"What?" Qing Yue stopped moving and jumped out of the glass. wait for a while looked at zhaojie who lost an arm.

Zhaojie sneered, "Is it interesting that you keep abusing a fake there?"
"What fake?" Qing month go back and see the fake Terhi body in the slowly dissipating glass is vanishing with filar silk pale inflammation.
"How is that possible?" Clear on a cover your mouth and look forward again, only to see that the female ghost is eyeing up and looking at zhaojie without paying attention to Clear on the moon.
Zhaojie seems to root feel brokeback pain carefree way "? Not satisfied with her attitude? In fact, it’s no wonder that if you were me, I would be. "
"But … my glass points have a tracking effect." Qingyue argued.
Zhaojie shrugged. "That’s because I came to fight you. It’s Terhi’s disguise."
Zhaojie explained, "Before the battle, Terhi sent me a message that they had entered the haunted house and saw our frozen body. She tried to drag Kaya into this environment … It is worth it. First, they were not attacked by Kaya outside, which shows that Kaya’s strength is almost exhausted against us. That’s why I gave Kaya to you because she has tried to deal with you, but my miscalculation is that there is also a Terhi fake body here."
Speaking of Terhi zhaojie primly, "This girl is stronger than me, but it can be seen from her ability to drag Kaya into the dreamland that the thieves made by Kaya according to her model are also very powerful. I have already held all seven people back by myself, but unexpectedly I have been held back by Terhi Root, a puppet house made by her fake body, and she has never attacked me, but she really stayed here to protect her."
Qingyue nodded. "I understand what you said, but before you said that female ghosts were no longer able to deal with outsiders, why could she summon these false bodies?"
Zhaojie smiled and said, "It is these false bodies that consume the power of Kaya. Imagine that a group of seven-order walkers, even the publishers, that is, those’ gods’, may be able to create so many abilities to cross Kaya, even if this is a dreamland."
Qingyue squeezed her fist and smiled proudly. "In that case, isn’t she fighting back now?"
"I think there should still be some" zhaojie stared at Kaya "because the Terhi she created is still too weak"
"Weak?" Qing month think zhaojie this is ironic "where is weak? She is strong and outrageous. "
Zhao Jiedao: "Weak, very weak, I’m afraid Terhi’s power is not even exerted, because Terhi’s ability is also a spirit. This ability is similar to this female ghost’s power from the root. If you imitate Terhi’s ability, I’m afraid this female ghost doesn’t have the power to make other people’s fake bodies, but she should clearly know that the fake bodies don’t have the flexibility and variability, that is, they can exert their strength. It takes less than 70% to make Terhi’s roots with such great efforts, which is to get twice the result with half the effort. To create this Terhi false body … Two-phase measurement has repeatedly looked at her passive but not too flustered. It should be that she still retains some escape strength. "
"Does she make others have the strength?"
"Although I hate to admit it … but she copied the strength of others." zhaojie looked down at his broken left arm and recalled two minutes ago.
Listening to the footsteps outside, Zhao Jie’s heart sank to the bottom.
Although these fake bodies can fight by fighting, the passer-by can be honed to the point of extreme terror. Although these guys have a tacit understanding, in this unfavorable situation, they actually know that it is easy to recognize the four people of Theseus Lan from the outside.
The doors were kicked next to each other, and these false bodies were almost free from the nightmare of thoughts. The most important thing is that these people searched the location of zhaojie in less than two rooms. If they were attacked by fire in such a narrow place, zhaojie would soon die, and there would be no dregs left.
However, zhaojie was waiting for Congren. He quickly sprinkled a few seeds at the door and quickly urged them out. Then he kicked the door.
Hearing the sound of Theseus Lan, several people quickly came running. Ling Hengfei quickly summoned a huge door gun. The muzzle was aimed at zhaojie’s position in the dark and pulled the trigger. Suddenly, a huge fireball quickly ignited.
If this fireball explodes in the house and zhaojie is injured, it is a trivial matter, but the arrangement of plants will be destroyed. Instead, it is a major event. I didn’t expect Ling Heng’s move. zhaojie was forced to act immediately. The green mans in his eyes flashed across the devil’s leaves in the front row and spewed out roughly illusory smoke. At the same time, his feet turned into a swamp and leaked his body to the first floor.
