After the establishment of the five general administrations, the Urban Defense General Administration handed in a plan for the construction of the outer defense circle, including the personnel construction of base defense, that is, the director of the Urban Defense, that is, Tong Jia Lao Wu. After he left the alliance, he developed the complete integration of all branches and all bases must be mixed with personnel.

Wudang, perineum and skyscraper were the original base of Shennong Alliance. After the alliance was formally established, these three branches were not on the surface, but in fact, the three members of the alliance were still separated, and there was a situation of camp opposition in various kinds of fighting.
This situation is bound to be eliminated immediately by law, and this kind of party struggle can be gradually reduced through various policy means. Personnel mixing is a means, and every branch of base defense’s theory must not account for more than 50% of the staff.
When Wudang series in Qingqiu Village was a member of the Three People’s United Front, today this United Front has become one of the strongest units in various ministries, and its influence is gradually expanding. At present, the United Front has been divided into three parts and infiltrated into several key departments of the Alliance.
Nearly half of the United teams have entered Wudang Banner Team, which is the leading force of Wudang Banner Team, and now Wudang Banner Team has become a three-level organization of the alliance, which is very stiff, and those original United members are just what we three people say.
It can be said that Wudang Banner Team is a branch of Sanmin United, which has grown too fast and is stronger than the original backbone. Some of them have entered the main city sub-defense zone, and some of them are stationed in the big chief Xiaoyao defense zone, which is the heart of the alliance, and their status has also risen.
The leader of the Sanmin United Front of Wudang Banner Team is Jiutouniao, the former head of Sanshui District, the first United Front of Sanmin United Front. Although he is the vice captain of Wudang Banner Team, he speaks more than the captain of Zhengqi Team. Most of his flag team members are his old department.
The director of Xiaoyao Sub-defense Zone is a public classmate. This person used to be the deputy team leader of Sanmin United, and he became the director of the defense zone. The name of the director of the main city Sub-defense Zone belongs to the jurisdiction of the Urban Defense General Administration, but in fact, he listens to the core branch. The troops directly under it are equal to one person and ten thousand people.
The personnel problem of male students is very simple. No one can control him except Fang Da, the chief executive, and the five directors are no exception. He is much more carefree than the nine-headed bird.
These two points are much better than the present Sanmin United, and both the rank and position of the allied troops, the strength of the troops and the class treatment of the leaders are much better than their old troops. You should know that at present Sanmin United is a four-level organization team leader, Liu Qingqing, but a five-level personnel.
But even so, the main force has removed more than half of the Sanmin United, and they have achieved good results. They are stationed in Qingqiu Village, and the number one title in base defense is not small. In the low-level sequence troops, the number one ratio is insufficient, but it is more than enough.
In the Three People’s United Front, several giants in Wudang are dizzy. What the hell is going on? How did Fang Mou’s small United Front develop in this way? Now it seems that the various parts of Wudang seem to be the best of the three people’s United Front. Fang Da’s chief seems to have been justified.
The alliance was formally established, and the troops of Wudang were dispersed and filled into the alliance. Although there were people in all departments, because the other party’s skyscrapers and perineum accounted for an absolute majority, it was equivalent to being a vassal. When it came to deciding things, they had to raise their hands and agree.
Their strength has been scattered, and they can’t unite with powerful fists. This situation makes the three giants very depressed. It’s good that the director of Nocturne can control a general administration alone, but those two are far from being bossed around by themselves. How can they take care of the younger brothers?
Now the balance of the forces in Wudang has changed. Before that, the three giants controlled the Wudang Nightmare, and the first party of the senior teacher and sister was a decoration, but now it is different. The Grand Chief United has thrived at a miraculous speed, which can overwhelm the director of Nightmare.
Fang Da’s chief Wudang’s chief alliance, the second core, is divided into three big sain mumtaz, who can want to overwhelm the chief in this person’s position. They are expecting that the strength of the three giants will be dispersed in the alliance without making a decision.
And all the parts of the big chief’s face and the three people’s United front are in a certain way. It can be said that the number one figure is better than the three big brothers, and the big chief has won quickly. If there is an accident, Wudang will actually transfer to the big chief.
On the way to Qingqiu Village, Fang Da, the chief executive of Fangda, thought about it for a while, and after careful analysis, he suddenly realized that he had already completed the replacement of paving workers in Wudang unconsciously. When he read this, he couldn’t help but smile a few times.
Hey, hey, can you two louts fight with me? Sooner or later, you have to listen to my orders. Do you have a long-term perspective? Can you compete? After all, this is a problem of mindset. Although you don’t take the game seriously, you still act according to your habits unconsciously. It’s no wonder that you are.
Next to Qingqing Meimei, I can’t help but move my body a little. The name of Wudang Chief is not good. It is said that there are some quirks. It is said that the senior sister was bullied several times by those formal brothers.
Look at the eyebrow in the United States some tense face big chief smiled "qingqing what level are you now? Are you okay in Qingqiu Village? Did anyone bully you? If you have something to say to me, I’ll kill him. "
"Forty-two, I’m fine in Qingqiu Village. I have a night song girl, and few people come to trouble. Thank you for your kindness," replied Qingqing Meimei in a low voice.
Er, I almost forgot that this beautiful girl is very good with that dead girl. With the photo of the financial director of the alliance, who else in the alliance dares to have the courage? Even though the position of the big director is gradually replaced by himself in Wudang, it is very important in the alliance. The financial director is the most important director.
