Lan Tianxing smiled and said, "When will my dear come back from abroad? You see, I’m not as an uncle as you are. It’s really rude. "

Shao Xuewu faced two enemies who killed their father, but he still tried to restrain his emotions. He said faintly, "I dare not work. After I brought some friends this time, if I accidentally bring any trouble to Blue, please forgive me."
Lan Tianxing laughed. "A family must say two things. How many friends do you have? I will take it according to the order, and I will treat it well. It will never be rude."
Shao Xuewu nodded and said, "That’s good. Now I’ll introduce a friend to Lan Zonghe, surnamed Hai, and you will come out."
As Shao Xuewu shouted a car door and hit a white youth coming from the car.
Seeing the white young man’s walking posture and facial expression, the waves are like seeing a famous man resurrected!
It’s not that this white young man is similar to a famous man, but that both of them are as good as steel and have cruel and cold eyes as if they were carved from the same mold
The waves know that this white young man and his name are exactly the same. This model is the Siberian devil training camp, a place dedicated to training black market fighters.
Every boxer who comes out of this training camp is a bloody killer in the black market boxing arena. He is famous for his cruelty and cruelty. In Siberia training camp, almost one out of every ten people can live to walk in the ring. It is far more than Taiwan. He is either eliminated in the early stage or killed by his partner in the middle stage. Every one of them is killed from bloody scenes every day. Various fighting methods make each of them have the skills of being as calm as steel, as cruel as a hungry wolf and as fierce as a lion.
Croft’s unique way of walking came quietly, but the waves seemed to see a wolf running from the grassland and a lion culled from the plateau, coming at him with fire from hell and blood from hell.
The waves didn’t move in situ. Although Croft’s momentum was strong, he was awe-inspiring and not afraid to stand as deep as the abyss. Yue Shi was like a pine and proud, and the powerful momentum confronted Croft’s momentum.
Krogh was shocked by the cold waves, which seemed so cold that his eyes suddenly burst into sharp murder without any expression.
The waves looked coldly at Croft, and his eyes were equally cold and calm.
Shao Xuewu looked at the waves faintly and said, "My Russian friend’s name is Krov from Siberia, and his name is from the same place." Speaking of this, he looked coldly at Lan Tianxing and said, "Uncle Huang and I agreed to lend Krov to Uncle Huang to fight this boxing match on his behalf tonight. It’s always okay!"
Lan Tianxing looked at the waves and saw the waves firmly nodded to him and said, "Of course, I don’t have any opinion to ask my good nephew to row to me."
Shao Xuewu said, "I heard that when the two sides are in power, the winner is willing to kill the loser at any time, right?"
Lan Tianxing said, "Yes!"
Shao Xuewu said, "The loser must not stop halfway!"
Lan Tianxing said, "Of course!"
Shao Xuewu smiled and looked at the waves with a cold smile on his lips. "If you die today, you are not afraid of loneliness, because Lan will soon go to hell to accompany you."
The waves smiled firmly and said, "Death must not be me!"
Shao Xuewu said faintly, "Even if I don’t die tonight, I won’t live long. I will kill you at all costs!"
The waves say, "I will not only live for a long time, but also live comfortably."
Xuewu said, "We’ll see. I hope you can live through tonight. Let me have a good time. You are like a cat and mouse."
The waves smiled and said, "You will have this chance, because I will walk the stage alive and play with you, but I am a cat and you are a mouse. If you don’t want the support of Boss Huang, you can stand firm in this city."
Shao Xuewu smiled, "It’s almost time to go to Taiwan."
Zeng Lao has been quietly looking at the two sides with cold eyes. At this time, Lan Tianxing and Shao Xuewu took two steps forward. "I know that the Blue Brothers and Shao’s nephew have a deep misunderstanding, but I hope that the two of them will not make a big fight in my small courtyard. I hope that I will walk out of this courtyard in peace and spirit. I will never intervene in two private affairs. If anyone accidentally crosses my boundary, don’t blame me for the old man’s disloyalty!"
Zeng Laounhurried, plain, modest and cautious, said these words. Both Lan Tianxing and Shao Xuewu know that he is not a joke, and he definitely has this strength and ability.
When Lan Tianxing and Shao Xuewu both said that Bai Hou had been old, they simply said, "Do the two players still need to change clothes?"
Shao Xuewu said, "If you don’t change to Taiwan, both of them will take off their clothes and are not afraid of who is hiding hidden weapons."
Zeng Lao said, "Well, now let’s go in. Except for two contestants, each of them can go in for four. Everyone is waiting in the yard. Do you have any opinions!"
Although Zeng Lao asked "Do you have any opinions", there was no inquiry in his tone, which was more like giving orders.