Yellow also saw the situation of the ship. Besides the two monsters, there are several figures.

His nickname is blind, but his eyes are good, especially when his psionic powers are restored. When he looks far away, the white shark has drifted to the dock on the shore before he can react.
"Wait for me." The white shark dragged his tiger shark broadsword behind him and wondered what medicine was sold in the yellow gourd.
Before coming to the dock, the yellow motioned the monsters not to move and watch intently.
When the boat came near the grave to see clearly, it strode to meet it and said, "What’s wrong with you, Molin?"
The four people in the boat are Mo Lin, Luo Sandy, Ling Huzi and Yue Yao. They came all the way from the Everglades to the East China Sea and found a boat floating all the way to the sea. It happened that Lu Yu patrolled the monster beast and came to the island together.
The ship docked, and two monsters came to anchor the ship first, and then Qi Xin, the third daughter of the ship, joined forces to hold Mo Lin off the boat.
Mo Lin got hit on the back by Yang Li, and met three women in the everglades to support the results. When he arrived in the East China Sea, he felt that his body and blood were churning and his back wound was not healing, and the wound had festered, which made him unable to stay up any longer.
The third girl didn’t panic to find a boat with Molin to the nearest Pearl Island. Yueyao first said, "Brother Molin is seriously injured. Do you have any medicine here?"
Yellow came to the front of Molin to see him naked with a back wound wrapped up.
Slowly unwrap the cloth and you will see a centipede-like wound. The wound is deep from the back of the pan Molin’s back to the shoulder. If it goes deeper, it will hurt the viscera and kill Molin.
"who did this?" Death was taken aback. He knew that Mo Lin’s strength had matched that of the seven aristocratic families. The series could hurt him so much. Is it a aristocratic family?
"It’s Yang Li" Sandy sank. It was the first time she saw the grave, but she already knew a lot about it from the blue sky and Xin Jiang’s mouth. She recognized it as soon as she saw him.
"Yang Li?" Huang knows Yang Li, but he doesn’t know that he has the ability to hurt Mo Lin.
"Yang from I don’t know what strength has seriously injured the ink Lin wound has been missing, I don’t know if it is poisoned," Sandy said.
"Forget it, help him to the island first. The monster beast has prepared herbs and hopes to be effective." Seeing the shocking wound, he called the monster beast to help.
Chapter 13 become a butterfly
Chapter 13 become a butterfly
Everyone carried Molin to the rest place on the island, and when he saw that his face was different, he reached out and his forehead felt hot.
The white shark called for a jar of green sticky ointment and said to the three women, "This is the unique secret recipe of our monster beast. If there is any trauma, just wipe it."
"I’ll come." Ling Huzi took the ointment and carefully brushed a group of ointment on Molin’s stomach to evenly apply it to Molin’s wound.
Ink Lin slightly move mouth groaned a.
"Don’t worry, it just hurts a little." The white shark explained that the three women’s faces were worried and Linghu Zi stopped busy.
Linghuzi wiped all the wounds and bandaged him with cloth. Molin soon snored slightly. It seems that the ointment does exist.
After settling down in Molin’s grave, I saw that the three girls were haggard and asked the monsters to send food.
The three women were chatting with them while eating the grave, and the white shark rushed in and roared, "Oh, no, the seven families … the seven families are coming!"
Yellow rub up in dismay, "how can this time? How many people are there? "
"A dozen ships are full of people," the white shark said. "It’s fast."
"Go and see" Huang glanced at the three girls. "You take good care of Molinzhu Island. The defense is very good. Don’t worry."
Although he said that he was confident, his face sank as soon as he boarded the Pearl Island Highland. In his field of vision, there were more than a dozen boats full of people, and there was a figure in front of them
"It’s a three-tailed civet!" Yellow Zheng.
That figure is a small white, but at the moment, a small white has no demon king’s elegant demeanor, and his three tails are decadent and drooping towards Zhudao.
The island monster beast also saw Xiao Bai, and he was chased and shouted together. Some monster beasts rushed out of the bunker fortifications and screamed and rushed to meet Xiao Bai.
Xiaobai quickly rushed to the beach and spat at the monster beast who greeted him. "These bastards will tear them up one by one while they are injured and bullied."
"The lich king, don’t you worry, let’s kill them." The monsters shouted and waved their weapons and lined up on the beach.
At this time, the boats came to the shore one by one, and the people jumped back and forth towards the sea and confronted the monster beast head on.
Yellow anxiously waved the red flag, hoping that the monsters could go back to the back of the bunker to defend, but some small white monsters stopped listening to him.
Even the white shark rushed to the grave with a broadsword and suddenly became army of one.
"Oh, no matter how strong the defense line is, it is also a fortification. Once the monsters are out of the crowd, it becomes a fortress without any place.
The attackers were mainly soldiers’ brothers, who were holding magic weapons in the first row, swinging swords and pointing guns at the monsters to keep them away.
Behind them are legalists, Taoists and peasant brothers, all of whom are ready to fight. If you want to fight, there will be several dharma seals, spells, Guardian and guardian plants rushing to the monster beast immediately.
Xiao Bai thought, "Xiao Yimo, come out and I will return your sword."
He said it was a sword in the front leg rib. It was a long wound made by Xiao Yimo’s sneak attack. If it wasn’t for Xiaobai’s hiding, it would have been broken.
Xiao Qiaomo came out from the crowd and sneered, "Are these monsters backing up and coming back? No more rushing away? "
"Bah, more than 100 of you hit me, or take advantage of my serious injury. If it weren’t for Yang Li, the bastard hurt me, I wouldn’t look down on you people." Small white gas gnashed her teeth. The so-called tiger fell in Pingyang and the dog bullied the small white ink village. Yang Li was seriously injured by a blow. He wanted to go to the Everglades world to find Lu Yue, who was injured by the people. Somehow Xiao Mo came out halfway.
Xiao Yimo hurt Xiao Bai again with his sword, and then he called a large number of seven big family brothers from nowhere to hunt Xiao Bai all around.
Xiaobaili broke through the encirclement and crept to Zhudao.
Xiaobai, a seaside girl in the East China Sea, was chased by Xiao Qimo, who couldn’t support it and fled across the sea to Zhudao, which triggered the chase when he saw the sea just now.
"Why did the demon king talk nonsense with him? Kill them all and throw them into the sea to feed the fish!" The white shark has come to the beach and roared