The original face was still angry. Gu Qian saw Gu Jinxi’s weak appearance, and all the gas seemed to have disappeared. He quickly greeted his face with deep concern. "Sister, what’s wrong with you?" What’s going on with Zhen Niang? "

"I’m fine, third brother. Why are you here?" Gu Jin sunseeker face turned to look at Gu Qian with a faint smile; Since arriving in the summer grain capital, she has directly developed the antidote after a short rest, and she knows nothing about the outside news, let alone the three family brothers deliberately hiding the news from Qin Rui.
"…" See this Gu Jin sunseeker Gu Qian suddenly feel eyes a sour voice choked up hand gently rubbed Gu Jin sunseeker hair "nothing just want to see you; How is the development of the antidote? "
Speaking of this, Gu Jin sunseeker’s face was dim again. She shrugged her head and frowned. "The order has been discharged, but I don’t know what the antidote is always wrong." Speaking of this, she deeply spit out the polluted air. Now she has a headache.
"Take your time, don’t push yourself." Gu Qian raised his hand and gently rubbed Gu Jinxi’s hair with a thick tenderness.
Well’ Gu Jin sunseeker gently nodded’ research antidote to this kind of thing is also urgent; Otherwise, Yun-feng Xia wouldn’t have let me come here. By the way, third brother Ari … still no news? " When it comes to the back, her voice seems to be dim and her brow is frowning.
When I heard Gu Jinxi’s words, Gu Qian’s heart suddenly hitched and he hung in his throat. Just stood there with my thin lips slightly pouting, but I couldn’t say anything.
"why?" See Gu Qian like this.
Gu Qian reacted like this. Gu Jinxi’s pale face suddenly became more and more pale. Even her body was obviously stiff, and her face and smile were full of strength. Her lips were tightly sipped. The body seems to have lost its strength. If it weren’t for Ye Zhenniang’s help, even the roots would not live.
"Miss, are you all right?" Looking at this, Gu Jin Sunseeker Ye Zhenniang felt that she was really hurting herself, but she forgot to send Yuanyuan back. At the moment, she really hates it.
Gu Jinxi gently shook his head, turned his back on Gu Qian and walked slowly towards the soft couch. The sound was very light and almost ethereal. "Did he forget after all?"
Looking at his baby sister’s thin back with a strong cool thin flavor showing desolation; In this way, Gu Jinxi has never seen him feel that his eyes are hot and his nose is sour; Some words are like blocking your throat and you can’t say anything.
"There’s nothing I would have thought of this result; Ann toffee hates my guts, so how can you really show mercy to me? "Gu Jinxi bowed his head and smiled low and heavy, as if with limited sadness, but there seems to be something that people can’t see through.
"Sister …" Gu Qian’s ugly lips twitched slightly, and his charming fox eyes seemed to have lost their spirits, so he quietly looked at Gu Jin’s throat as if he were stuck by something and wanted to say no, but how could those words not be said; How long can you really lie to your sister who is clever and deceitful?
"I’m fine" Gu Jinxi gently sipped his tea with his teacup in his hands, and her smile was very shallow. She looked up at the window; Still the sunshine is still the scenery limit. "Third brother, I believe that the third brother of Ari is not angry!
If you talk lightly, you can’t even speak your own words.
Gu Qian felt that his chest seemed to be severely pinched by a pair of big hands, and the severe pain made him almost breathless; His long fox eyes are also slightly squinting at the moment, setting Gu Jinxi with deep love, but his throat seems to be blocked by something, but he can’t say anything.
"Third brother, I’m really fine." Gu Jinxi’s eyelids drooped lightly; Bow your head and show your slender white neck, raise your hand and gently put the scattered hair on your forehead behind your ears; When it’s cool in the summer, she will go back. She and Qin Rui have always been Qin Rui’s initiative. He will always take care of himself. It’s her turn to take the initiative this time.
It seems that I have seen through Gu Jinxi’s mind. Gu Qian gently took Gu Jinxi into his arms and patted him with comfort. "When Xia Liang’s mother gets better, Third Brother will accompany you back!"
"hmm!" Gu Jin sunseeker nodded.
"The Seven Immortals Toxin is difficult to configure the antidote, so you can take good care of yourself. You don’t have to worry about it at any time." Gu Qian bowed his head and looked at Gu Jinxi’s increasingly thin and pale face. He held back his chest and gently helped her side face. "I look at your increasingly ugly face, but do you want to go back to your room to have a rest?"
