Su Yingxue was shocked by Xiao Huang’s gentle smile on her face and now it’s so cold.

Su Yingxue didn’t know what to say. Her face was awkward and her hands and feet were nowhere to put it. Her heart was anxious and angry. Her cheeks were soon covered with red leaves. Ye Ting, the young master, sounded hearty. "Miss Su likes Jing Wangshi to come over and plan to confess?"
Ye Xiaohou’s words were like a thunder and a half-fried flower. When Su Yingxue ran to say hello to Xiao Huang, many people stopped talking and stared at her.
How many ladies in Beijing are staring at Xiao Huang? He is like a big piece of fat in front of everyone. Everyone wants to marry him, but no one dares to make a move. But what is the situation? A little assistant minister’s family is so ashamed to run to Xiao Huang and say that she likes him. What is Xiao Huang? It’s not her turn to like it. It’s overreaching.
At that time, he cried as if he had fried a pot all around.
"It’s shameless to think of Wang Shi Jing at night. What is she?"
"Yes, the anthomaniac actually ran to Jing Wangshi in front of everyone to express her love."
"There must be something wrong with her brain. How could Jing Wangshi like her? Who is she?"
"I didn’t expect a fool in Su’s family to come out again. It’s really disgusting."
Irony all around is like a heat wave, and Su Ying’s snow blows on her face. After Su Ying’s snow is finished, she is hit. She looks pale and her hands and feet are weak. I don’t know what she did wrong. Xiao Huang sent Yu Pei to her. He smiled at her and looked at him like that. She couldn’t help but say hello. But now how can she become a flower girl?
Su Yingxue felt that the whole person was dizzy, but the ear sneered and laughed at the waves.
"This woman is so shameless that she went to Jing Wangshi to express her love without looking at her identity."
"Xiao Shi is that she can match it?"
"I heard that I haven’t married yet at the age of 17, so I may be anxious and my brain is not working well."
Poor Su Ying got caught in the snow Xiao Huang calculated Chapter 51 Su Yao was unlucky enough to become a thief in the snow.
Su Yingxue listened to the waves around her, sneering and sneering. She felt that her mind was buzzing, and her legs and feet were weak. She fell to the ground and rushed to hold her young lady. When she saw that her young lady was being bullied like this, Chin looked up angrily and looked around to protect her. But when she looked up, she saw that all the girls around her were famous in Shengjing. If she talked more, it was estimated that these people could kill her.
Harp stopped to hold Su Yingxue and began to cry. "Miss, let’s go. We don’t want to stay here."
Su Wan also rushed over and stretched out his hand to hold Su Ying snow "Cousin, are you okay?"
She saw Su Yingxue as pale as paper and trembling uncontrollably, and the whole person seemed to be beaten.
Sue wan’s face looked ugly. She turned and rushed to Xiao Huang’s face, angry and angry, pointing to Xiao Huang. "What are you doing to bully my cousin, bad guy?" It is not a good person for a man to bully a jurchen. "
If it weren’t for her stupid identity, Su Wan would have pointed at Xiao Huang’s nose and cursed her. Although it would probably arouse Xiao Huang’s anger, she was really angry to see him bullying Su Yingxue so much, because it was her doing something wrong, so she should be punished instead of Su Yingxue.
Sue wan scolded for a pause, and all the ladies stopped talking at this time. They looked at Sue wan in consternation, and then everyone looked at Jing Wang Shi Xiao Huang.
Xiao Huang’s exquisite double-sided blinking closed her eyes, and her eyes were dark and sharp. She looked at Su Wan, and all of them. He was going to break into a furious rage and let people drag Su Jia, a fool, to punish him. He suddenly stopped saying, "Ladies, stop that now."
Ladies, stop it.
How does this sound like treating a child who is unreasonable? Shouldn’t it be dragged to retype the thirty boards?
Shouldn’t you needle this stupid mouth? She scolded King Jing.
Now Wang Shi of Jing not only doesn’t punish her, but also talks to her as if Sue’s little fool is his favorite child.
Hum around a fried pot, everyone talked about it.
In the crowd, Zhao Yulong, the prime minister’s office, looked particularly ugly. Before that, Xiao Huang was kind enough to be stupid. When Linlang Xuan protected her, Linglong Pavilion also spent 25,200 silver to photograph jade snow and silver for her. If it weren’t for Su Wan, this little bitch was a fool, she would have liked Su Wan.
It happened that Su Wan was a fool. She was still her cousin’s fiancee. Xiao Huang could never like Su Wan’s stupidity.
But why does he put up with this stupidity again and again?