Yang night always told Xiao Yang that the Yang family was busy and arranged everything. After that, Yang Zhenkui took Yang night and Cheng Bo and hurried to Mrs. Yang’s room to thank her face to face, but she didn’t see the imperial doctor Qiu Ju and the fat assistant outside.

I was a little surprised that Yang Zhenkui asked Cheng Bo to knock at the door, but no one answered after knocking for a long time. So Yang Zhenkui twisted the door strangely and found that the existing house was gone. He had his own wife lying in a hospital bed like sleeping.
"Are they gone?" Yang Zhen-kui was puzzled, and quickly called several ladies to stretch out their hands and gently patted them on the shoulder, which really woke them up.
"How do you feel now, madam?" Yang Zhenkui saw his wife open her eyes and asked.
As soon as Mrs. Yang sat up from the bed, her eyes were bright and her body was fresh, let alone sick. Even her energy was many times stronger than usual.
Yang Zhen-kui’s big face in his heart also laughed out. He took Mrs. Yang’s hand and asked softly, "Madam, you look really all right! By the way, where did the doctor Qiu and his assistant go? Have you left? "
A listen to this, Mrs. Yang’s eyes quickly looked around one leng, then sighed slightly and nodded slowly, with a hint of sadness in her eyes.
"It’s really gone!" Yang Zhenkui also turned to see Cheng Bo in some accidents.
ChengBo hurried tight progress to Yang Zhenkui side bent down and said, "Sir, what can I do if the high imperial doctor and the little imperial doctor really leave? They didn’t get paid a penny! "
"They don’t want it," Mrs. Yang interjected suddenly and then smiled meaningfully. "They didn’t intend to get paid when they came."
Yang Zhenkui one leng and then nodded and sighed slightly "great! Great doctor! " Suddenly, he turned to look at Cheng Bogao and said, "Cheng Boma went to find the best sculptor to give a statue to the imperial doctor Qiu and the little imperial doctor! Find the best painter’s portrait! Find the best home to write down! Find the best musician to compose music and write songs for the imperial doctor! " "I want to sing to praise their great medical ethics!"
Seeing Master Yang Zhenkui so excited, Cheng Bo nodded quickly and then hurried out of the room.
At the door, Mrs. Yang looked at Yang Zhenkui and smiled lightly and said, "Hey, do you know who the little doctor who treated me is?"
Yang Zhenkui was stunned. "Who is it?"
Mrs. Yang smiled and said with a sweet, excited and gratified face, "You don’t believe it!" Said the handfuls of Xiao Yang next to the night and pulled him into his arms. He looked at his little face and continued to say to himself, "Oh ~ ~ I really didn’t expect that we would grow up to be such an outstanding and imposing man when we were older."
Yang Zhen-kui and Yang Ye’s father both looked at Mrs. Yang and became speechless. She was so ill that she moved to her brain. Mrs. Yang remembered the scene just now. Holding Xiao Yang’s face all the time, she couldn’t get enough of it. It was a caring and gratified smile.
A happy mother laughs.
Fu Sheng, Hong Hua Dou Tai, Gui Ling, Nan Rong Huan and Ci Ren Gu are all guarding the wooden house near Yangjia Mansion, waiting for Yang Ye, Xiahou Chaojun and the scorching sun to come back and leave here together.
Killing the Lord of the Black Domain makes these people feel good, especially the joining of Honghuadou Taihe Cirengu makes Nan Rong Huan feel happy. Of course, he knows in his heart that the more masters he gathers, the greater the chance of winning the fight, and he is still struggling to find a part of his memory. At the same time, he is depressed about letting the smokers escape from Hunan.
However, Guiling still looks at Ciren Valley with hatred, because there is an inevitable fact that Shui Roulei is a dead Ciren Valley hand after all.
And Cirengu always sits there without saying a word and occasionally looks up, then the horse can meet Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s cold eyes and cure him, and then lower his head again.
Yes, the evil body of Ciren Valley has been blown away by Yang Yeshen, and he has returned to his original body, but his heart is full of contradictions and confusion.
Before the evil body was scattered, the memory was still there. In Ci Ren Gu’s mind, I still clearly remember that crazy and bloodthirsty person who committed evil deeds and owed blood debts.
And there was a man staring at him with hatred. It was Monsieur beaucaire.
Two old friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time are talking and laughing happily, but they also try their best to avoid some sensitive topics and cause sadness and anger.
