Therefore, even at this time, after listening to Wang Haidong’s words, Yamajiro suddenly became nervous in his heart. The antique shop really has such a taboo. He is a person in half of the shop who has contact with experts and has heard of similar things. Therefore, at this time, Yamajiro himself is also nervous.

When it comes to the luck of ghosts and gods, no matter how rich you are, it will be very scary to ask the ghosts and gods. Now these rich people in Chengdu have such an attitude.
For example, the genius Mr. Jobs and Mr. Joe also believed in Buddhism and came up with a flat-panel brain touch method, which is also an implied Zen machine. Unfortunately, it is already a quite remarkable trend for Mr. Joe to touch the brain at an early distance.
Mr. Qiao really led everyone to go ahead of the times, but it’s a envy of talents. Otherwise, maybe they will send a negative distance to contact the brain. It will be a great blessing for otaku to directly contact Mr. Cang Jing through a negative distance.
It’s a pity that after Wang Qiao left, I don’t know who would have such a genius to realize everyone’s dream. Anyway, it’s superstition or that it’s a spiritual realm different from others. At this time, many rich people are quite afraid of this kind of ghost.
Su Bancheng is one of those people who have been educated in the old days, and he also believes in ghosts and gods. What is more, people of his age have reached the state of asking ghosts and gods without asking heaven.
After listening to Wang Haidong’s words, Su Bancheng was not angry at this time. He waved and said, "Since this thing is your pawn, it is estimated that it is impossible for you to give it to me if I want it at this time. If you want to sell it one day, I will definitely give you a reasonable price, and remember that you have new york stamps in your hand. If anyone knows it, I think someone will be eager to buy it from you. No matter what price he pays, you will not sell it. I will give you a more satisfactory price guarantee that you will not suffer.
Sue half guarantee is quite tube.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one No cutting.
Few people know that this guy Wang Haidong has new york’s inverted stamps, but after this incident, it is estimated that few people will not know that there is a new york’s inverted stamps here, which will have little impact on ordinary people, but if it is a stamp market or a speech for Li Dayan and Su Bancheng, it will be more important.
The two opponents are trying to overwhelm each other. At this time, Su Bancheng certainly knows what Li Dayan will think after hearing this. He will definitely try his best to come and buy such stamps.
The best way to come to this thing is to buy it directly after the situation is solved, but at this time, Wang Haidong root is indifferent and said that this is a pressing thing and will not be easily sold. It is also a rule in the antique shop, which is also a very acceptable thing for Tangsu Half City
Since you don’t want it, you can’t sell it to Li Dayan. I’ll give you a higher price then. There is always a first come, first served business. I found it impossible for Li Dayan to get this new york.
Although Wang Haidong didn’t know about it, it wasn’t easy for others to take it away. What’s more, it was his grandfather’s. Although the restoration was completed at this time, it was actually different from what his grandfather left behind. At that time, his grandfather left it but a piece of garbage that made people feel headache. Generally, the stamp base is worthless. new york pours stamps.
Even if it’s a precious stamp, it’s useless at this time, just like the Bamiyan Buddha. Those stones are not as good as before. Chen Dalong got a whole new york inverted stamp, but it was not damaged, but at this time, it was also said that the owner didn’t realize that he would have such a treasure if he didn’t pay attention to it.
Stamps will be damaged if they are not properly kept. Therefore, although this new york in Chen Dalong’s hand is a treasure, it is hard to say that the garbage is worthless.
Otherwise, if Chen Dalong directly sold new york at that time, it wouldn’t be a problem at all, and he wouldn’t be in danger, and he wouldn’t have a heart attack. You might want to know the price of the whole new york, hehe, but the price is just too precious
At this time, this matter can be said to be a problem, which means that the lucky Jubaoge is almost bankrupt and Chen Dalong has a heart attack. This is all luck. However, for Wang Haidong, at this time, new york is really a memorial, just like he said that he is not short of money now, and he will not make moves for a while.
And it seems impossible to be short of money. If you are really short of money, then it is absolutely impossible to go to the gambling stone market at this time. Isn’t it a bumper harvest then? It is absolutely impossible to sell stamps
Wang Haidong nodded and said with great certainty, "Mr. Su, don’t worry. Since I said such a thing to Mr. Su, it’s a word from you. I won’t make moves unless it’s time for me to live and die. If I really want to make moves, I will definitely be the first to inform Mr. Su."
