"Well … well!" Mr. Mo poured another glass of wine and drank casually. "I’m going to Qianhe Island recently, so you can see your father when I get back. How about that?"

Yang Muyu nodded. Can he say "no"? What right does he have to say "no"?
"In that case, it’s good to drink!" Mr. Mo raised his glass at him and laughed.
"I can’t drink!" Yang Muyu shook his head. He really can’t drink. How can he drink when he has never accounted for alcohol since he was a child?
"If you can’t drink, then learn slowly and forget. What did you promise me just now?" Mr. Mo sneered.
Yang Muyu didn’t speak. He took the glass and gulped it down. Suddenly, he only felt one share spicy and rushed straight at the halogen door. He had never been contaminated with alcohol. He let a small amount of wine choke into his heart and suddenly coughed repeatedly.
"Come to Du Yun to pour wine. What are you doing?" Mr. Mo laughed and seemed to be very happy. Du Yu looked at Mr. Mo in amazement and wondered why his master was so angry. But he was afraid to ask Yang Muyu, who was busy pouring wine.
Until watching Yang Muyu drank more than ten cups of wine in one breath, although Mr. Mo has been smiling on his face, his eyes are getting colder and colder. Du Yun clearly felt that he had a chill coming up on his spine.
Watching Yang Muyu finally fall down on the table, Du Yun dared to ask carefully, "What’s wrong with you, sir?" Because he saw that the cup in Mr. Mo’s hand was now only a pile of broken porcelain powder.
"Take him back!" Mr. Mo has stood up and started to walk outside the private room.
Du Yun was taken aback and went over and picked up Yang Muyu. Three people followed him back to Hongtong Inn. He didn’t know what his master was thinking, and he didn’t know how to place Yang Muyu. He just followed him stupidly.
Until Mr. Mo looked up and saw that Du Yun was still holding Yang Muyu in his hand and frowned: "Can’t you arrange a room for him to sleep? Well, tell the bartender to prepare some sobering soup for him and you can go out and buy him some decent clothes and take him out to sea in a few days. "
"Master, do you really want to take him?" Du Yun asked puzzled. Still sober up? At the beginning, he had to get drunk himself.
"When is it your turn to question me?" Mr Ink face a heavy cold way.
"Ah …" Du Yun was so frightened that he knelt down and kowtowed. "God forgive Du Yun!"
"All right, get out!" Mr. Mo said coldly, "It’s better not to call the word’ Lord’ when you’re away from home."
"Yes, yes ….." Du Yun, like a dream, was busy holding the drunken Yang Muyu and went out. He placed him in the wing next to him and told the bartender to go out to buy things. When the cold wind blows on the vest, he can’t help but shake his head and sigh that the master’s temper is really more and more elusive.
When Yang Muyu woke up, the first thing he saw was that he was lying in a big bed with a soft velvet cushion and a brocade quilt on his body, but he was not blessed to enjoy it. He only felt a headache and was about to crack.
It hurts … The taste of a hangover is really unpleasant. Look up and look out the window. The sun is dazzling. Sitting up with support, I heard a faint voice next to me: "Are you awake?"

Chapter 26 Mr. Mo
Yang Muyu didn’t notice that Mr. Mo was leaning on a chair by the window, idly turning over a book.
"good!" Forced to endure the feeling of headache, Yang Muyu sat up with a brace and said hello to Mr. Mo.
"It’s always like this when drinking for the first time!" Mr. Mo just said something irrelevant and then stood up and walked towards the outside.
Yang Muyu feels that his throat is about to burst into flames. This wine is really not a good thing.
After Mr. Mo went out, Du Yun came in with a bowl of thick hangover soup in his hand and said with a smile: "Mr. Yu woke up and had some hangover soup."
Yang Muyu said "thank you" and you’re welcome. Why did he take the bowl and drink it in one breath? He was so thirsty that his throat smoked. Du Yun looked at him and shook his head with a wry smile: "If you can’t drink, drink less lethal irrigation?"
Yang Muyu didn’t speak, but he couldn’t help saying, "Didn’t your master force me to drink?" Do I want to drink? "
"Feather, if you take a bath, people will feel more comfortable and change your clothes into alcohol." Du Yun laughed.
"good!" Yang Muyu nodded really a suit of alcohol, and he didn’t like to soak comfortably in the bath tub. He couldn’t help sighing deeply about the luxury of rich people’s life. Looking at the clothes that Du Yun prepared for him, all of them were expensive brocade silk robes, and the bath products used were all beautiful gardens.
He once heard people say that a box of rouge in Xiuyuantang costs 220 taels of gold, and other perfumes, bath creams, creams, etc. are more than ordinary people can afford to use, but those things are the favorite of ladies and ladies. Now Du Yun is using them for him, which is a waste.
However, he is also curious about how the boss of Xiuyuantang can come up with these ways to make money for women-women love beauty, no matter what kind of women are the same, no matter how poor or old … What is even more ridiculous is that even men use this thing now.
After bathing and grooming, I went out to Mr. Mo’s room and saw him leaning on a soft collapse. I saw him coming in and smiled at him: "Mu Yu, come and sit down!"
Yang Muyu was inexpressibly disgusted with his naturally engaged kindness and sat down in the chair in front of him.
"Um … show garden hall ordinary things make you used to it? You will use these only when you buy them on the market. " Mr. Mo said with a smile.
Yang Muyu laughed and shook his head. "Xiuyuantang is famous for being expensive. You don’t have to put on airs in front of me when you have money. This is the first time I’ve used these things."
This time, Mr. Mo stayed for a long time before saying, "Really?"
"Why not?" Yang Muyu raised his eyebrows and said, "I just heard that 6 Jinghong once mentioned that a box of rouge in Xiuyuantang needed gold, and 221 bottles of water for the girl’s skin care also needed gold. That Huang Lanyu bought her please."
Mr. Mo looked at him thoughtfully for a long time before asking, "You really don’t know?"
"Know what?" Yang Muyu couldn’t understand the secret passage in his heart. Does Mr. Mo have any special hobbies? Why does he always like to work hard on things used by women?
"Xiuyuantang is your father’s property and you don’t know it?" Mr. Mo looked at Yang Muyu like a monster.