The real floating life has noticed that Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s bold eyes finally stared at Cirengu. After repeated hesitation, he walked over and smiled and said, "Monsieur beaucaire Ling, I know you hate Cirengu because he killed Roulei, but don’t forget that Roulei is not dead. He assimilated with the scorching sun, which means he is still alive! And when Ciren Valley wounded you and nearly killed Jouray, it wasn’t him. You know he has two original things, and all the culprits are lords. "
Monsieur beaucaire ling was silent for a moment and nodded at Cirengu. Although his eyes were restrained, he still didn’t show any friendliness.
South glory illusion depressed didn’t kill gone with the wind xiang things aside in silence suddenly looked up and asked doubtfully "by the way! A floating life … Our predecessors told us at that time that the three masters of the Lord’s Gate were all here. Who else was there? But it seems that there are two so-called masters at the bottom of the sea to fight with us? "
The floating life was stupefied and then laughed. "Yes, I told you that there was another one who was a Jin family violent beam, but he died. When Red Bi and I caught those Yin monks, they said that the Jin family violent beam was accidentally killed by Long Xiao’s body. Hehe, I don’t know what happened, but it’s not a bad thing."
"Blow up?" South glory magic glared at one eye, and suddenly a face of surprise cried, "I know! It’s a baby! "
"baby? Is the Eldar Baby awkward? " Floating doubt way
"Well, it’s her. She told me that when she turned Long Xiao, a scaly family, into a Promethean, she also applied an Eldar ability to make Long Xiao gather the scaly energy parts and then limit the expansion and explosion!" Nan Rong said in high spirits, "It is estimated that this, that, what kind of Jin family’s violent beam was accidentally killed!"
"That’s right, hehe." Floating life smiled. "I didn’t expect Eldar Baby to make an unexpected contribution and kill a master without blowing off dust."
Just then, Nan Ronghuan suddenly froze and got up from his chair and said, "They are back!" "
Sure enough, the door of the wooden house has been pushed by Yang night, scorching sun and Xiahou Chaojun.
"Let’s go! From here "Yang night into the door the first sentence hurriedly cried" everything is so obvious, I don’t want to be passive again, let’s go to the red domain master to see if Mrs Yang and Lan Yao have saved people back and then go directly to the white domain master, oh, don’t go to the red refining foreign land! Don’t let the lords grab it first! "
Everyone was so excited and hurried by Yang night that they sat up one leng and all eyes were on Yang night.
"That ….. red Bi white domain master, that is, red refining, she didn’t have a foreign domain." Hong Hua Dou Tai took the lead in natural expression and came over with a smile and shrugged a shoulder at Yang night. "She hates a foreign domain and she never goes to a foreign domain."
"no? Where is she? " Yang night surprised and asked
Hong Hua Dou Tai replied with a smile, "Ah, an ordinary human being."
Chapter three hundred and nineteen "unusual ethics"
A bunch of people who have joined the red domain have returned to the red domain, and they are in different moods
Finally, I left the baby, and I killed the black domain owner here, and too many things happened to Yang Ye and others, and they didn’t know the truth until they learned too much.
Everything is like yesterday.
Especially Yang Ye is in a complicated mood.
I saved my real mother’s life, and when I saw her as a child, I subtly changed some things that may happen in the future of the Yang family, which made Yang Ye feel a little hooked. However, the Lord of the Black Domain is a traitor of the ghost family, and the fact that the blade is hidden and the feelings are tempered by the Lord are benefited by the fact that the ghost family and the evil family are still alive. The truth makes Yang Ye’s thoughts upset, his chest is depressed and uneasy, and he can’t tell whether he feels angry, depressed or sad.
In addition, those people also have their own reasons for being depressed, sad and upset, such as being depressed in the hot sun and hiding their identity; For example, Guiling and Xiahou Chaojun are sad about the physical death of Roulei, an aquarium; For example, Nan Rong was worried that the baby was long and depressed, and Piaoxiang said something to him. For example, Ciren Valley is annoyed by her past blood debts and the road ahead; Another example is the floating life and Xiahou Chaojun, laughing and laughing, and finally secretly worried about the battle between lords …
The red domain owners are in high spirits to meet faces that are faintly gloomy and forced to smile.
Through the door, everyone came out one by one and looked different and tired in front of the Lord of the Red Domain.
The master of the red domain was very happy because he sent these small people back, so he stretched out his arms and smiled, and the red sunglasses faintly reflected the light and kept looking at the door not far in front of him.