But Su Bancheng and Yamajiro also saw a little anxiety from Wang Haidong dialect. This guy seems to be very sure. He just won’t worry about what he will do if he doesn’t do it. At this time, the two of them suddenly thought of a thing. That is to say, will Wang Haidong be short of money?
It seems that this is a bit impossible, but there are not one or two treasures in his hand. At this time, the gold and jade clothes alone can suppress the entire antique market. Of course, there can be no shortage of money in this situation.
And who is the ghost face jade? If it is said that the former Soviet half city and Yamajiro don’t know much about who Wang Haidong is, then it is impossible for them not to know at this time.
After all, they are coming to Wang Haidong to have a rest. Of course, they want to know what kind of person Wang Haidong is, just like Wang Haidong must know what kind of person Ichiro and Ichiro are at this time.
They know the situation very quickly, and some amazing moves in Wang Haidong were quickly received by them.
This newly graduated college student, Wang’s parents and grandson, kept Jia’an Wang in line to be an official at this time, but this time he actually got such a place to play antiques.
Moreover, playing is popular and lucky, which makes people jealous. After reading the information, both of them have such an understanding. Fortunately, this guy is supported by such a powerful force as Wang’s parents and grandchildren. Otherwise, if you can get so many good things at an early age, you will definitely get into trouble. That’s it. In the end, the ghost face jade was also let out by him
No matter what kind of things you can afford and put away, it is the most important thing to know how to give up. At this time, it is more important for a person to succeed. It is absolutely impossible for a person who does not know how to give up to have a big seat.
Since ancient times, there has been such a thing. I think that when Chu and Han fought against each other, Xiang Yu, the overlord of the place of Chu, was absolutely able to master that kind of extreme force. But ten Liu Bangs were not opponents of Xiang Yu.
It is out of the water to beat the Qin Dynasty. If Xiang Yu can abandon Yu Ji’s heart and fight for heaven and earth, can you imagine that Xiang Yu will become a great ancestor of Chu at this time?
Then there will be nothing for Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, but Xiang Yu doesn’t know that Liu Bang, an important family, knows that Xiang Yu threatened Liu Bang with his father and even dared to say that you have something to cook. Then give me a bowl of broth. This is willing to give up. If such a person can’t get the words, that would be strange.
At this time, Wang Haidong is definitely the kind of person who is willing to give up people and not only has the courage, but also seems to be able to bet on stones quite well. If it is luck to find ghost jade, it is also possible to see that Wang Haidong is very lucky at this time.
Therefore, at this time, Su Bancheng and Yamajiro think of things at the same time, that is to say, Wang Haidong can’t be short of money, even if he is so lucky in the antique market, then at this time, he can’t be short of money, and Uranus Group also has Wang Haidong shares, Wang’s parents and grandchildren, and his group still has a considerable position, and his shares are all the original shares
Moreover, this man also ran into his own land in the Third Ring Road of Beijing. Although it is said that this may not be just him, it is not right to say that Wang Haidong’s vision is quite keen. It is wrong for several Taidang capitals to get some land by themselves.
Yamajiro may not have any special expression on such a thing. After all, he doesn’t know much about the real estate director. He doesn’t know much about such a situation. Wang Haidong is actually able to have its own land in the Third Ring Road. But at this time, Su Bancheng knows how difficult it is. Others didn’t realize the importance of land before.
Four years ago, a few people had the vision to imagine that the director of state housing would be so popular. There was no such thing as Ji, but there was one thing in Wang Haidong that he did four years ago.
And I did a good job of setting up my own company, and I took the land in my hands quietly. Anyway, it means that I have land in my hands. Who wants to speak? It is directly to me. If I have land, I have everything. This real estate industry is the most famous saying.
At this time, Su Bancheng easily changed the topic of sending new york’s inverted stamps to the mountain. He didn’t dare to push the desktop directly. This is a rosewood table. At this time, if it is because of such a thing, it will be a great loss for Sue’s family. There are also a lot of rosewood furniture. How to ensure the integrity of rosewood furniture? Su Bancheng is still quite new, but Sue’s family doesn’t have such a valuable table.
At this time, Yamajiro is also quite entangled. I just said that I would invite Wang Haidong to visit new york, because this thing is a China stamp and a rare stamp in the world