"Zhang Tao is Zhang Tao, I am me, I am not suitable for being an official, and I am used to being free." Mo Lengfeng said faintly.

At this time, the field language can talk to the emperor like this. I’m afraid this Mo Lengfeng is the first one. Even Qingyang has to pretend to answer it, so it’s not for the emperor.
"Ha ha ha good! Since Mo Lengfeng doesn’t want me to be importuned, but if you change your mind, you can come to me at any time. "Gu Longtian seems to be unaware of the fact that he knows that if he is unprepared, he can let others recognize his magnanimity, but if he has to put the emperor’s frame, it will not end well then. After all, Mo Lengfeng is still a student of Dong Dao.
"The emperor’s cold wind nature is so please don’t take it amiss," Zhang Tao said hurriedly.
"It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, it’s true. I understand."
"The emperor was magnanimous and worthy of the word day! Zhang Taopei will be dedicated in the future. "Zhang Tao’s Mo Lengfeng also said something that he felt nauseous, but the real maturity is to say nauseous words but feel at ease.
"You still don’t come once." Zhang Tao took a white look at Mo Lengfeng.
"I didn’t want to come when I came," said Mo Lengfeng biting a piece of meat.
"What about you, Zhao Daniu?" Gu Longtian also remembers Zhao Daniu’s strangeness. This time, there were so many talents that Gu Longtian had a hard time making a choice. In the end, he paid attention to everything that shocked Qingyang.
"Get up" Zhang Taoyu said that no one looked at him and that he didn’t understand anything.
"I followed him, he went there, I went there." Zhao Daniu pointed to Zhang Tao.
Gu Longtian laughed "OK" and didn’t say much.
For a moment, Gu Longtian set his eyes on Zhang Youcai. He is the important goal of Gu Longtian this time. "Zhang Youcai!"
"Right people!" Zhang Youcai and Mo Lengfeng are absolutely two extremes. He immediately got up when he heard the name, and even knocked over the wine table and spilled wine all over the floor. He should always kneel down with the maid-in-waiting immediately.
Zhang Youcai, like Peng Zhihong, has a lifelong wish to make others recognize his rare opportunity at this time. If he is screwed up like this, he will regret it for life.
See you-cai zhang a pair of anxious touch kind cologne days laughed "do not matter you will sin I like to forgive you? Tell me, are you willing to join the army and fight for me? "
The ancient king’s eyelids jumped lightly, but he didn’t say anything, and his three emperors were all smiling. In fact, all four of them once wanted to earn Zhang Youcai. Unfortunately, this time Gu Longtian really valued him so much that he had the first hand.
On the other hand, the ladies-in-waiting often heard the emperor laugh before they packed up. "I am willing to be loyal to the emperor and gallop the frontier!"
"Ha ha good! You have a good game. After the exchange, you and Zhang Tao will make good arrangements for you. "Gu Long said with a smile.
I received a good strategist, Gu Long Tianlong Yan Dayue, and at this moment, three emperors and ancient kings pretended to congratulate Gu Long Tian, which led to a burst of carefree laughter.
After the dinner, everyone was invited by the emperor to stay in the palace, but was politely refused. Gu Longtian did not force it, but let Gu Wei send everyone out.
At this time, the ancient king looked at Zhang Tao, and his eyes had become different. It was not love, but an uncomfortable feeling, as if looking at Zhang Tao was uncomfortable all over.
"Father, what’s the matter with you?" Bun Ku asked when he found that his father’s eyes were wrong.
"Back to the office," the ancient king did not answer, but his face grew gloomy.
Guweiran chatted with everyone all the way, but the eye contact Guweiran was obviously quite satisfied. Less Zhang Tao went to Ann # # # and was personally invited by the emperor.
And his two emperors didn’t say hello to Gu Weiran. Obviously, they are already very bad, even if they are superficial, they sometimes don’t bother to do it.
"Where are you going?" At this time, Mo Lengfeng actually jumped into the carriage. Zhang Tao was one leng and asked.
Mo cold wind ignored but Qin Huanran said, "Don’t you know? Brother Mo often goes out late recently, which seems to be the first time he was invited from Ouyang Qiuling. "
"Er, is there such a thing?" Although Zhang Tao is not a divinatory symbol, he is also very curious.
"Want to follow?" Qin Huanran asked.
"I don’t want to die," Zhang Tao said directly while Qin Huanran shrugged his shoulders.
And Peng Zhihong was unhappy. Obviously, this time, he didn’t have a chance to compete, and he was directly killed. This really made him lose interest.