"Yes" and exquisite behind her.

"Handmaiden can’t resent the fact that the side princess is a handmaiden." Cherish the month to talk a little rough and obvious.
"Hum, you are magnanimous." Su Mian sneered and turned around and went into it, also not saying that she was still kneeling and cherishing the moon.
He didn’t want to make trouble until the sea shrank. The side princess is not to be taunted. This precious moon girl is also the empress dowager.
They fought. He didn’t go out for excitement? Listen to the side princess, but we have sinned against precious moon …
In the corner room, the north wind sat drinking tea and came in from the sea. "Brother, how do you think this … will end well?"
"These things are not big manager you? I’m a bodyguard, "said the north wind slender body lying on the couch and closed his eyes.
By the sea, I hate to scold my mother, but Kenai
Soon the matter came to the main courtyard.
"Side princess angry call a person to beat precious little girl on a dozen mouth face is swollen now also kneeling outside the room" on the way.
"The su’s scruples, no matter do not know is" MuWanting way.
For precious little month and invited month, she liked Yan Gui and served her, even without giving her face.
Just after the wedding, she accidentally went to the front yard for a meal, and she was always made things difficult by them. She never cared that it was in front of the temple, and now she is very happy that someone has cleaned them up.
Yan Gui came back and found Cherish Moon kneeling at the door of the house. He glanced at Cherish Moon lightly and stepped into it.
"Temple … you can come back. My concubine is imprisoned by your handmaiden. She doesn’t give water or food …" Su Mian faked crying when she posted Yan’s body, but it was very pitiful to look at it like that.
Yan Gui is worried that she is not well yet. It’s reassuring to meet her when she’s okay.
"Nonsense, how can you be imprisoned by a handmaiden?" Yan to pull her into her arms and said
"That’s what I said, but that precious moon just doesn’t allow me to go out." Su Mian said pitifully.
It’s rude to listen clearly outside the month but can’t argue that she can’t talk through the door.
"Call precious little moon to come in" Yan Gui 91 Chapter 91 Precious little moon trick
Cherish the month came in and waved the body to stabilize a delicate and touching look.
"Look at my punishment when she knelt down? It’s not too bad for her to kneel at the door. Why don’t you just ask the temple to watch her pity? " Su Mian looked at the moon with disdain.
"Handmaiden didn’t" Precious moon knelt down.
"Cherish the moon’s main board and go to the laundry room to serve" Yan Guidao.
"Yes" flurry should be picked up a petrochemical precious moon.
Cherish month want to shout but was blocked by a mouth.
"Satisfied? But being a handmaiden is also worthy of your mind? " Yangui avenue
"I don’t know how arrogant she is. I stopped my concubine early in the morning, saying that she didn’t let me go out because of the meaning of the temple." Su Mian said.
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Yan returned with a cold face.
Su Mian suddenly remembered that the royal taboo kept busy and kissed Yan Guimian.
"I don’t want to talk about the temple. I didn’t eat anything all afternoon. Let’s have lunch. The temple is tired. I haven’t had a lunch and slept for a while." Su Mian shook Yan softly and returned to her right hand.
It’s not good to see her clever Yan Gui with a cold face. Well, I’ll call someone in to serve her.
Come in just to invite the moon.
Invite the moon to bow her head and wait on Yan to change clothes.
Su Mian gave her a look, which is much better than precious little moon. I’m afraid she’s good at making things by stealth and has to be prevented.
Inviting the moon to bear the pressure, the hand is not messy.
Cherish the moon is a seasoned road deserved it. She doesn’t want those good things after this robbery. It is good to be able to survive until she is 25 years old and leave the government.