Luozhong Shen xing broke the ship!

This giant mecha doesn’t really scare Xuanyin and Qingye. They keep their eyes on the two boxy chariots of Shenxing Shipwreck.
The two chariots don’t look very impressive, and they are two meters long, two meters wide and two meters high. If there is not a muzzle exposed outside, most people will think that they are just two heavy iron boxes.
However, the couple Xuanyin Magic and Qingye Magic felt that these two "heavy iron boxes" were plain and simple, and a force close to destroying everything was ready to move.
"Magic Seven Run!" When Xuanyin Magic and Qingye Magic felt that the situation was not good, the couple immediately joined forces to exert their greatest strength to break the powerful seal barrier around them and send Magic Seven Little away.
It’s not that they don’t want to leave together, but that if they escape by themselves, their children will never have a chance to escape again.
Just as the magic seven little figure disappeared from the battlefield, two or two black spar shells were issued from the muzzle of the two chariots at the same time.
These two shells are not fast, and the target is also very clear, that is, Xuanyin Magic and Qingye Magic couple.
However, the couple have lost the best opportunity to escape by themselves when they sent the magic seven away, and their side was once again released by the miraculous ship and blocked by the seal barrier.
No matter how strong their strength is, they will have to escape the pressure from the SPAR pile before they reach the Cang Yu territory.
In order to deal with these two demons, Luo Zhong Shen Xing wrecked the ship and almost brought all the SPAR in his house and consumed billions of SPAR at one time, which was equivalent to the strongest power of the order to seal the enchantment for the first time.
When the seal was broken by two demons for the first time, Luo Zhong and the two men were bound to escape. I didn’t expect them to send their son away.
Luo Zhong didn’t have such a good chance as lang to spend billions of spar to decorate the second seal barrier and let the two chariots attack at the same time.
If you can’t catch these two demons after spending billions of spar, Luo Zhong has nothing to say.
When these two black spar shells lock the target and send it out, even if there is no enchantment, Xuanyin Magic and Qingye Magic cannot escape.
Seeing that the two spar shells haven’t landed on the two demons, they have already sent out two black lights and stuck to the two demons like ink.
These two groups of "ink" immediately turned a number of resentful souls into two people and they bared their teeth in the sea of spiritual knowledge.
Xuanyin Magic and Qingye Magic are full of ghosts and wolves howling, and immediately mobilize the vitality and spirit of the body magic to resist.
As long as they felt that they didn’t spend much time dispelling these ghosts, two shells fell on them.
Magic seven is not yet white. What’s going on? Others have left the battlefield.
He was thinking about judging his position and returning to the battlefield when he heard a violent roar from the south.
Magic seven little immediately toward the south, when he saw a dark cloud in the south, he counted the ghosts dancing and gave out bursts of piercing animal calls.
Rao is the magic seven, which is tens of thousands of meters away from there. He is still bleeding from these strange calls!
"Mom and Dad!" Magic seven little roar a tear and eye blood flow out at the same time, mixed together into blood and tears.
Although he heard his parents’ "escape", he didn’t understand why they let him escape.
Now he knows, but so do his parents.
Always strong, even though he lost several brothers, he never shed tears like today.
Their parents ran away the first time they finished their work, but they kept the chance for themselves. In other words, the magic seven lives were exchanged by their parents.
The former demon Qi Shao always feels that he is a vassal of his parents. They beat themselves if they like, and scold themselves if they like.
In the tens of thousands of years of escape, Mo Qi Shao has become accustomed to his parents’ disapproval.