Outside the tent camp, Yang night closed the five thousand military forces again, telling the current situation again and telling these soldiers that they can stay if they don’t want to go voluntarily.

How can five thousand soldiers be afraid of death? Have shouted raised his arm "may the general go through fire and water! ! !”
Yang night excited fierce a wave of his arm "good! Brothers, the tens of thousands of Japanese dog thieves defeated our hundreds of thousands of troops in Datang. Today, we are here to kill 5,000 soldiers and 70,000 Japanese dog thieves in Anshi City! ! !”
Two spears with black handles and silver blades flew out of the hands of Yang Ye Nanrong Magic. The speed was amazing. The distance between the two camps was at least several hundred meters, but the two spears flew to the Japanese garrison camp in an instant.
A spear was inserted into the heart of the translator next to the Japanese general by mistake. The handle of the spear was inserted into the heart, leaving his chest less than two inches.
That’s Yang Ye’s grade, ten ring!
The other spear went straight into the Japanese leader’s head, and the spear tip was inserted from the middle of the nasal bone, then the spear blade and then the spear handle.
With great strength and speed, the head of Che Chilang, the main commander of Japan, was stabbed to pieces!
That’s Nan Rong’s magic score …
Yang Ye smiled, "I won!"
Nan Rong Huan is not willing to "why?"
Yang Ye’s pie mouth tilted at Nan Rong’s illusion, then pretended to be a referee and raised his hand. "Yang Ye’s spear target is in the middle of the red heart. Nan Rong’s illusion target has no spear. Yang Ye won this game!"
"Black whistle, you!" South glory magic mercilessly stared at Yang night.
The two men were angry and suddenly felt a dead silence after their birth. At the same time, they slowly looked back and saw-behind them, all the soldiers looked at Andy Lau and kissed like a flower, and their eyes were wide open and afraid to know each other. Looking at Yang night and Nan Rong illusion privately.
Two people slowly turned around again and bowed their heads slightly.
South glory magic low asked "ah? Have we gone a little too far? They were frighten by throwing spear just now. "
Yang night also bowed their heads and mywood said, "it’s okay. Just tell them it’s a coincidence."
"Mm-hmm. Good idea." Nan Rong Magic promised to go with Yang Ye, and the lower and deeper his head was, the more he almost stuck his horse neck.
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The Japanese dog thieves over there were dumbfounded, but they didn’t understand what happened. They saw two flashes of black light, and then the Lord’s head exploded. If they hadn’t seen it, they would have turned over their horses and died. There was a spear in their chest around them, and the Japanese dog thieves didn’t even know what killed their Lord!
But after seeing the spear, these soldiers in Japan will be even more afraid. Tens of thousands of them have defeated Tang Jun, and hundreds of thousands of military forces are enough for them to erect enemy confidence, but today they met the devil! Who can fly such a long iron spear from such a long distance and kill his opponent by mistake? This is definitely not a person! Fighting that Zhenyuan general is definitely a hopeless battle!
The positions of the two armies are being put back into the hot sun, and I feel very unhappy. Now I have poured out two broken spears and snatched the limelight back to Yang Ye and Nanrong Phantom!
So the hot sun turned around and walked quickly to the Japanese army, shouting, "Who else? ? ! !”
This voice completely broke the silence caused by panic in the Japanese garrison camp, and all the Japanese dog thieves fried the pot and screamed "devil! ! Demon! ! The devil of hell! !” One side turned and fled back to the city, and at that time, the brotherhood of the Wolf cried, and Dad shouted that Niang was broken into pieces.
The scorching sun spat, hesitated, angrily turned and walked back to the Tang Dynasty army camp.
Five thousand men in Tang Jun saw the scorching sun coming back and stared at him in amazement and admiration. At this time, they have completely believed that this dead fat must be a hidden and peerless master!
The scorching sun is uncomfortable in my heart, and it’s even more depressing to be stared at by so many people together, so I shouted "What are you looking at?" I have never seen such a handsome chef! "
I didn’t expect that after this shout, Tang Jun’s soldiers were briefly stunned and laughed one by one. At the same time, the whistling and clapping sounds changed from weak to strong, and soon a situation of 5,000 people applauding in the hot sun at the same time was formed.
These make the scorching sun feel refreshed. Many faces of fat are piled up in several directions at the same time, and a crack is squeezed. Finally, I laughed and waved to the soldiers in front of Tang Jun.
Waving, smiling and fat all the way with extreme * * leadership like the scorching sun came to Yang night and Nanrong magic horse before a heavy face "you two turtle king eggs! Stealing my thunder! Send me out as a human sandbag, right? " Although the tone is tough, it can’t hide the smile.
Yang night south glory illusion glances all smiled.
Yang Ye said, "Okay, okay, I’m wrong. I’ll give you a big chance to show off!" " With a rein, he swung over the horse’s head and shouted, "All right! Brothers, let’s go back to camp for the time being, and then give it an individual attack after we discuss it with General Huoyun! "
South glory magic also turned the horse’s head and waited for five thousand soldiers to retreat behind them.
But I didn’t expect it was at this time that Yang Ye and Nan Rong illusion and several lieutenants behind the scorching sun looked at each other, and suddenly the horse turned over and "plopped plopped plopped" on one knee.
And these lieutenants knelt behind the five thousand soldiers, one after another, bent down on one knee and bowed their heads. At that time, it was dark and kneeling in front of Yang night, with the exception of five thousand soldiers, which startled Yang night, Nan Rong illusion and the scorching sun.
Yang night dazed a strong laugh slightly surprised and said, "brothers, what is this? No years and no land … "
Yang night talk didn’t say that finish first kneel to a lieutenant looked up and a face of excitement interrupted him big said "frenzy! General Peng! And the night Lord and the Sunday Lord will invite their subordinates to worship! "
With that, the lieutenant’s hands touched the ground on his forehead and he really started to kowtow, while the five thousand soldiers behind him also followed the lieutenant in unison.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Ye inexplicably said that he also turned over the horse and walked a few steps to reach out and help the lieutenant. "Get up, get up!"
Nan Rong illusion also made Ma Ri go behind Yang Ye.
The lieutenant looked up but didn’t get up and still looked excited and said, "General Peng’s world war I today has really opened his eyes to what a horizontal knife is!" What is the general wind! The generals’ extraordinary feats make their subordinates really admire them! You played with the Japanese dog thief and applauded him with your bare hands, which made the Japanese dog thief lose heart and be defeated! Today, World War I played my great power in Datang! With General Peng leading his subordinates, they will be invincible! " Hands in the air, the deputy general, said, "I didn’t know much about the general before. Please ask the general to atone for any offense!"
"Please also ask the general to atone!" Lieutenant behind five thousand soldiers raised his hand and fuels shouted out at the same time.
Yang night was also said to be a little excited. After a while, he laughed and held up an arm and shouted, "Brothers, get up first! Get up and talk! "
"I will follow General Peng in the future. I hope the general will go through fire and water!" The lieutenant didn’t get up at all. He still raised his hand and shouted fuels.
"May the general go through fire and water diligently! ! !” 5,000 people’s voices went straight into the sky.
Yang Ye was so happy and excited that hands in the air shouted, "Dear brothers, thank you for your love. I also vowed to ask me to be a good brother in the Tang Dynasty one day! Share the blessings! I am in trouble! "