Say that finish, Meng Qi made a pretense of unbuttoning her clothes.

Seeing this situation, the woman in black screamed loudly: "No!" Look abnormal panic, completely not just that enchanting color.
Meng Qi paused and smiled gently: "What do you say? In fact, I don’t care. It’s welcome to have such a beautiful woman as you to serve me. "
The woman in black looked at Meng Qi maliciously, as if she wanted to rush up and bite Meng Qi. "Beast!" The woman in black bite a tooth.
"Thank you for your compliment." Meng Qi is still very calm. Of course, in the eyes of the woman in black, Meng Qi’s expression is immoral.
…… For Meng Qi, an extremely shameless player, the woman in black was silent for a while. And Meng Qi certainly won’t be silent with her.
"Have you considered it? Don’t say I’m going on. " After that, the claws of Lushan, which stopped, extended to the woman in black.
"no! No, I said, I said! " Meng Qi stopped again. "You, how can you guarantee that you will let me go if I say it?" The woman in black obviously doesn’t believe Meng Qi, the guy with bedroom eyes shining.
"Ah, now you have two choices, one is to sleep with me, and the other is to believe me. Your choice is, as I have already said, I don’t care. " Meng Qi directly ignored this inquiry about seeking security.
You!’ The situation is better than others, and the woman in black hates Meng Qi’s shameless behavior. Just mercilessly stare at Meng Qi, but Meng Qiming doesn’t care. Being stared at by such a beauty only makes Meng Qi feel like a kind of enjoyment.
After a while, the woman in black gave in, and Meng Qi saw her muttering, "If you don’t keep your word, I’ll never let you go if I’m a ghost."
Meng Qi smiled and said, "We, the people who cultivate immortals, will not be afraid of any ghosts. If you are such a gorgeous ghost, I’d be glad to have you." In other words, Meng Qi finally revealed his evil nature today.
Next, the woman in black is very cooperative and tells all she knows.
Meng Qi was lost in thought after hearing what the woman in black said. This matter is not far from what Ji Shi said, but there is one thing that neither he nor Ji Shi guessed right.
That is the time when the two sides are at war. Ji Shi thinks that there is not much time. Meng Qi, on the other hand, thinks that there is still considerable time.
Through the words of the woman in black, Meng Qi knew that the reason why the Magic Gate robbed a large number of children with spiritual roots was for their incense inheritance. It is true that there will be no big attack in a short time.
However, it is not as long as Meng Qi’s guess. Most years, the magic door will officially come back. Compete with the right way for the control of this world.
This can greatly miscalculate Meng Qi, who thought he had plenty of time to improve his strength. In this way, his time is running out. Even Meng Qi thought of taking Hu Xianer to find a backcountry to hide, and then he would come out after the magic war.
However, such an idea was denied by Meng Qi. Like this kind of war, it would surely spread to the whole world of cultivating immortals. No matter where you hide, you will always be involved. Unless Meng Qi is willing to waste himself and become a snake.
Since I can’t afford to hide, I might as well stay in Heihuangzong, with Fang Ling’s care, perhaps better. However, Meng Qi remembered what his master had told him and shook his head. I’m afraid it can’t be completed for the time being.
When Meng Qi was deep in thought, the woman in black was also uneasy. She didn’t know what Meng Qi would do to herself.
Although she has told him something she knows, she remembers her teacher saying that men are not good things. They are both greedy for money and lustful, and I am afraid they are doomed.
So, from the beginning, she didn’t believe Meng Qi. She was just stalling for time and wanted to lift Meng Qi’s ban. So, looking at the guy in front of her, she is also secretly laughing internally.
Seeing that the ban was about to be untied, Meng Qi looked up. Her heart panicked, but her face looked different: "I have finished, you can let me go."
"Meng Qi shook his head, now can’t let you go, I still have some things not to ask. By the way, where do you hide these abducted children? " Since a decision has been made, Meng Qi will certainly make trouble for them, at least try to delay their hands-on time.
Hearing Meng Qi ask this question, the woman in black changed her face obviously, and her face became cold and said, "It’s impossible to tell you."
"oh? Don’t say anything? " Although Meng Qi knew that he couldn’t possibly ask, he still wanted to try.
"Hum! Don’t ask, I won’t say anything. " The woman in black seems determined. No matter what Meng Qi does, she won’t say anything.
It’s a dead end anyway. The woman in black knows how her patriarchal clan treats traitors, which definitely makes you want to survive.
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "In that case, I can’t let you go. And stop your little tricks, or I’ll really do it, and don’t blame me for not being merciful. " Meng Qi knew that his banning technique was not brilliant, so he had already discovered the action of the woman in black.
The woman in black face a stiff, just then, she found that the body banned fiercely a loose, incredibly solved at this critical time.
She jerked up the psychic force, then offered a multiplier and slammed it at Meng Qi.
Meng Qi didn’t expect the ban to be untied so quickly, and the golden scales were shipped, but he was still staggered by a shuttle multiplier. Meng Qi was on fire, and he stepped forward to grab the woman in black.
But only caught her clothes, Meng Qimeng pulled back. The woman in black found herself unable to hit Meng Qi hard, so she was ready to escape. Who knows that Meng Qi reacted so quickly that she grabbed her clothes and pulled them back.
Of course, she struggled hard, and as a result, she heard a sound of "before" and her clothes broke. I saw a large spring behind the woman in black.
Meng Qi saw a cat’s paw-like erythema in a trance. Meng Qi was surprised. What a coincidence! But the important thing at this time is to catch her. So Meng Qi fiercely jump up.
The woman in black, when she saw that she was in the spring, was a loud scream. Then cover the clothes in front tightly with your hands so that they don’t fall off.
At this time, Meng Qi has already jumped up and threw himself on his body. The result is such a scene:
In the bright moonlight, a man and a woman fell on the grass. Women are in the bottom, men are in the top, women are in rags, and men’s clothes are not very neat.
The man’s hands pressed the woman’s hands on the ground, and the woman’s hands struggled under the man. And men just rely on their own bodies to press them hard under them …
Chapter sixty-two Master’s daughter (today’s first chapter)
"How long do you want to stay up there? Get up!"
"No, you answer my question first."
"I said, I won’t say it."