"Spicy Gobi, he pulled less, say something useful. What do you know about this thing? Get to the point. "

In a rage, Tang Ye’s rogue nature was completely revealed, and he was too lazy to care about his identity, let alone what lady was around.
Oddly enough, the monster beast just lay prone on the mast, and it didn’t seem to attack again immediately. So two jack-o’-lantern dense looking at all, it seems that … Is in the selection of food.
"Uh …"
Chang Gongyuan didn’t expect that he had a kind reminder, but he attracted a sweeping scolding. Under one leng, he quickly picked out what he knew and explained it.
Needless to say, the atmosphere of fear was diluted a lot by this scolding. Even the fairy with a blue cloud seems to take a deep breath, and I don’t know if she has the courage, or whether she has more and more affirmed Tang Qing’s concealment.
"The siren is born with human language, which is said to be a variant of the mermaid. He is good at mental attacks, but unlike the mermaid’s song yin, the siren’s spiritual puncture is invisible and silent, which is extremely difficult to defend. In addition, with the improvement of his cultivation, his figure will gradually enter a transparent state and he can fly. It is extremely difficult to be found unless it is an attack. "
"The siren is endless, seemingly humanoid, but it is still a monster beast. In addition to mental attacks, the siren will not use any magical powers, and the flesh is its most powerful weapon. Its favorite person is to eat the human brain raw and devour the soul and die in its hands. No matter whether it is a demon or a person, there will be no chance to step into reincarnation … "
Obviously, this monster, called the siren, may even be a close relative of the mermaid. It is notorious above the sea, and few people don’t know it. Otherwise, with the practice of Chang Gong Yuan, Duanduan would not understand it so clearly.
One breath, Chang Gongyuan blanched. The process of telling will inevitably lead to association. At the thought of being ripped open by the monster beast’s claws, and then taking the brain to dig the heart, Master Chang couldn’t help but shake his body. Originally, he felt a sense of fear that was contained, and he almost had a mental breakdown.
"If the siren evolves, it can also have an extremely terrible talent avatar-the siren’s cry. In that case …"
One side of the blue cloud sighed at this time, and the socket added. Women are women after all, and they are more cautious. Judging from her appearance, she obviously has no hope for the present situation. If there must be, I’m afraid it’s on Tang Qing, who she identified as hiding her identity.
Don’t blame her, at least on the surface, Tang Ye is calm and secure, and others can’t help thinking.
"If that’s the case …" Chang Gongyuan wanted to say the next sentence, but he couldn’t say anything. Look at him, I almost want to cry. Don’t ask, in that case, don’t talk about anything, you’re dead.
"Fuck, can you still talk?"
Tang Ye looked at the siren with a fussy expression, but his heart kept playing career.
Invisible? It’s more troublesome. It’s useless to attack mentally. I’ve already tried. Physical strength? Hum, you’re lucky.
Proud to be proud, Tang Ye is quite shocked. You have to put on a show anyway, because people are the last BOSS level to play, and at least respect is always necessary.
Looking at the siren’s difficult choice, Tang Ye couldn’t help shouting: "Hey, how about the water ghost? Have you chosen? You are very particular about eating and being picky about food? "
Chapter 274: Mutant Mermaid
Chapter 274: Mutant Mermaid, go to the website.

Chapter two hundred and seventy-five: The siren who summons the bow.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five: The siren who summons the bow.
The siren, if it must be described, is really similar to the legendary water ghost on the earth.
The body is hard to distinguish, and he likes to eat the human brain, which is just like this goods.
Tang Qing didn’t take it seriously, just shouting, but the two people next to him were black at the moment and almost fell down.
Even the fairy Biyun, a woman, couldn’t help shaking her hands, and almost even the poisonous cloud could not be controlled.
"Jie Jie" face fuzzy siren suddenly gave a strange smile, revealing two rows of extremely sharp Kouga.
Because its body shape is somewhat transparent, it looks like a big mouth appears out of thin air, which is extremely horrible and gloomy.
"Don’t you know, we siren people have a custom when eating?"
Tang Ye was almost amused by it, and he was a polite gentleman, very particular: "Really?" Hehe, tell me about your habits. Do you need a whole scarf? With a knife and fork and a prayer? "
Plop 1, Chang Gongyuan could no longer control his emotions, and sat down on the deck. Fairy Biyun kept stirring up her shoulders, apparently trying to hold back her laughter.
Tension to detain a loose, even more wonderful is that at the moment in Chang Gongyuan and Biyun heart, this ferocious terrorist siren, it seems, is not as terrible as just now, but a little deliberately show.
