"Empress you misunderstood …"

"Ann, you haven’t answered my question." Phoenix interrupted him calmly in a shallow tone. "Is the emperor and your master treating you badly or the queen treating you particularly well? I know that you are not a greedy person, and even worse, the queen can’t give you anything. Aren’t you afraid to hurt the emperor and your master by doing these things behind their backs? "
"Empress!" Ann suddenly fell to her knees.
Maybe he really didn’t do anything bad. He really hasn’t been stained with blood. So far, Qingyu is still in a coma, which has made him suffer a lot. Besides, the imperial concubine was cold-faced by the emperor. Compared with those days, he felt that he had nightmares every night. But he can’t destroy the queen’s plan, can he?
Therefore, he has been hiding here for the past few days in the name of illness and is afraid to see anyone.
He never thought that the imperial concubine would come to him today and say these words to him.
Blame and blame should be, shouldn’t it? Why do you want to say these words to him, even saying that he is a good man …
If she did, she made him feel more guilty and admitted that she was wrong, then she did it.
He had expected that his life would not be long before he let Qingyu go. If Qingyu testified against him, the emperor would not let him go. He was very ready to die at that time.
Either drag the queen’s water or whatever …
Who knew Qingyu was in a coma?
"Slave damn it!" He raised his voice and solemnly said, "What happened that day was really a slave, but it was also a slave who did it alone. I am very sorry that the empress framed your slave, but at that time, the slave was also possessed. I don’t ask the empress to forgive you for those injuries. I am willing to die and apologize! However, if the empress believes in the slave before she dies, the slave will go to the emperor and you will clarify all this. "
Anyway, the emperor has made up with the imperial concubine, so that day’s frame-up was a failure, right?
In that case, there should be nothing for him to clarify that will not affect the queen, right?
Queen … Miss Rosa … After all, she ended up in a cold house and abandoned the backcourt.
I don’t know if she will regret what she did now. If she didn’t do anything in peace, she wouldn’t be in the cold if she didn’t become a queen …
"Ann" Feng Xiao’s eyebrows are severely wrinkled. What the queen has done has been left in the cold. How can he be so loyal?
Originally, her queen threatened him with dirty tricks again, but now it seems that Ann is more willing to do this.
"The queen is already in the cold palace, even if you say it, it won’t have any effect on her, and maybe you can be lenient … What will you do?"
Ann smiled gently. "Thank you for your kindness, but the thing is that a slave can’t step on the queen just because she is in the cold palace."
Recommend a leaf to dance-"The exclusive honey pet’s chief evil daughter" "Daddy, why do you want to date those old women? Do they have my youthful and beautiful edges? " "Daddy, do you think my figure is good? Do men like women with big breasts and easy to push down?" "It’s just right to handle affairs when there is a thunderstorm outside Daddy. Why don’t you take advantage of the dark and windy night to kill me!" In the past life, she used her moral integrity to hook up with a wolf. She has been defeated repeatedly in this life. If she doesn’t go to visit a drunk, he will be attacked by a wolf, which is even more tragic. Chapter 988 It is impossible to have such a thing again!
When Feng Shao remembered that sentence again, Ann was already in prison.
"I didn’t believe you at that time. Do you hate me?" Jun Mo Ying looked at her in front of the snow scene outside the window. His eyes were all in a trance, and he walked over and hugged her until she frowned. He was afraid that he would hurt her, so he eased his strength slightly.
Phoenix looked up at him lightly and blinked. He gradually became embarrassed and nervous. He smiled and touched his face. "But you finally believed it."
Although it made her sad that he didn’t believe it, even if she caught a rape on the spot like this, it would be very painful and uncomfortable, wouldn’t it?
"Are you angry, too?" She sighed with a faint smile, but with a hint of drift and confusion, her fingers sketched his smooth eyebrows. "From knowing that you sent someone to Fengyang Palace to protect Qingyu, I knew that you believed me. Is it because I was involved with Yunluo that you felt very angry?"
If so, what will happen to him one day knowing what they have done in the past? What should she do then?
The man raised his eyebrows. "Do you want to say that I was blinded by jealousy?"
Feng chuckled, "You do know." Then she suddenly closed her smiling face. It’s rare to be serious and serious. There is a complicated look in her eyes. "Will you believe me if this happens again?"
Jun Moying shook his head in a faint voice with a casual meaning and a solemn meaning. "It can’t happen again!"
Believe it or not? Phoenix shallow think it should be a letter, after all, this time all believe …
She suddenly remembered something and asked, "Jun Moying, what would you do with Ann?"
Jun Moying snorted, "It is a capital crime to lurk around me, betray me, frame you and hurt your department. What do you think I should do with him?"
"Can’t you let it go?" Feng asked with a slight frown.
The man’s face sank and his black face gave her a look as if he were gnashing his teeth and angry. "Do you still plead for him after what he did to you?"