Lin nodded … If he really wants to do that, it would be terrible. The guy who can become a god definitely belongs to Uber in Uber.

What did Lin think of again? "Wait!"
The Dark King asked, "What’s the matter?"
Lin said, "according to you, I should not be qualified as a candidate for becoming a god. I don’t even know much about the technology of the first century, let alone master it."
The Dark King replied, "The simple mastery of science and technology is one aspect, the angle of thinking is one aspect, and intelligence is one aspect … If one of them meets the standards, you can become a candidate for god, but you are absolutely qualified to become a god. It is different to become a god. You need all conditions to meet the standards to master the advanced level of science and technology. The angle of thinking is one aspect, and the strength of intelligence is one aspect … There are many other conditions that need to be met one by one to become a god."
Once again, Lin was silent and became a god, which is really not something that ordinary people can do. No wonder those gods in fairy tales and novels need to be reincarnated again and again to practice and experience different lives before they can finally achieve positive results.
The dark king cleaned up and shook his head. "Don’t talk about it, don’t hurry to work, or there will be no words for a day!"
Lin nodded and followed the Dark King to find the Alliance np.
Then find what materials, transport what materials to a certain gravity area and get what equipment … It’s very complicated, but it’s still quite fast to have enough people to do it. After all, everyone has backpacks.
Three days later, the priceless mine in the mouth of the Dark King was discovered.
Sure enough, the news of the first special training came to Lin, and the condition for participating in the first special training was that the base needed to be built, and the first special training was the day when the base was built.
Only after completing the construction of the base can you get the number of places to participate in the special training.
Naturally, all the players who are qualified to participate in this special training will be attracted. Without Lin and the Dark King, these players will definitely compete for special training places.
Then a large number of players gathered in the 72-fold gravity area to join the army of building the base … The rebels are very familiar with this area, otherwise how can they accurately calculate when building this base and then plan and arrange it?
Of course, it is necessary to understand this area, the conditions that need to be met to build a base, and the allied side to understand that with the powerful computing power of computers in this era, the error can still be calculated in less than one day.
Lin and the Dark King are also very aware of this situation. Both of them are extremely troublesome and need a lot of time before they can finally finish taking it … Other players don’t know that Lin and the Dark King have received it and will finish it soon. They still want to finish all the work so that Lin and the Dark King can’t receive it.
These players work hard!
Garin and the Dark King did it three days ago … and finally they got two days.
Two days!
Lin needs to eliminate other players in these two days, and then leave the special training to escape from this place and the area destroyed by the rebel bombing plan.
Lin and the Dark King paid their respective responsibilities and immediately received the information sent by the allied military.
"drop! After the establishment of the base, please invite all players who have participated in the second special training to enter the virtual training ground for special training. The special training will be on time in two hours! "
Chapter five hundred Aliens!
There is a strange sight in the base. Many people are very crowded, but it is so crowded that it is very quiet in the crowded environment, and even the breath disappears.
Almost everyone looks in the same direction. In that direction, two black steel figures are slowly coming towards the base department from the gate position of the base.
There was still no one to talk, and everyone was very conscious of watching the two black figures walking step by step, and the crowd automatically separated a road to their destination.
It was not until these two figures disappeared in a door that the crowd outside the door appeared the click sound. This is a group of educated, quality, organized and disciplined players who are qualified to speak in this situation and there are not many delicious speakers. Others can continue to remain silent and slowly move towards the place where the two figures just disappeared.
"I didn’t expect both of them to show up!"
"Yes, they won’t appear this time, but they did."
"And I still took the two most troublesome waves, and in the end, we didn’t hand them in until the others were finished."
"The two of them must know about the rebel plan."
"What you say is nonsense. It’s strange that he doesn’t know who the dark king is … it’s strange that a value method to measure a mine appears in the eyes of the Coalition forces like this. It would be strange if it weren’t for the rebels."
"Get rid of us … Hehe, it’s just a game. It’s worth it if you can solve it and let him die once and lose his qualification to participate in a special training."
