Later, Jiang Yunchu received JJ’s words, saying that a lack of observers hindered the rescue operation.

Peng Xi is a big bss that lacks visual observation. It is reasonable to inform Peng Xi, and the words should not be called at the beginning of Jiang Ji.
Nai Peng-xi was physically and mentally disabled. Even though he was still lying in his hospital bed, he insisted on directing some people to go to the hospital, some visited Shi Yi’s family, and others followed JJ to shoot first-hand information about JJ’s rescue.
Thank you for not receiving Peng Xi’s command-because he had blacked Peng Xi out.
Among the employees who participated in the car chase, including the minister of paper media department and two members of V department, three members of online media department were absent because of the thank you.
To Xie Ji’s surprise, among the 20 intruders, except for their team, all the others thought that Peng Xi could leave the office only after he had finished his wish, but they all actively participated in the case, but Miao Jia from the online media department and two other intruders from the V department did not participate.
Maybe it’s because of Cong or because of conscience.
But some media in A city may not have such a thing as conscience.
It is impossible for the captain to arrest all the people involved in the car chase. He arrested several typical ones and fined others symbolically.
If a bad thing is not contained, it is not high enough to do it.
The reporter who was punished was indifferent and the reporter who was not punished continued to follow JJ’s investigation progress in this kidnapping case.
Liao Yinying, a famous singer at the heavenly king level, Yu Ying, a famous actor at the later level, and Fu Xiao, a famous real estate tycoon, are three heavyweights plus a series of hot words such as "idolize", "morbid infatuation", "kidnapping", "murder", "organ donation" and "body double". At least half of the reporters in A city are unwilling to let go of this kidnapping case.
How many comprehensive indexes can I add if the report is good?
Even if the report is not good, you can rub some broth more or less
In the evening, some people called for banning the media from following up, saving Shu Liang and sticking to humanitarianism.
This kind of appeal is also supported by many people, but the market share of each live broadcast program is high and invisible. Although we appeal to the media not to follow up, everyone is still very concerned.
After dinner, Yin Lin didn’t continue to face the brain, but went to the window to rest, and her eyes changed to Xie Quan’s brain network.
Xie Quan searched online for case posts to see if there were any ideas to help them find Shi Yi and Shu Liang.
Chapter 158 Chapter 158
The murderer who sensationalized the kidnapping case in A city openly demanded reason from JJ, and the ratings of the staff-making TV station soared, even the lack of observation and search index reached an unprecedented height.
But none of the five people in the room were happy.
Shu is about to have fainted in pain, and there is no struggle in the photo to cause the ghosting. Even when she is in a coma, her eyebrows are frowned, revealing that her eyes are still red. Obviously, she cried not long ago.
What the hell is Scar doing!
That’s a photo of the victim, it’s a victim’s privacy, so it’s publicly exposed to the public. Have you ever considered secondary harm to the victim? !
Thank you for closing your eyes and leaning against the sofa. It’s the photo in Scar’s mobile phone.
He doesn’t have any lingering thoughts. He just wants to get some clues from the photos.
According to the photos, Shu Shu is in a bad condition but at least alive. The photos are cautious and don’t reveal more. Besides Shu Shu, there are purple sheets and a small piece of wall.
The white paint on the wall is even, and the artificial lighting from the square does not feel inferior.
Shi Yi hiding place conditions should be good.
In addition, although Shi Yi played comfortably and was bruised all over, there was no trace of sexual//aggression.
Xie sent a more detailed psychological portrait of Shi Yi.
Shi Yi and Fu Xiao are different. Fu Xiao wants to catch Xiao Qin before doing dirty things. Xiao Qin is the afterimage. body double and Shi Yi regard Shu Liang as a tool.
Shi Yi is a wise man. He should know that JJ won’t agree to his terms. Then why would he risk making a deal with JJ?
Express your love for the lingering shadow?
Or is the prisoner showing off his psychology after committing a crime?
Yin Lin "This stupid thing, this is no time, and you still care about eating human blood steamed bread!"
Xie Ji persuaded the angry Yin Lin, "What did JJ say?"
Yin Lin suppressed his anger and ran to his brain to hold a drill. "The JJ department is still arguing about Shi Yi, but everyone doesn’t agree to hand over Xiao Qin. Now that Shi Yi has kidnapped Xiao Qin, how can he send another one?"
Xie Ji "They didn’t check the location of Shi Yi?"
Yin Lin "checked and found that Shi Yi had a strong anti-investigation consciousness and did anti-tracking."
Thank you for sending "Can you crack it?"
Yin Lin explained with difficulty
"I’m afraid it’s not realistic
"Black into the brain is easier to know each other’s position.
"But positioning technology is generally divided into two kinds, based on commercial base or GPSA, and communication and media are much less than just one commercial base or satellite every day.
"If you want to crack, you must keep talking with Shi Yi for a certain time, but the communication hardware root in A city is not fast enough to crack and Shi Yi is quite vigilant.
"How advanced technology we have is like carrying a desktop back to ancient times without you, right?"
Siyou "There are many media in A city. What is Shi Yi associated with Scar Man?"
Yin Lin "Scar Man said he didn’t know either"
Don’t know is a ghost.
So many media don’t look for an unknown person who doesn’t pay attention to observation? Also happens to be an intruder?
Thank you for sending it to Jiang Zhichu, whose face was livid and whose eyes were full of disgust.
Jiang Jichu monitors the whole card, and the monitor can perceive the situation of twenty intruders.
Can let Jiang Ji show this expression at the beginning …