This is often the case. When desperate, if someone can stand up and take responsibility, everyone’s courage will be encouraged.
Whether you can beat it or not, this kind of morale is a head start. If we go to war in that situation just now, I’m afraid that two people can only play half of their strength. Now. Although still very nervous, but after the almost suffocating pressure disappears, there is no doubt that the combat power can also be better.
When it comes to the emotional mobilization of the enemy, you’re welcome. Tang Ye thinks the second place, but really few people have the nerve to think the first place. The real relaxation is moderate, and it is easy to put it back and forth.
The siren naturally saw the change of these people, and he couldn’t help but get angry. Some vague faces, unexpectedly emerged a little emotional change, two jack-o’-lantern eyes staring at Tang Qing.
"Jie Jie, you are an interesting reptile. What we siren people like best is to make people fear to the limit and despair to the limit. I don’t know why, but the human brain is the most delicious at this time."
"I’ve made up my mind. I can’t let you guys die so soon that you can feel the most fear and despair before eating. As for you … "
Spoke, a foot long scarlet tongue spit out from the mouth, fast as lightning rolled up a stung residual body on the mast, together with the sharp mouth, Kabakaba chewed it to powder and swallowed it.
It seems that there is some dissatisfaction with the taste, far less delicious than the human brain. The siren pointed a sharp claw at Tang Qing: "As for you, I decided to put you last. I can feel that there is a force in your soul that may surprise me. "
This rather humanized siren seems to be quite satisfied with his remarks, and specially added: "The best is always put at the end. This is the dining habit of our siren family. How’s it going? Is it a special product? "
"I x"
Tang Qing doesn’t know whether he should be angry or happy. This siren is really interesting. If it is a person, there is no doubt that it is the kind of narcissism to the limit that people can’t express in words.
Chang Gongyuan had already stood up. After listening to the siren’s words, he burst into a splash and sat down on the ground again. He has been unable to describe his thoughts, as if he saw an ant, holding a strong bison, running at a speed beyond Brother Xiang, which is too absurd.
"water ghost"
Tang Qing was too lazy to talk nonsense with this guy again, so he hooked his finger and shouted, "I’m not afraid of scaring you. If Tang Ye is happy, I’ll kill you with my finger." Don’t say it’s useless, come and come, if you are not convinced, come and draw. "
"Jie Jie as you wish"
The siren doesn’t seem to want to talk about it any more. These humans are different from what he remembers, especially this enviable guy. I don’t know why, although his cultivation is very poor, the siren always feels that this guy is very threatening.
Just for Tang Qing blow spirit puncture, not only have no effect, even the spirit it issued was swallowed up. This siren has lived for hundreds of years, and it is the first time to encounter such a situation.
He has seen a lot of human monks, and he has seen a lot of people who are much stronger than this guy. There has never been such a situation. Mental attacks are useless, so we have to use strong flesh. The siren decided to put this guy last. Although the strength of the two men next to them is average, they all have extremely difficult means. Once they are allowed to spread out, they will even bring themselves a lot of trouble.
After saying his word, the siren kicked his legs on the mast, just like a spring compressed to the limit, and suddenly popped up.
The speed is too fast. If Tang Qing makes full use of his shadow steps, he will be slower. The siren’s figure flashed in the air, as if it were spread out in a straight line, with a faint figure, and went directly to the blue cloud fairy.
Chang Gong Yuan’s law is naturally no threat as long as you don’t enter it. Tang Qing there it is not going to move for the time being, and the first choice is this woman who is good at using poison.
At this point, the siren’s body stretched out in the air, and under Tang Qing’s gaze, I suddenly felt that this guy was familiar. Only after thinking about it, I remembered that the Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, who would never let go of falling into lava for a broken ring, was very similar to it, no matter its shape or appearance, it was like a replica.
The difference is that this guy’s tongue is much longer, and his claws are like a dream jack, all of which are several inches long.
Most importantly, everyone still has a little sense of humor.
At this point, the blue cloud fairy at the siren’s goal turned out to be their own, frightened, just want to do something, mind Huo Ran came a sharp pain, cried the "ah" a scream.
The spirit can’t concentrate at all, and the small shield moans and falls to the ground without any effect. The poisonous cloud around me was churning and out of control, and it was quickly blown away by the strong wind.
The loss of these poisonous clouds has really hit her hard. After losing contact with her mind too far away, the fairy Biyun cried one mouthful blood, which was already seriously injured.