. These antiques come here, so they didn’t give these things to you. Don’t worry.
At the end of the day, Yue Wuyang said impatiently, "I think it’s better to take out the sixteen tripods. Isn’t that such a treasure?"
It’s rare to have a bronze tripod with sixteen words in recent years. "This sentence is spoken out to everyone’s heart.
Although people in the circle know that such a thing can’t be obtained by themselves, it’s good to take a look at it, such as sixteen ding. If you want to see it again except this time, it is estimated that you will go to the museum to see what Mao Gong Ding is.
Or for the antique dealers in the river city, this is the last chance to see the Sixteen Ding.
At this time, Mr. Liu was so calm that he said in a leisurely way, "Don’t worry about things. I will definitely bring an old cat and let people bring things."
The words sound just fell and the old cat came in with a dining car covered with red silk.
National treasure, there must always be a national treasure rack.
This time, it was Mr. Liu who went to type the things himself, and then he proudly said to everyone, "Being able to auction such a treasure for the last time is a perfect ending for my auction career."
Now please come and identify something. "