If the director of Nocturnal Song wants to punish a player who doesn’t do it himself, he should say hello to the inspector general. Naturally, someone will handle this Wudang-born director for her, but Tang Jian and Zi Yi will give her a face if they want to attract the object vigorously.
"Good, that’s good, so I’m relieved." The big chief nodded heavily.
Seven minutes later, Qingqiu Village is already in sight. Now Qingqiu Village is no longer a small village surrounded by wooden fences. It is shocking to thousands of students that Mohism has not been learned in vain. In just a few weeks, the wooden fence has become a bluestone wall with a height of three feet. The village is also very imposing.
A city gate of Qingqiu City Wall is opposite to the original river that flows around the village. The city gate crosses the river. I don’t know how many fishing boats have been built to meet the occasion, but the water curtain Tianhua is still outside the city wall. The water curtain is seven feet away from the city wall, which is like another city wall.
As soon as I flew to the nearby Qingqing Meimei, I said, "Brother Fang, please let me go out and send a letter to them, so that you can float in."
As soon as the hatch is green, the beautiful girl floats out of the ship, and the hand is raised, and a firework flies. This is the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, the sky, and the sky.
The floating ship sailed into Qingqiu Village. In the ship, the Chief Chief had seen many figures flying over. A girl named Qingqing took the lead in flying out. There was a greeting around her: "Hello, Sister Qingqing", "The joint captain is back", "Hello, Sister Qingqing" and "Hello, Sister Qingqing"
Liu Qingqing’s eyebrows wrinkled and looked back at the floating ship. I think it’s better not to get angry. There is still a big man in the ship. The captain of Meimei United said coldly, "I have already said that you call organizational positions in the base. Have you ever lined up to meet the chief adult?"
The alliance must salute if it sees the rules and regulations, or it will be fined if it is not discussed. The formal establishment of Shennong Alliance has made Fang someone very tired. The second core branch of the leadership addiction is everywhere. Those who belong to the alliance must bow their heads and salute.
Fang Da’s chief slowly got out of the body. He just leaned out of the ship. Dozens of players snapped their legs together and raised their right hands. They leaned straight and drank "Hi, my Lord" together. This is the ceremony for alliance members to see the core of the ceremony. There are different ceremonies on various occasions. Now it has been briefly dealt with.
Fang Da, the chief reserved, nodded and waved his hand and smiled. "Come on, come on, what are your brothers doing? Please make yourself at home. Today, I’m here to visit you. Qingqiu Village is our Wudang pride and the elite of the alliance. I salute you."
Players around don’t answer "Hi, my Lord". Next to Qingqing Meimei, she pulls up the chief’s skirt and wakes up "Brother Fang ordered the dissolution".
Er, I forgot that in Yuncheng Satellite Base, whether the core will disband or not, they won’t disband the formation. What kind of thing is willing to answer the question like this? Forget it. If you really want to talk condescendingly, no player will give a shit about you, so the chief touched his nose and said "disband"
Immediately, the original neat formation was scattered, and the players resumed their laughing expression. Several players came over. "Brother Fang, what’s the good news for your hand today? The chief nodded to the village, and he has prepared some gifts, but not many."
I just wanted to take out garbage equipment to win people’s hearts, and suddenly I found that there were just a few players around me, and the rest of them were behind the captain’s ass. Although the captain’s classmates didn’t even turn their heads back, they kept talking and followed suit.
Stretched out his hand and pointed to the front big chief low asked "what’s the matter? What’s wrong with Qing Qing? Why are they all pestering her? " This is outrageous. I came to this small Qingqiu village with a core team and I didn’t even have a team leader attractive.
After hearing this, the players around him looked at one of them with strange eyes and said, "Brother Fang, do you really don’t know or pretend?"
Fang Da, the chief of Fangda, was furious and gave him a sudden explosion. "What am I wearing? Tell me the truth quickly, or I will skin you if you don’t want these."
The player shrank and sighed, "Brother Fang, you are so expensive and busy that you don’t even know the first event of our alliance entertainment circle. You probably don’t know what the seven beauties of the alliance are. Brother Fang, don’t you think our team leader is very attractive? Not only is his face beautiful and his figure good, but he also has a cold temperament …"
The first event in the entertainment circle of the League, the Seven Beauty of the League, was dizzy after hearing these terms. When did these words become popular in the League? Why didn’t you know them at all? As the player complained, the Chief of the Party finally understood the so-called Seven Beauty of the League.
With the increase of the members of the league, Shennong League has formed a player circle, and some good people have identified all the female players in the league according to their looks when they are idle, and finally selected the seven beauties of the league, Liu Qing, the captain of Qinglian, who is honored to be among the seven beauties.
To Fang Da’s chief, it is ironic that one of the seven beauties in the league is her own arch-rival, Tang Chop-mei, and that savage dead girl is also a Chinese in the seven beauties, and the fourth place is not low. Fang Da’s chief rolled his eyes. "Are you kidding that savage woman can also make the list?"
Before the player could answer Fang Da’s chief, he added, "The savage girl is fine. Although she is a little grumpy, her face and figure are also on the list. But how did you choose the dead girl for the night song? You are blinded by shit?"
A few players around are embarrassed to smile and say, "Brother Fang, this beauty pageant is just the same as in reality. The alliance is a formal organization. Some special factors have to be considered. Don’t choose the savage girl to the dead girl and tear us up …"
What nonsense things are full one by one? The chief of Pengda waved and said, "Stop this kind of chat. Don’t tell me that you suffered losses after tinkering. Don’t say that I didn’t wake up. You’re all right. Don’t leave some flying swords and magic weapons here."