These key words go round and round. The more Lin Yuyue thinks about it, the more she finds that Jiang Tao’s case is far from simple. First, Jiang Tao came to her desperately, and she foresaw that the situation was serious. Then Jun Chen gave her a gold medal and she successfully stopped Xu Yan from taking away the Jiang family.

After Jiang Tao’s death, Jiang Tao’s corruption case broke out immediately. Lin Yu thought it was a series of serial plans, but she came to stir up the game at this time.
"Bang bang …"
Lin Yu slipped from the chair and spat, "Mom, who knocked at the door at night!" "
Accustomed to picking Qing and Ling Xue, they kicked the door and suddenly someone knocked on the door late. Lin Yu was really not used to it.
Lin Yu was so angry that she went to the door and shouted, "Knock on your sister …!" "
She spat at the bearer.
“! ! !”
Righteously, Lin Yuyin gradually became empty. "Twilight … How are you?"
Lin Yu’s face completely collapsed!
Qin Muyu came here inexplicably. I don’t know what’s wrong with him knocking at the door and coming in. Later, I found myself so late that I disturbed Lin Yu’s rest. I’m afraid she didn’t sleep well in handling cases for days.
So he looked gentle and said, "I’m sorry to disturb your rest."
“! ! ! ! !”
Twilight, you can’t be so gentle and spoil me! ! ! ! !
Lin Yuniu beaming and then silently took out a handkerchief from the pocket to Qin Muyu wiped his face … saliva.
What a shame!
Qin Muyu looked at Lin Yu with a funny face and wiped her face with her hand and then squeezed her hand. "Are you angry with me?"
Lin Yu dare not look up at his mother. How can she be angry with him? !
Even if she made a fuss and spit all over his face, how can she still act like he provoked her?
Lin Yu decided to take the initiative to admit his wrong face, but he didn’t look good. He bowed his head and sighed, "Muyu, don’t tease! Why am I angry with you? I really didn’t mean to pick Qing just now. They never knocked at the door when they came in. I also came to the thief and knocked at the door. How do you know it’s you … "
She looked at Qin Muyu with a full face of apologies and a smile. The moonlight was more moist and the heart was more self-satisfied
Although she is stubborn, she can’t be so violent!
What a beautiful sunset feather let her to spray a face … saliva.
Sin! Sin!
Qin Muyu smiled in a low voice, and his voice was warm and mellow. He looked around him, but he still joked with Lin Yumen. "Yuer, are we going to talk here all the time?"
Lin Yu knocked on her head, and her brain was squeezed by the door! Qin Muyu’s late arrival is a cover-up, and it’s really urgent for her to let him talk outside!
Before Qin Muyu could react, the sleeve was grabbed by people and pulled him into the room. Lin Yu leaned out a head and left and right to see if there was any, then slammed the door and leaned against the door panel.
Lin Yufang Yi Deng looked at Lin Yu with his back to the light. He was a little flustered and embarrassed. Occasionally, after scratching his ears behind him, the corners of his mouth curled up and squeezed out. The pear vortex looked so cute.
He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and caress her face and gently whisper, "Yu Er …168 Chapter 168 Yu Er, am I worried?
Lin Yu looked up at his blue eyes, and the stars shone brightly, which reminded Lin Yu that she had been impressed.
Qin Muyu’s eyes are like the prosperous and bright Milky Way, reflecting her as if she were swimming in the middle of freedom, which made her reluctant to move her eyes
Two people face gradually close to the warm breath slightly brushed Lin Yu skin a little itchy Lin Yu stretched out his hand and scratched the face Qin Muyu near her face suddenly stopped an inch apart and then the tip of his nose rubbed her face.
Lin Yu’s face was slightly red, and her heart was suddenly hit by a soft place. Qin Muyu smiled in a low voice, and Lin Yu’s shy appearance passed in her eyes. "Her son is shy."
This is like a joke coming out of his mouth, but it makes people listen to the softness. Lin Yu’s face is getting redder and redder, but her heart gives birth to a kind of resistance.
She couldn’t close her eyes, but when she closed her eyes, she saw another figure.
Qin Muyu seemed to notice something and immediately let Lin Yu’s fingers bend and gently scrape her nose. "Trouble?"
His topic changed just right. Lin Yu was also planning to break the embarrassing situation with this topic. When he said it, she followed his words and said, "Well! Sunset feather I want to ask you … "
"Is Ninglang behind this?"
"Uh …"
Lin Yu paused to breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of Qin Muyu.
"Well, is that him?"
Lin Yu hung her eyes, and she had to ask again.
Doesn’t she know?
Mu Ninglang and Ruo Taifei have endured for so many years and finally can’t hide their ambitions. It is unexpected that Mu Ninglang has been dormant in recent years and has already received so many people in the DPRK.