This letter says that Dong He has a dispute with Yan poor, and secondly, I hope that Ji Fan can trust him and that he can cooperate with Ji Fan, but there is a small request that Yan poor can be handed over to him for handling.

Ji Fan didn’t believe it at all after seeing it, because the reason for this incident was that Ji Fan killed six of his generals and said that no one would believe it, but such a strange thing happened
But at this moment, Yang Ji had a different view.
Because of this conflict, there is no loophole from beginning to end.
Moreover, if the other party lures the snake into the hole and tries to catch the turtle in the jar, it will not be so unreasonable.
Yang Qi believes instead.
Ji Fan was a little depressed and recalled Yang Fan’s words and asked, "What if the other party deliberately does this?"
Yang Fan gave JiFan a faint smile "improvise".
Then Ji Fan ordered the speed to March into Pi.
Finally arrived in Picheng on the afternoon of March 12th.
Ji Fan camped at a distance of three miles.
He decided to keep up his spirits and attack, and he also needed to unite with Dong He.
Yim Ho, wearing a conspicuous dragon robe, stood on the wall and looked at the camp in the distance. He is now well prepared.
To the other side of the white teenager stopped and then the city army invaded directly.
Yim Ho also directly regarded Dian Wei and Xu Chu’s former light department as being covered by Zhao Yun.
Yim Ho suddenly asked a bunch of wenwu behind him, "We are now taking advantage of each other’s fatigue division to attack and let Song pin down that Zhao Yun, and then our army will kill each other tonight."
The civil and military officers looked at the distant camp thoughtfully and hesitated.
Dong He came out and Lang said, "Have you forgotten that this girl is like attacking a plain city?"
Yim Ho paused and thought about it. It seems that it is also true, and then it will not happen.
The next day, on the morning of March 13th, drums shook the earth in the camp three miles away.
Yim Ho angry from a concubines got up and roared "damn JiFan still let people sleep! It’s disgusting. "
Then he pulled out his second brother from the body of the concubines, hurriedly got up and dressed, and then went to the city wall.
Yim Ho didn’t notice that there were some beggars on the road from the palace to the gate.
When Yim Ho arrived at the city wall, Ji Fan’s army had been pressed into Yim Ho, and suddenly he became nervous and said to Yan Poor, "What about Song? Get him ready. "
Yan poor and confident said, "I’m already at the gate of the city, just waiting for your brother to give you an order."
Yim Ho breathed a sigh of relief and then watched JiFan army slowly press in and finally stayed outside the archer’s range.
There are two generals beside JiFan at the moment. There are Xu Chu and Dian Wei.
Ji Fan smiled at them and said, "I hope the two brothers will not blame the younger brother." When Dian Wei and Xu Chu did not respond, they shouted, "Dian Wei is here!"
Dian Wei’s face was cold. "Promise!"
JiFan expression said, "Today is the day when you become famous! Let me see if Song is sacred in my heart! "
Dian Wei rode two steps forward and was ready to drink "promise"
Dian Wei stopped at the edge of the archer in the first two steps and shouted, "People come to die!"
Crazy! Proud! The murder is awesome!
The words flashed out of the wall in everyone’s mind
Looking at the big fellow in the city, they all recalled the former intelligence, the three happeneth generals.
Swallow a mouthful of saliva at Yan poor.
Yan poor picked his eyebrows until he remembered that none of the three generals in JiFan’s hand was suddenly dropped in a mortal heart.
He knew that Song was definitely not the opponent of the other three generals.
I looked at Ji Fan and wanted to find Zhao Yun, but I didn’t see it. I thought to myself, "Is there something left temporarily?"
Even so, I finally decided to give it a try when I saw Xu Chu around Jifan.
"Song listens to the order and fights before!"
After the gate creaked, one man rode a pike.
Dian Wei stayed where he was and stepped back a little.
JiFan also let the army back a few steps.
Just move it little by little.
Song kerosene high place can’t see the army retreating, but he feels the army moving over.
at present
He has Dian Wei in his eyes.
"I’m Xiao Pei Song. Die!"
The pike stabbed Dian Wei, and the Song pike was a spear with a trembling gun tip, which made people unable to tell where his weakness was.
On the side JiFan smiled.
Death? That’s a good name Very good!
After Dian Wei’s right-hand halberd resisted the Song moves, his left-hand halberd also cut towards the waist of the Song Dynasty.
Song hurriedly recovered pike and swung towards Dian Wei’s left-hand halberd.
Qiang ~ ~ ~
Song pike swing after Dian Wei double halberd is directly to the Dian Wei waist stab if Dian Wei was attacked so Dian Wei will definitely lose.
Dian Wei hurriedly vacated his right hand to control the reins to recede.
Then take out the halberd from the bosom and shoot at Song.
Shu Shu!