"Raytheon possessed!"

Du Yun drank a Lei Guang scintillator, and the thunder heart jumped a little bit, and the source force of the thunder element overflowed and covered his limbs.
Suddenly, Du Yunshen condensed a layer of Lei Guang armor and wrapped him like a ray cocoon, showing his eyes, ears and nose. It looked like a statue of God of War.
And look at the monstrous blood that he exudes all over his body. He seems to be more appropriate. He holds a square painting halberd and his eyes are like flying everywhere, which makes people unable to help but tremble.
I don’t know who shivered and shouted, but soon more than twenty people fled in all directions, but they didn’t know that running away at this time would make them die faster
If they twist into a group and fight Du Yun to the death, maybe they can hold out until the moment when reinforcements arrive, but at this time, even if they are not stupid, they are too scared and lose their minds.
Seeing them escape, Du Yun couldn’t help laughing at him. When he was immortal, his speed was not much worse than that of the first-order immortal. Now his first-order immortal speed is not to mention. There are several monks in a group of half-step immortal monks who have escaped from his palm.
Even if there are occasional arrests, are Huo Yan and Mu Kexin decorations? In this battle, Du Yun made up his mind to kill them.
Du Yun’s body suddenly and violently plundered out and immediately chased a half-step immortal friar. He blasted the friar with his fist and Shuang Yi fist, which dominated the mountain.
Like a watermelon, the sound came through. The monk’s body exploded into a mass of blood fog. Du Yun didn’t flash or avoid the enemy’s blood, and he was jealous at this moment.
The death of three friends must be paid by the blood of the monks of the five kingdoms. Although Li Bin, the man behind the scenes, has been found out by him, how could he be indifferent to his friend’s body if the five kingdoms did not encircle him and let a group of them flee?
The wrongdoer is in debt, and now he is not an opponent of the five kingdoms, and he has not killed Li Bin’s strength, but he can’t be too forbearing, otherwise everyone will think that Du Yun is easy to bully.
Stop fighting!
Du Yun wants his own means to tell those who are malicious to him that if they want to touch him, Du Yun must be prepared, or steal the chicken and lose money, break the rice itself and swallow its teeth.
"Thunder punishes heaven and earth!"
Du Yun was furious when he killed himself. It takes blood to imbue him, and only by releasing his anger can this resentment be calmed down.
Thousands of Lei Guang flashing with plumes of oppression are shock breath spread from day to day and flocked to flee behind three people.
Terrifying fluctuations swept across the whole area, and the whole area was shrouded in thunder light. Among the three people in front, there were two monks who were half-step immortal, and the other one was a monk who was at the peak of the late Fanfan period. They felt the deadly and dangerous atmosphere, and they were horrified. Looking back, thousands of Lei Guang lights flashed, and every light point suffocated them.
"No …"
Three * * called big unwilling in the heart but soon the sound was drowned out by Lei Guang, and after Lei Guang’s light covered them, they were all wiped out in three breaths.
"How can I prove that I won’t leave you dead?" Du Yunyin was so cold that he fled for a while. After hearing this, the friar raised a strong sense of fear and panic.
On the other side, Huo Yan has solved the three monks who fled first. At the moment, he just raised his blood sword and suddenly saw four monks running towards his side.
With a grimace of a grin, Huo Yan’s whole body is even more bloody. He Du Yun walks a little similarly, which is also a way to kill. This is a way to kill, and only killing can get out of the way.
"Shura blood shadow!"
Huo Yan drinks blood sword in one hand and wields a wave of his hand to make moves, which is his famous stunt shura blood shadow.
This is a kind of general fighting skill similar to the magic array. After Huo Yan put it into use, tens of millions of roads appeared in this area. His figure was everywhere, and he was extremely terrifying with bursts of blood.
It’s really hard to identify this trick in thousands of blood shadows. Du Yun once experienced it in Jingwu College, but he inherited the will of Heaven and Earth. At that time, he saw through the illusion.
Now, Huo Yan’s strength has risen sharply, and his lighter is much stronger than at the beginning. At this time, his blood shadow has already surpassed the past.
Huo Yan’s battle here soon ended. He likes to make a quick decision and use his strongest trick, the lion fighting the rabbit, to fully explain the meaning of this sentence.
Not far away, Mukexin was playing with the fire dragon. When she saw two monks running in her direction, she suddenly got up. She was dressed in white with a sword in her hand, and the bright sunlight reflected a ray of cold mountain.
"Ten thousand swords!"
Mu Kexin drinks a sword in one hand, such as Huo Yan Shura’s blood shadow, generalizing thousands of sword lights, and looking closely at these sword lights, each one has good attack power.
The two monks just showed strong horror as if they had no resistance, and then they were riddled with sword light.
At this time, Du Yun also chased the last monk who was still alive. Without saying anything, he threw a halberd in his hand and gave the monk a hole and then sank into a mountain with an arc.
Du Yun recovered Fang Tian’s painting Ji, and the monk died. The death of more than 20 agate monks made Du Yun’s anger gradually calm down.
I seem to have found an outlet for depression these days. Generally, the scene here is bloody and horrible, and it’s just that there are rivers of blood and corpses everywhere.
However, Du Yun didn’t feel any guilt for these dead monks. You monks of the Agate Empire are human beings, aren’t my friends in Du Yun human beings?