When I heard this, Ye Zhenniang, who had no mouth next to the original, suddenly seemed to grasp the lifeline and put the tea in front of Gu Qian with both hands holding a tray. "Since I arrived in Liangdu, I have been studying these herbs non-stop, and I have always been thin. Now I look at it all the more weak."
"Zhen Niang!" Gu Jinxi listened to Bei’s clenched lips and lowered his voice to drink a light drink; Raise your eyelids and look at Ye Zhenniang’s eyes, which seems to be somewhat reprimanded; Turned to look at Gu Qian "three elder brother you don’t listen to zhen niang nonsense I which have she said so weak I …"
Before she finished, Gu Qian interrupted her directly. "Sister, although the third brother doesn’t know anything about medical skills, don’t you have long eyes when the third brother?" Let’s make clothes not long ago from Liangdu. Now it’s a lot looser. "
Gu Jinxi suddenly felt a sour feeling, and her nose and eyes were hot. She took a deep breath and didn’t go to see Gu Qian’s voice, which was very low and light. It seemed that she still choked with something like "Three elder brothers, I know"
"Silly girl" Gu Qian leaned forward slightly and directly took Gu Jinxi into his arms. "You are the most important thing for the third brother at the end of this day; Take good care of yourself, huh? "
I know’ Gu Jin sunseeker tried to cry, and took a deep breath to suppress the pan-orbital fog again’ the order of the seven poisonous flowers is roughly known as the details, and there are still some problems; It shouldn’t take long. "Here, she bowed her head and frowned tightly. It is reasonable to find out the seven kinds of poisonous flowers in order, and then there should be no problem for each kind of poisonous flowers to combine drugs; Master once said that everything is mutually reinforcing. If you can find the mutually reinforcing things, you can’t get rid of the poison. But what comes to her and doesn’t matter?
Gu Qian can nod slightly when he hears this. He doesn’t know anything about medical skills. He raised his hand and gently rubbed Gu Jinxi’s hair. "If you really can’t think of it, go to rest. Maybe you will think of it when you get up and change your mind?"
"It’s time for Miss Ye Zhenniang to have a good rest." Ye Zhenniang looked at Gu Jinxi and turned to Gu Qian despite her fierce eyes. "The former antidote lady has been studying for two days and two nights, and she almost fainted just now. Third Young Master Zhen Niang can’t persuade Miss Gu to trouble you!"
"What? Sister, you … "Hear Ye Zhenniang say that Gu Qianyuan is still a little peaceful and suddenly hangs up again. Two fox eyes are wide and round, so they look at Gu Jin’s eyes stupefied. It seems that a snowstorm is brewing.
"Zhen Niang, I didn’t have me …" I felt that Gu Qian’s body not only gave off displeasure and coldness, but Gu Jin’s lips pouted slightly and swallowed hard, so I didn’t dare to look up at a heart hanging in my throat, and even shrank back involuntarily, but I couldn’t say anything at all.
Gu Qian glared at Gu Jinxi grumpily, and his lips were thin and his tone was cruel. "Nonsense!"
"Third brother, I really don’t have me …" Seeing that Gu Qian was really angry, Gu Jinxi hurriedly wanted to explain; But Gu Yigen won’t give her this opportunity to directly force people to tasikmalaya, pick up the popular stride and walk directly towards Gu Jinxi’s rest room on the second floor of Linlang Pavilion. "What are you, you, you, you, yourself?"
Gu Jinxi was frightened by Gu Qian’s fierce appearance, and all the words that had reached the tip of the tongue were swallowed back to her throat. She frowned and bit her lip gently. I glared at my eyes angrily and laughed as if I had stolen a red kitten. Ye Zhenniang’s lips were slightly pouting with one hand and gently licking Gu Qian’s front with a somewhat coquetry taste. "Don’t be angry, Third Brother, I am not in a hurry!"
"In a hurry? Can you not take yourself seriously if you are in a hurry? " Don’t say it’s okay to say that Gu Qian’s heart is so angry that he jumped up again and bowed his head and glared at Gu Jin Sunseeker. "You don’t know yourself?" Let’s travel day and night in Dai Yue; Even we feel a little overwhelmed, but you unexpectedly! You don’t want to think about what you want us to do if you have something. What do you want your parents to do? Na Xia Liangguomu has been poisoned for so long. If the antidote is so easy to prepare, what about the waste that keeps Taiyuan? "