Just such a question Gu Quan was choked by her.

Does he want her dead? Even after what happened and witnessed it with his own eyes, he felt that he still could not bear it.
"Do you want to die?" He smiled coldly. "It’s not that easy!"
If pity flashed a bad feeling in my heart, "then what do you want?" The delicate eyebrows frowned tightly. She bit her lip and looked at her stubbornly. "If you want to give me to the emperor, I don’t have a problem, but before that, go find someone to clean up here."
Gu Quan laughed in a low voice, and sen’s cold stare eyes gradually moved towards her, grabbing her breath bit by bit.
He finally stopped at a close distance.
Look at him with trembling eyes and strong self-composure, and see his thin lips lightly. "I am stupid to ask for your advice if I fail to take you out of the palace once, but this time you belong to me, and you can’t escape in this life. Chapter 1 This is what she deserves!
If pity stared at him in disbelief, once in the imperial garden, she wanted him to take her away, but he blocked all her words. What is this now?
Didn’t he want her? Only to find that she changed her mind after what she did? !
"Didn’t you say that Shang and Miss Assistant Minister are interested in marrying you?" I glanced at him in disgust, but suddenly I was as handsome as I could, and my heart was slightly hit by a line, and I was barely smooth. "Since so many women like you, why do you still say such things to me?" !”
Gu Quan snorted, "That’s my business!" Then he dragged her to the direction of Longyin Palace.
Before walking a few steps, I met a little eunuch and ordered, "There’s a broken soup cup in the back. Go get rid of it and don’t let any master accidentally step on it."
"I’m a slave."
"Gu Quan, let me go!" After the little eunuch went away, he struggled desperately to get rid of the shackles of men. "Where are you taking me?" I’m a Longyin Palace official now. You can’t do this to me! You are so presumptuous! Let me hear you! "
"if you say one more word, I’ll tell the emperor what you did!" Cold words stopped her Gu Quan head also didn’t back to a natural didn’t see flow if transient complex look.
"Remember that you are mine now. Don’t talk nonsense for a while!"
Before stepping into the Longyin Palace, he calmly threatened and threatened.
Feng looked at the two men in front of him in surprise. "Gu Quan, what are you doing?" It looks like a couple pulling hands, but it’s practical … Can’t he see that pity is quite unwilling to be pulled by him?
Your ink shadow glanced at them lightly, from their handshake to pity, pale face and slight frown. He gathered his eyes and said nothing.
"The imperial concubine!" Gu Quan knelt down and took pity on Ruo, too. "I beg the emperor to allow me to take pity on Ruo back to my home!"
Have the same feelings? Phoenix glanced at the pity if his face could really see the word "reluctantly" in the shadow of "congenial". She really didn’t find it at all.
The key point is that when ordinary people ask for relatives and friends, they say that it shouldn’t be the word "betrothed", but what Gu Quan just said-how strange it is to take it home!
Is Gu Quan’s EQ so low?
Looking at phoenix’s shallow face, it shows that it is not very happy. Jun Moying came to her mouth and didn’t say it. She picked her eyebrows, which means it is very obvious to her to make a decision.
Feng Shao just said the question in his heart. "Gu’s adult, what did you mean by taking pity back to the house?" There is a trace of dissatisfaction in the tone of doubt and uncertainty. "She is not a casual girl. If you dare to casually treat her, neither I nor the Emperor will agree!"
Gu Quan’s face changed. He really did deliberately not say how to arrange it after taking pity back. Just insult this woman!
Who told her to do such a thing? She deserves it!
However, the imperial concubine asked him this question, but he didn’t know what to answer. It is obviously impossible for him to directly say what he just did, so he would want pity. Chapter 13 What can I say?
Especially if watching flow lips faded the last trace of blood Gu Quan jumped between the eyebrows and immediately blurted out "I made a gaffe! I really want to marry you, and pity is half empty talk! "
Flow if closed eyes slowly lowered his eyes.
"Oh, is that so?" Feng Shao didn’t have too much doubt about what he said. Although she doesn’t know much about this person, Jun Mo’s shadow letter must not be a bad person. "If you let her go first, she won’t run away. You are hurting people by holding on so tightly!" Feng Shao looked at the man at first glance and thought he was a man with high emotional intelligence. I didn’t expect to be so careless about women and didn’t even know how to describe them. It’s hateful! What if you really give him a girl who is so gentle?
If her voice just fell pity, she drew her hand back. Gu Quan was unwilling to put it in her heart, but she couldn’t let it go in the end with a blue face.
"Since you say that you are congenial, there is no problem. If my benefactor is willing, I naturally hope that she can find a good home." Phoenix winked at pity and smiled at pity. "If pity, would you like to marry Gu Quan?"
A kind of feeling that the officiating person sees is shallow, and the corners of his mouth twitched. Suddenly, he noticed that a hot eye fell on her face.
Looking back, I saw Jun Moying looking at her with a funny face. She looked like she was going to the theatre, but she didn’t mean to intervene in this matter.
There was a period of silence in the courtyard.