Following the guidance of Apocalypse Star, it was not long before he stopped at a riverside and looked at his feet with a surprised face.
A familiar relic, a jade cylinder sealed with scroll.
Right there in the jade tube
"It’s that simple?"
He has a strange expression and a hesitant face.
"This also …"
"Is it too easy?"
Starting with so many multi-source stars, almost all of them have twists and turns. Nowadays, just wandering around outside can pick up one, which makes Zhou Jia a little hard to believe.
Hesitated for a while before he picked up the jade tube and looked around. He saw that there was really no foreigner holding the jade outside.
A source star quietly emerged.
Follow the apocalypse star to pull the source star into the sea of knowledge
Tianhuixing enlightenment
All methods of seeking root, dharma and enlightenment are universal.
Chapter 41 Meet
I don’t know when it gets dark.
It’s overcast and stormy.
"Before reading the novel, the protagonist must have an adventure when he falls off a cliff. It may be a treasure of heaven and earth to transport people out and pick up a wooden stick."
"I never thought that one day I could encounter such a thing!"
Zhou Jia’s smiling face was interrupted not long ago, and the anger of refining keel vanished.
If he hadn’t been led to this neighborhood by Niu Yan, he wouldn’t have picked up a source star casually, so it seems that he should thank the other party.
"Wow …"
With the source star sinking into the sea of knowledge, an endless source force gushed from Baihui point on the top of the head and flowed to the bones of the limbs, scouring the orifices all over the body.
Different from the keel source force
This source force is pure, docile, contains no impurities, and melts into itself without the slightest effort, as if it belonged to itself.
This source force directly washed away the discomfort caused by the keel source force