"It’s the dark king who is more troublesome. Even if he dies once, he can quickly recover his strength and meet us in a special training …"
Two enemies crossed their big army, and they cooperated very much to make a way … Obviously, this shame was selectively forgotten by these qualified people.
If you put this situation in the ordinary player’s body, the ordinary player will probably do the same thing with them for a while, but after waiting for someone to leave, the estimation department will growl and clamor to treat those two people as if they were like this … even if they have been blown up several times by the other side, it will still be the case.
This is the difference between a great man and an ordinary man.
Lin and the Dark King walked into the virtual training room, where many people saw them come in and didn’t speak or give way … because they knew very well that Lin and the Dark King would never make moves on them, and once they made moves to participate in special training, they would be deprived of their qualifications, and they could not make moves on Lin and the Dark King, because once they fought, they would destroy the training room, and as a result, they might completely destroy it, leading to the postponement of the first special training.
Unlike the former training room, this is a huge training room that can accommodate 10 thousand players at the same time.
The reason why there is no room partition is that the walls are very occupied.
Come in, everyone’s armor and helmet are connected to the line, and they can wait for the first special training.
Lin and the Dark King didn’t talk or chat. After they came in, they found a remote corner and waited quietly for two hours. When the base was established, they had already said it in vain.
Training scene information!
Six years!
Location: siren star!
It is important to show that one training limit, two training times, the death of the character will be eliminated, three training times, the player line will be eliminated, four training times, and all other players will be eliminated. The final winner will get the highest realistic reward of the God Corps, and five training times will last for no more than one year!
Reward supplement The final winner can get an S-level reward.
Friendship shows that if you die for no reason, you are dead without doubt!
When Lin opened his eyes, he saw a dark green planet that was not too big. Shaolin saw that this side was dark green, but in Lin’s eyes, the dark green star came into his mind, but it was a piece of information record.
Siren Star was discovered at the end of the 59th century. A life planet was originally named’ forest’ by the discoverer. However, after a period of observation and research, it was found that Siren Star was a dark green sea, but not a planet covered by green forest.
What is the green sea? It has something to do with the atmosphere structure of Siren Star.
Moreover, entering the siren star department to see the siren star sky is also dark green, which is like a huge green emerald wrapping the whole planet.
Memory appears but it is not directly related to what Lin is thinking. Memory appears and the brain is thinking, just like watching while eating.
If you die for no reason, you are dead without doubt!
This friendship show seems meaningful …
Lin is thinking about this friendship, but this friendship is a pity. Unless you really know this special training, it is absolutely a legal understanding.
While thinking, Lin is reading and remembering the data of Neptune. Not only that, but he is also listening to a np speech not far away in front of him … There is no doubt that these three things are like watching while eating, and there is nothing strange about one hand holding his itchy feet.
Lin is now in a huge military spaceship, dressed in a black uniform, just listed in a team of ten people.
In front of him is the chief officer in charge of this team, and behind him is the same ten-person team plus their team, a total of ten teams and one hundred soldiers!
Lin’s line of sight is facing the np chief. Behind the np chief is a huge piece of transparent glass. Outside the transparent glass is the siren star, which is as dark green as jade … There are definitely thousands of military spaceships in this spaceship and siren star!
I don’t know how many spaceships there are if they are out of Garin’s sight.
Don’t say that sending thousands of spaceships, even sending hundreds of spaceships at the same time, is definitely a military operation with a red alert level.
Chief np is growling, and every word is clearer than falling into Lin Er.
"This operation is a top-secret military operation, and your department has signed top-secret contracts. Once the operation is over, the memories in your brain will be deleted, and these contracts will be destroyed. There will be absolutely no residue. If you can’t get honor through this military operation, you will get money compensation!"
"Let me talk about the main and ultimate goal of this military operation!"
"This military operation was named’ Operation Demon Slayer’, and the action place is the dark green planet you see now!"
"From our thorough understanding that the earth we live in is a planet in the middle of the earth, from our understanding that the stars are stars similar to the earth and the sun … We humans fantasize that there are several creatures in this universe called aliens in addition to our high-level intelligent creatures."