"Well, I’ll inform Qin Xiong" Tian Ba took out a cellular phone and sent a message in the past.

"I wonder if Brother Tian called me here?" Chu Yun Zhuang boldly said that because Song Ning Frost called him Tian Xiong, he could call him Tian Xiong himself, but he didn’t suffer anyway.
"Ha ha, you didn’t have a misunderstanding with my younger brother. I’m here to make a peacemaker to clear up the misunderstanding." Tian Ba laughed and was atmospheric and steady.
Chu Yun wants to know now, are you two brothers?
In the eyes of a tall and handsome girl, the white horse king, and another black and ugly one, are nothing more than rotten stones in the toilet.
How can two people be brothers with such a big gap? Is it a genetic mutation?
It must be. Otherwise, how could this happen?
Of course, there is another possibility that they are not their own.
Chapter 245 Goodbye Qin Tian!
"Why don’t you apologize to others?" Tian Ba shouted at Tian Chong behind him.
"I …" Tian Chong really couldn’t shout out this mouth, but who would have expected that this man could freeze the frost and this woman could pull it!
"Don’t apologize!" Tian ba majesty way
"…" Tian Chong gnashing don’t talk.
"Come on, come on, it’s just a little misunderstanding." Chu Yun hurriedly said.
"This can’t be done. My younger brother must apologize for doing something wrong." Tian Ba smiled at Chu Yun and then said sullenly to Tian Chong. "Let me say it again?"
Tian Chong’s face trembled and he was unwilling to spit out three words "I’m sorry!"
After that, Tian Ba’s expression was better. He patted Tian Chong on the shoulder and said, "That’s right. Remember to apologize if you do something wrong."
"I see," Tian Chong said heavily.
Chu Yun watched Tian Ba acting, and his acting skills were higher than his own!
However, Tian Chong, this man, is going crazy in his heart. I didn’t expect to be arrogant at school. I didn’t expect him to bow to himself one day.
"You see my younger brother has admitted his mistake …" Tian Ba laughed.
Chu Yun pretended to nod and forgive him, but he was complaining in his heart. How could he forgive him if he didn’t have the strength?
"Ha ha ha ….." Tian Ba laughed very generously.
There is no denying that Tian Ba’s handsome appearance and generous personality, coupled with his family background, provoked the surrounding women to constantly ogle him.
For men, they all set their eyes on Song Ning’s cream body, which is a peerless fairy that mortals can wait and see.
"Miss Song, I am outspoken. I want to ask this little brother, who are you?" Tian Ba pointed to Chu Yun and asked curiously.
"Tian Xiong, didn’t you guess it in your heart?" Song Ning Frost said quietly, beautiful and independent.
"Don’t you?" Tian Ba was surprised.
"Yes" Song Ning frost nodded.
"%RMB # …" Chu Yun didn’t know what they were talking about at all, but he soon knew.
"Ha-ha, forgive me for my eyes. Forgive me for my eyes. The little brother is the most popular in the game."
Chu Yun almost fell to the ground. How did he know? Is it Song Ningshuang that this woman said?
And at this moment, all eyes around you are brushing and looking at Chu Yun’s candlestick. This looks like a 17-year-old guy is actually candlestick? They wouldn’t believe it if Tian Ba didn’t say it himself.
"Brother, don’t be embarrassed to admit it. It’s a pity that you joined Miss Song’s Flying Snow Alliance, otherwise I will invite you to join the Batian Alliance." Tian Ba laughed and gave people a kind of bohemian.
"# $% …" Chu Yun looked at the Song Ning frost as if wondering if she leaked her identity.
Song Ning Frost seems not to see Chu Yun’s eyes, but to be a beautiful woman quietly.
"Qin Shao is coming."
"Qin Shao is so handsome."
"Yes, Qin Shao is more attractive!"
At this moment, Chu Yun guessed that Qin Shao was probably Qin Tian.
Qin Tian is followed by Jianfei. He is polite to say hello to people.
When I saw Qin Tian, Chu Yun’s pupil was miniature, and his anger broke out, but it was quickly suppressed.
"Is it you?" Qin Tian soon noticed that Chu Yun was slightly surprised.
"We meet again," ChuYun said when he saw Qin Tian approaching him.
"decree by destiny" Qin Tian laughed "long time no see"
"What a fate!" Chu Yun thundered in his heart that Nima was predestined friends and your family was predestined friends.
"Ha ha, the little brother Qin Xiong knew each other. I wanted to introduce him." Tian Ba was slightly surprised by a big smile.
Qin Tian greeted Tian Ba first, and then went to Song Ningshuang, who smiled very gentlemanly. "Ningshuang didn’t expect you to come here today. Why didn’t you inform him earlier?"
Seeing this, how did Chu Yun feel that Qin Tian was courting Song Ning Frost?
"Aren’t you here?" Song Ning frost said lightly.