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Zhao Tiantian didn’t react until after the roar. The dormitory is not elegant now. She is still in bed watching movies with a Moni.
Zhao Tiantian looked back uneasily only to see that Monie was staring blankly at her brain, and her eyes were slightly slow to respond. For example, Zhao Tiantian could see that it was not watching a video or something else.
This is in a daze!
However, Zhao Tiantian Moni is not as familiar as she is with Ya. Even if she saw that Moni seems to have something on her mind, Zhao Tiantian didn’t say much, but she withdrew her eyes and then typed on the private chat channel.
[Private chat] You hold the grass Xiaoya for the long live of the empress. This is an outbreak of the National People’s Congress!
Because two people are exchanging a game now, Zhao Tiantian talked privately about his number with his nickname. Although it feels strange, Zhao Tiantian is too lazy to think too much.
And friends can’t be quiet immediately after seeing "Peach Blossom * Drunk". It seems that even the Fu Su wedding in Taichang Qinshan has been ignored by friends!
At this time, there is that "peach blossom * drunk" in the eyes of friends.
Look at the little friends reacted violently, and this just poked the backpack and glanced at the peach blossom * drunk while moving on with the empress.
Seeing Ya at first sight is also a tiger’s body after a shock (…), I squinted carefully at the drunken attribute of Peach Blossom.
Peach Blossom Drunk is a purple perfect level 4 stave. In other words, it is a special professional weapon with a level 4 heavenly heart.
There are 7 normal attributes of equipment in the game. If you encounter a suit class, it will be stimulated and hidden, and four or even five attributes will be hidden.
Of course, this needs to be configured to a certain number of packages to show the hidden attributes.
And elegant out this peach blossom * drunk is full of seven attributes.
In addition to normal equipment, there are basic attributes of external and internal attacks. Peach Blossom * Drunk Normal Seven-Point Attributes respectively attack attack +22 aura +9 physical strength +4 determination +1 hit +12 understanding +1 posture +3.
Because Tianxin is a long-distance occupation, in the game, it is actually attacking occupation
Reiki is also an attack attack in the game of reincarnation.
This peach blossom * drunken staff is quite a double attack weapon.
In physical strength, it is well understood that the blood limit is added in the game.
And the determination represents the player’s blue growth. In the game, few small partners will pay attention to this, because except for Tianxin’s occupation, which consumes a lot of blue, other occupations consume blue in the supply range of small partners.
However, the attribute of strength is optional, but in general, small partners would rather choose other attribute equipment than choose this one.
Even if there is a crazy pursuit of blue in the game, I will not pay special attention to the growth of concentration.
And a good understanding of hit is the skill hit rate of high friends.
In the heart?
It is also good to understand the critical strike rate of friends!
With this hemp, I don’t worry that my skills won’t crit anymore!
Perfect ~
The attribute of body posture is more troublesome, but it also has some chicken ribs.
Because the posture affects a player’s understanding, hitting and dodging, it is not likely for the time being. Maybe friends will pay more attention to this at the end of the game.
Although Ya is slightly dissatisfied with the strength attribute, it is quite difficult for a 4-level staff to achieve purple perfection and 7 attributes.
Of course, the most important thing is that this staff came out by itself, but it was the Zhao Tiantian.
Sisters have to settle accounts. This kind of thing is a bit awkward at the moment.
I’m afraid it will affect the feelings of two people. I’m afraid it will affect the feelings of two people. I’m afraid Zhao Tiantian will have any thoughts in his heart.
After all, this weapon is still relatively valuable for the time being. Even if it is sold in real money, there will be friends to buy it.
Although the price will not be set too high, after all, it is a level 4 weapon, and the friends will continue to upgrade the low-level equipment, which will not be too valuable.
But flies’ legs are also delicious!
Isn’t a dollar money?
And Zhao Tiantian, after carefully admiring a weapon of his own, waved his hand and said, "All right, Xiaoya, this weapon is yours."
Ya "…"
Did you say that my psychological construction was all for nothing?
Zhao Tiantian’s kindness is also impossible not to accept, and will she refuse this kind of thing that takes advantage of herself?