The fireball exploded in the room and ignited the devil’s leaves by the way. A large number of flames instantly surrounded Theseus Lan, and the flames continued to come out of the corridor and floor holes without stopping.
The strong flame didn’t hurt a few people too much. At most, the body was blackened. Theseus Lan’s axe chopped the wall and the whole nightmare abode of fairies and immortals trembled with it.
Theseus Lan strode into the flame and immediately found a hole in his face. He jumped immediately, but when his body had not yet fallen to the first floor, zhaojie’s instant kick had already exploded in his chest. The tall and thin man immediately fell into dizziness and was shot out. Behind him, a large piece of ghost vines and chicory planted in the wall immediately wrapped his limbs and muscles tightly.
One hit zhaojie didn’t pursue, but ran out of this kitchen room before Lingheng and Statham fell.
LingHeng two people fall to the ground without looking at Theseus Lan, who was wrapped in the wall, immediately chased after the door, but as soon as she went out, the rose petals turned into leaf blades and immediately rained down on the two men. They could immediately go forward and back to avoid Statham and return to the kitchen, while LingHeng rolled and broke the opposite door.
As soon as this unlucky fake body entered the room with sawdust, zhaojie arranged there in advance to stun the lightning mines. At the same time, dozens of small robots shouted’ di-oh’ and quickly stuck in Lingheng.
A huge explosion shattered the outer walls of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals, and a large area of thick black smoke rolled out. At the same time, a fierce flame was ejected from the door of this room, and Zhao Jun, who was chased out of the kitchen, was abruptly pushed back to the kitchen.
Back on the second floor, zhaojie smiled proudly and quickly poured himself two bottles of ten seconds to recover two thousand five hundred mana. The super blue medicine ran to a room again.
At the moment, the first floor has been wrapped in smoke. Although there is no vision, Zhao Jun and Statham still rushed out of the kitchen and ran to the second floor.
Two people just out of the kitchen ceiling hole figure that zhaojie has fallen.
In his palm, the scarlet dandelion seed is ready.
I want to kill all these fake bodies because zhaojie has concluded that the power of Kaya is almost exhausted. He is not sure whether the latter will take back the power of copying fake bodies at the key moment and simply destroy these guys.
Zhaojie, a ghost vine, is good at making plants have always been loved by Zhao Jie for their toughness and great strength. After being entangled in dozens of ghost vines, even though Hughes Lan still managed to get out of the house with more than 700 points of strength, zhaojie easily walked to his front and wrapped his fingers around the blade of the leaf to quickly cut a small mouth in the latter’s throat and then planted scarlet dandelions.
Theseus Lan is a strong man … Even Zhao Jiejing is confused or underestimated by his thin and shy appearance.
This is because after the outbreak of scarlet dandelion, although the man’s eyes and brains have been brought out by the thick blood-red blade, although his body has been penetrated everywhere, although it is just a copy, even the pseudo-field can release the false body, but the man is still stimulated by pain, and his muscles swell up and instantly break free from all the ghost vines and endive, and the ground will shake violently like mountains, and the huge imperial executioner’s hand axe will take a strong counterattack and spiral chop to zhaojie.
Even though zhaojie was cautious at this moment, he still couldn’t let his guard down. However, in the face of danger for his life, this man showed a strong reaction of the passer-by. His body tried to avoid the blow at the minimum angle and the fastest when the wind pressure of the axe was instantaneously deflected. But even if he made this judgment, he still didn’t finish avoiding the axe, and his whole left arm was instantly cut off. At the same time, great power threw his whole body out and crashed through two layers of walls and landed in the dead room of Qianlingheng.
Fortunately, at this time, Zhao Jun and Statham have reached the second floor and Theseus Lan has completely died, otherwise Zhao Jie might really die here.
