The so-called record of young heroes and tianjiao, although many people attach great importance to it, can be compared with heaven and earth, the second list of heaven and earth is that there are too few innate strong people, but it becomes the most competitive list

How many heroes are willing to stay alive and die?
"Some people are confused by money, some people are obsessed with beauty, but more heroes value’ name’ most." Teng Qingshan sighed from the bottom of his heart and wanted to look through the list of seventy-two heroes in Kyushu.
"Castle Peak" suddenly sounded.
"hmm? Hey! " Teng Qingshan woke up with a start
"What are you looking at so fascinated?" Teng Yongfan laughed.
Next to Tengqinghu, hey hey smiled. "Castle Peak, he spent 12 silvers to buy this book."
"You are really willing to spend money." Teng Yongfan didn’t blame Teng Qingshan. "Everything is ready. Let’s go and wait for his people in the lane." Teng Yongfan, Teng Qingshan and Teng Qinghu immediately left Vientiane Building and came to the lane next to Vientiane Building.
There are fewer people in the lane, and many other people haven’t come yet. Teng Qingshan leans against the wall to continue reading this.
Described 72 heroes and also described some famous deeds of these heroes.
"If you want to be able to practice hard work for decades, you can almost practice to the peak of the day after tomorrow, but your strength is as much as your strength, but you can’t make a difference." Looking at this Tengqingshan, you can see that there are too many people who have reached the peak of the day after tomorrow according to the description.
However, due to different cultivation techniques or different personal understanding, the strength is much worse.
Such as Teng Qingshan
The same Teng Qingshan studied strength at two levels. At this time, the strength cheats played a big role.
And personal understanding.
Teng Qingshan realized the two marksmanship methods of "following the footsteps" and "mixing the elements together". Even with one gun, he can easily kill hundreds of wild wolves, but with the same strength, Teng Qinghu needs Teng Yonglei and Teng Qingshan to help him when facing the attack of wolves.
How much strength is a foundation.
The method of transportation and personal understanding are also very important, which is why all kinds of cheats can cause a series of killings.
"Huh?" Tengqingshan suddenly looked at the deeds of the man who ranked fiftieth in the list with a bright eye.
"At the age of forty, Yang Fan had been after the four brothers of the Hong family, whose fierce name was extremely prosperous, for three days and three nights. Three brothers of the Hong family died, leaving a’ Hong Si’, and this Hong Si fled back to his hometown Yicheng to establish a white horse gang. However, in the past 20 years, Hong Si did not dare to seek revenge against Yang Fan. Yang Fan was fifty-two years old …"
This is a story about Yang Fan, who is slightly aware of’ Hongsi’.
But TengQingShan is surprised.
"The White Horse Sect Master Hong has this history." Tengqingshan was surprised that the White Horse Sect can be said to be the local tyrant of Yicheng. The White Horse Sect Master’ Master Hong’ Yicheng is definitely a uncompromising figure. Who would have thought that this great man would have such a mess?
"Dad, look," Teng Qingshan smiled and handed it to his father. "Look at this paragraph."
Teng Yongfan took a look doubtfully and read a surprised passage: "Grandpa Hong has three brothers. No wonder his name is Hong Si! But who is this Yang Fan so much? "said TengYongFan also read this from the beginning.
Teng Qingshan smiled bitterly.
I didn’t expect my father to be fascinated, but he also watched most of it.
"This grandpa four Hong’s strength should also be extremely strong." Tengqingshan had an inference according to that matter. "It can be said that the whole Kyushu is ranked in the top of the list the day after tomorrow. That Yang Fan came after grandpa four Hong for three days and three nights, and he let grandpa four Hong run away. Moreover … this grandpa four Hong can be called’ fierce name’ and it is impossible to get such an evaluation without certain means."
Just being simply said a few words represents extraordinary strength.
After all, the story of Hong’s four brothers will not be remembered if they are not severe.
Teng Qingshan and the three of them waited for his people when the street was about dozens of feet away from Teng Qingshan and them.
"See? Is that the three hunters "a black man pointed TengQingShan their direction bass said.
"When I saw Brother Lang, you said they had two thousand silver tickets?" A lean triangle eye Han surprised way
Black han sneer at a way "this I also cheat you? I would have told you the news if I hadn’t seen you coming out of a village in my hometown? This time, our adults have just given them twelve thousand silver tickets for the weapons they ordered. "
"Twelve thousand ….." The eye of the third eye Han flashed and then hey hey smiled. "Brother Lang, don’t worry. When our troops kill them and rob the silver ticket, the benefits will definitely be without you. But I don’t understand why you adults order silver for others and then leak the news and tell us to let us rob it?"
The man in black sneered, "You don’t understand that our adult is a vengeful advocate! I didn’t intend to give silver to these villagers this time. Who thought that the villagers were all out? We adults couldn’t help it. But how did our adults swallow this breath? He didn’t dare to be angry with his big brother and didn’t dare to find trouble with these villagers. "