"There are two people in the hall." Zhao Han, the leader of the Ghost Sect, also frowned.

"What’s the matter?" Bai Dianfeng, the main door keeper in the daytime, once again asked this boring question. His powerful leaders all had some impulses to beat Bai Dianfeng first. Who the fuck knows about this situation?
Just arrived here, the heads of major forces all ordered Yuan Li to sense the breath in the hall, but they sensed two relatively weak Yuan Li breath. Can a person of this level, Emperor Wu, really have such a terrible soul force?
Everyone in the field once met Feng Yang, but they were shocked by the soul force of Feng Yang Yuan at that time, more than everyone forgot to detect the strength level of Feng Yang.
Qi Zhong, president of the Operator Technician Association, smiled and said, "Maybe three people."
"Did you feel it?" Others are stunned to look back at QiZhong.
"No" QiZhong shook his head.
"Go in and have a look?" Zhao Han-dao, the leader of the Ghost Sect
"The closed door is obviously that if you don’t want us to go in for the time being, you will be cut off," said Liu Baishi, the door keeper of Dreadwind.
Bai Dianfeng, the master of the daytime gate, turned his eyes to Su Songshen, the leader of the arbitration church. "The dog of the leader of the Soviet Union said that there was a murderer in it. I think it is necessary for the leader of the Soviet Union to go in and see the situation."
Su Song has a lot of pressure, and now his arm is broken and his bodyguards are seriously injured. Several bodyguards are lying on the ground with white clues. If you don’t go in and find out the situation, it really doesn’t make sense. But if you suddenly break in and the terrorist of Yuan Soul Force causes dissatisfaction from the other side, it will be more than the gain.
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Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Backed by
Welcome you to come.
Bai Dianfeng, the leader of the daytime gate, caused a lot of repercussions. Other influential people responded and agreed with []ks.
It’s not that they talk less, but that it’s proved that it’s not in this way that they can achieve their goals. Is there any reason not to agree?
Now everyone has put it in order to push the leader of the arbitration church to the forefront. What’s wrong with everyone? Where can Su Song find such a good thing alone?
Although Su Song, the head of all arbitration churches in mainland China, has a very high status, Su Song, the head of the arbitration church, has to fly into the courtyard and plan to throw caution to the wind. He is not afraid of leaving a bad impression on Feng Yang, which will affect the future wooing of such a young man who is likely to become a successful technician *
His idea of super power is also the same as that of Su Song, the leader of the arbitration church. In fact, a leader can easily kill Feng Yang. What they want to please Feng Yang so much is because Qi Zhong, the president of the operator technician association, deliberately exaggerates the fact that Feng Yang is expected to become a clever technician, which makes his head of power eager to win him over.
Feng Yang has promised Qi Zhong that he will give him a satisfactory answer after this extraordinary period. Qi Zhong knows that this doubt is joined, and he simply does not reserve any exaggeration to broadcast the potential of Feng Yang to others, but he can also help Feng Yang to have fun.
When Su Song, the leader of the arbitration church, walked to the door of the hall, the door of the hall was suddenly pulled out. A young man in his early twenties came out with a huge sword. He was tall and thin, and his face was a little thin and weak against the backdrop of the sword. It was easy for him to look good with a calm expression, and people could not help but want to get close to him and had a kind of intimacy.
The wind Yang went to the door to control the hall door. He saw the wind Yang’s body motionless, but the hall door was on its own, and he was calm. Outside the hall door, he looked around the bosses.
At the same time, the powerful boss in the place also kept a close eye on the wind, especially when he saw that the door closed on its own, everyone was stunned.
It takes special martial arts to control the dead with deadly force, and you super-powerful bosses have never heard of anything in the martial arts of the door today. There is only one possibility left, that is, Yuan Soul Force has enough force to control the dead at will.
"How strong is it to be able to control the soul force of the dead?"
"I didn’t know that Qi Zhong was the only one who could control the dead by Yuan Soul Force."
"It is said that he is already a technician of six or seven operators. It is really a disaster for the country and the people to be so young."
At the same time, everyone’s eyes are a little hot, looking at Feng Yang, just like a group of hungry wolves looking at a big fat sheep. They generally want to swallow Feng Yang with his belt and bones now []
"Dad is this bastard. He killed people and tried to kill me." Seeing that Feng Yang came out, Bai Shao still couldn’t see the situation clearly, yelling at Feng Yang and cursing.
Bai Dianfeng, the owner of the daytime door, is really a little crazy now. He has just made up his mind to win over this young man who may become a spiritual operator. Whether the daytime door can jump out of the oppression of the four major forces in the mainland depends on this super operator in front of him. I didn’t expect that this undeserving thing should make such a scene, which made him feel impulsive to kill at that moment.
The wind Yang suddenly turned to look at the white side with a cold eye. His eyes narrowed slightly and bloomed more viciously than the light. A black mist wandered in the eyes, which made those eyes look rare and scattered. At the same time, a long sword slammed at the white side with a high speed, which made the place powerful. The strong people were a little dizzying. Although many people had the strength to block this sword, no one would make moves.
Bai Dianfeng, the master of the daytime gate, and Bai Chien, the second brother of Bai Dianfeng, both showed their figure at the same time and leapt toward Bai Shao’s side. However, the distance between them was a little farther than that of the long sword and Bai Shao, and when they arrived at Bai Shao’s throat, the streamer was lasered to the front of Bai Shao’s throat.
At that critical moment, the sword came out and the time suddenly disappeared. The sword floated like a spiritual sword. The tip of the sword stuck to the sharp tip of Bai Shao’s throat and rubbed a little skin on Bai Shao’s throat, spilling a little blood.
White little stupefied, his eyes were full of horror and fear, and the slight tingling in his throat and the penetrating cold made his body stiff, his expression dull and his consciousness afraid to move.
"I really want to kill you. You can’t live to the present." Feng Yang disdained to hum.
Shocking. absolutely shocking
"Too much"
"Yuan Soul Force Royal Sword is really extraordinary. Today, this young guy has given us a long knowledge of this group of old bones."
"Qi Zhong, what do you think of his sword?"
"It’s better than my control ability," Qi Zhong said without hesitation.
Everyone is not sighing. Compared with the super power of Dreadwind Gate and the Ghost Sect, the leaders of the second-class gang feel a big threat. The speed of that sword is so fast that they think they will not open the defensive gas mask or dodge.
After all, the wind can transport Yuan Soul Force to remotely control weapon attacks at will, which is like using swordsmanship in your hand, and Yuan Soul Force control seems to be fast and powerful.
Even if you can dodge the past, you can’t dodge the storm. After all, compared with the reaction, people all know that they are in the same breath as this young man with a terrible soul force. It is no exaggeration to say that it is different from Wan Li.
Moreover, the speed of that sword can be said to be as fast as the speed of sound, and it can also be accurate to the point of manipulating this control ability. After all, the speed response of that sword is a little slower, and this sword may be more than ten feet, directly stabbing Bai Shao’s throat fully.
See the wind Yang is still so arrogant white less return to absolute being mustered up courage and said, "The wind Yang Sunset City arbitration church leader before so many bosses, are you still criminals? Father, what are you waiting for? Don’t these villains take it? "
"You shut up for me" Bai Dianfeng didn’t question the wind, but he was angry with himself for his brokeback and serious injury.
Bai Shao was inexplicably stunned by Bai Dianfeng. "Dad, what are you doing?"