Moaning softly, zhaojie woke up from severe pain and dizziness with a snap of his fingers. He planted a cloud of mud and grass seeds on the ceiling and turned it into a quagmire. Then a ghost vine stabbed out of the quagmire and dragged zhaojie’s body to the second floor. At this time, Statham and Zhao had just returned to the first floor from the second floor … If the rest of the dead bodies were alive in the sky, they would despise putting up the middle finger for these two final guys.
As soon as Zhao Jiegang got back to the second floor, he sat down on the ground. His physical strength was just in his early 4,000 s. At the moment, his blood volume was only half. Although Theseus Lan’s counterattack spiral could make zhaojie suffer 7 real injuries, breaking his left arm left him in a state of severe blood loss. His physical strength value was nearly 100 points per second, and he quickly poured himself a bunch of hemostatic drugs, which stopped the injury, but there was a way to make up for it. It should be because of the recovery of injury method.
Before zhaojie went to find Statham and Zhao Jun, a thick icicle suddenly appeared on the swamp floor. The icicle broke in half of the wall, and the outside light shone into it, making it reflect a strong and colorful light.
Zhaojie’s heart is amazing. He has rushed out of the door and came to the corridor. As soon as his hind feet step out of the door, the original wooden floor has been penetrated by several ice pillars, and at the same time, the thick pulp is flowing fast.
No, they’ve destroyed the nightmare cave, but …
Zhaojie ran quickly along the corridor on the second floor. When he was running, he deliberately put his feet up very loudly. This kind of noise sounded different from thunder to passers-by, which immediately attracted the attention of the two people in the building. Huge icicles and thunder slurry kept stabbing out of the floor with zhaojie’s footsteps
However, Zhao Jie also attracted them. When he ran to the stairs, the floor of the corridor on the second floor had collapsed and collapsed.
Zhao Jun and Statham jumped out of the wood fragments and pointed their ice swords and mortar guns at zhaojie’s position, but what they saw was a small flower flying head on.
Instantaneous blooming sun grass will suddenly blind two people’s eyes, even oozing blood from their ears, and then zhaojie will come running to the body.
On the way to run over, this man had already knocked Zhao floating with two shots, and at the same time, his body suddenly bumped into Statham and knocked him back to the first floor.
Although Stanson looks strong, this man is actually a gunman’s profession, and it is well known that the main strengthening attribute of the gunman is spirit … Of course, zhaojie is an alternative zhaojie. More than 300 points of strength immediately hit Stanson like a shell, and most of the floors were smashed.
Zhaojie rode on Statham’s body and knees pressed against Statham’s arms. At the same time, the arbiter aimed at Statham’s forehead and pulled the trigger quickly. Thirteen rounds had been fired in just ten seconds.
+1 Ruler’s attack power is strong, even if it is better than war ghost Theseus Lan Liu, he dare not be so close to zhaojie’s reckless attack. What’s more, the physical value is less than four thousand points, Statham?
Although Stanson’s defense has exceeded 100 points, but the average physical damage per shot is 64 points, the referee attacks everything as a cloud, especially three of the thirteen bombs triggered the crit effect. When Zhao Jie stopped, Stanson’s head had disappeared completely.
It’s much easier for Zhao Jie to have a frost nova left. As the war ghost said, it’s almost a delusion that the current traveler wants to pick one who wants to defeat zhaojie in one-on-one. A shota without wisdom and strength? Zhaojie has killed this troublesome kid in less than ten seconds.
"You mean you killed all six of them by yourself in less than three minutes?" A duck egg can almost be stuffed into a small mouth of Qingyue.
"To be precise, it should be six guys who can play their background strength on average." zhaojie shrugged.
"That’s amazing, too. That’s equivalent to three top seven elites?"
Zhaojie shook his head and said, "Your calculation method is wrong. The calculation of team ability is completely different from that of individuals. If the strength of seven people in our team is regarded as 1, then when my team fights together, no one can exert their strength, that is, 15 six five-ability guys can’t exert their strength when they don’t cooperate. The strength is not as good as the strength of three finished seven-order elites."
Qing Yuenai said, "I hate to say it, but do you really think we are chatting here?"
Zhaojie raised a sly smile at the corner of her mouth. "Did you see her bloody head?"
Qing month carefully look at a few eye some surprise way "how do you see? I didn’t see anything. "