Suddenly thunder and lightning, more than a dozen thick flashes crashed down the whole white jade stone steps and were covered by the flow caused by flash explosion.

It’s also a spike. No palace guard can be strong and immortal in a flash of anger attack.
More than 1,000 palace guards who originally blocked the gate of the King’s Temple were completely bombed by Tang Weiwei and the dragon beast’s tough high-order magic. There was a bloody butcher, Rehard, whose hand still seemed to have just been fished out of the blood pool. The demon blood axe was arrogant and stood proudly on the stone steps before the dragon beast flashed anger, but it caused more than 300,000 injuries to him. Compared with his thick and heinous blood volume, this injury was simply nine Niu Yi hairs.
At this time, the "bombs" of Lanyu Mian, Smoking No Fire and Hell Beloved were all lost, and their respective bikes fell to the ground.
A glimpse of Leihard’s beautiful eyes in the rain is rare, serious and solemn.
"The horse is coming. It’s important to kill the king. We can’t be held back by Rehard. Take everyone into the king’s palace. Rehard will deal with it!"
"well! Be careful not to hang up! "
"If you hang up, you hang up. It doesn’t matter if you win. I’m not afraid of it."
LanYuMian heartless smile is very sweet let Ye Feng heart panic.
"Five minutes try to brace up! When everyone enters the king’s temple, you immediately come in and guard the door of the temple … "
"Come on, don’t be repetitive. I’m not a rookie …"
Talk coval has been surrounded by a dozen Kingsguard, who flew into a rage and slandered coval with disdain.
"Just a strange realm also dare to provoke my bloody butcher’s reputation. You are just a group of poor ants after all. Today I will kill you. Haha, my blood axe has absorbed your dead souls and should be an evolutionary artifact …"
"Give me death!"
Coval ignored Rehard and mocked him. As soon as his feet stepped up, Lei Guang’s epee blazed at Rehard.
Will see rehard don’t flash don’t avoid his hands grabbed the blood mans flash demon blood spirit axe flagrantly crashed into coval epee.
With a bang, coval snorted and a 500,000-strong injury flew out like a broken kite.
Rehard became more and more rampant and laughed. As soon as the Kingsguard attacked him, the tomahawk spun around like a blood day. When there was a shock, more than a dozen Kingsguard screamed and flew out. More than two million pieces of blood fell by a third.
Too fierce, too bad in attributes, and the Kingsguard doesn’t understand the player’s moving attack skills, which will be completely destroyed for Rehard.
"Give me death!"
Rehard, though armed with heavy hands and a long soldier, was able to attack as fast as a storm. After a successful blow, he stepped forward and held the bloody tomahawk above his head. Suddenly, he waved more than a dozen critical shots, and the bleeding mangling interwoven into a sword curtain and lotus flower swept out.
Destroy and slay!
Seven Kingsguard who just got up were swept by lotus flower and instantly cut off by the middle. Each of them floated out with more than two million crit injuries, but they were lost by Rehard with an axe.
Looking at the posture, if Rehard breaks the array and enters in a few minutes, the more than 1,000 np soldiers in Luoshen Tiewei Camp will have to be wiped out by him.
At this moment, a faint and almost virtual light suddenly sank into Rehard’s blood, and Rehard’s eyes trembled and lifted the tomahawk force.
The battle shows that the player’s hellboy casts his skills [soul gaze]. The bloody butcher Rehard was stunned for 2 seconds.
"Go quickly. I’ll cooperate with Sleeping God to haunt Rehard."
Beloved of Hell took one look at Ye Feng and said seriously that her artifact suit has contributed to Xuanwu Great God. At the moment, her equipment is very complicated, epic, strange, and even there is an Aceh, and the equipment is very different in color, but it feels very harmonious when worn on her.
It’s a strange feeling. It seems that this girl with aura looks good in anything.
Ye Feng nodded at her and reached out with a wave of his hand. "Everyone doesn’t have to pay attention to Rehard’s killing in Wang Dianzai!"
Then he was the first to fly over the white stone steps and raise my hand to cut the closed door of the King’s Temple. Unexpectedly, this door of the King’s Temple also blessed the defensive circle, which made several shallow cracks.
Now it’s too precious. Players and palace guards will come after you tomorrow. It’s more dangerous to enter the palace one second late.
We must rush into Wang Dianran before them and stick to the gate to block them out of the king’s palace, so that less than 5 thousand elite gods can kill the king.
Ye Feng did not hesitate to give himself a blessing with a bull’s force and a total annihilation. As a result, the effect is still limited. The facade blessing defense circle is obviously not inferior. If you don’t see it for two or three minutes, you can’t break these two huge wooden doors
Unfortunately, at this time, everyone lost all their grenades and didn’t have a chance to blow up the gate.
Ye Feng was anxious when suddenly a man shouted behind him.
"Let! Let me come! "
Ye Feng looked back and saw that the supernumerary members of the mechanical fighters had changed their weapons. This guy bent his knees and sank his waist and shoulders and carried a door with almost the same shape as a rocket launcher. The muzzle of the bowl was full of white light flashing and gathering, as if it were a charging gun.
Ye Feng dark scold a didn’t expect this guy to say it, but for hearing this guy’s thick-skinned shouting, he was blown to dust.
Then he quickly flashed behind Rehard with a change of shape and shadow, and conveniently made up a broken spine to get rid of the magic pupil to control Rehard’s paralysis.
As soon as the heavenly sword was recovered, it was seen that a dust body was violently shaking and exploding. One by one, a silver-light flying shell jumped out of the muzzle and flew to the door of the king’s palace …
Chapter DiYiSan Kill the King’s Temple
Fighting shows the player a dust to display his exclusive skill [Chongneng Gun]
The magic defense door of the palace and the king’s palace in the battle city was destroyed.
In the deafening explosion, the gate of the king’s temple was blessed with a defensive array, and the heavy gate was smashed by a shell, and the glittering king’s temple ornaments appeared in front of everyone.
This magnificent temple with 200 yards in length and width is more luxuriously decorated than the whole dome. The magic chandeliers made by rock crystal exude colorful light, and the smoke from the rows of golden incense burners is refreshing, but it is mixed with the strange smell of * *, which permeates the whole temple.
In the middle of the temple, a carpet embroidered with gold thread leads directly to the throne from the door. At the end of the temple, there are all kinds of precious decorative gems inlaid with pure gold to create a huge throne. A fat old man wearing a crown and a royal robe is playing with two concubines.
Shouted and killed by the outside of the temple, even the doors of the temple were blown to powder. The old king was still indifferent and didn’t bother to look up.
Before Ye Feng came to scrutinize the two rows of guards in the temple, he descended angrily and shouted.
There are not many guards in the whole temple. One hundred and fifty rushed to meet the enemy, and the remaining fifty surrounded the throne to protect the old king.