Everything in the world is made up of notes, melodies and music scores.

And he can understand the artistic conception contained in it and perform its changes.
He can modify some incongruities by playing the piano in his hand.
Even if he want to, he can subvert that melody and the music score.
The altar scroll is turned into a long scroll, and a melody is built around the piano.
When the piano is too long to digest it, heaven and earth will become a god of music
Tian Ying is also undergoing her own transformation in Taichangqin Glory.
The two men are somewhat repetitive, but they are not in conflict.
Taichangqin focuses on the music body.
The rhythm of heaven and earth can be transformed into a magnificent movement.
He is the witness, guardian and inheritor of this movement and can play the melody in this movement by himself.
Reproduce the rhythm of heaven and earth
This is a typical witch who understands heaven and earth and then manipulates it.
Tian Ying is different.
She will practice the Tao to the end.
Although she also needs to understand the movement of the rhythm of heaven and earth, this movement can not be static for her
Heaven and earth are different, including Pangu Heaven, Laojun Heaven, Yuantian Heaven and Fuxi Painting Heaven.
Every one says that in the long river of history, it is in
What she needs is to find the rhythm root through this movement.
You can play a different grand movement in your own way.
This is a monk’s perception of "I"
No matter how powerful a witch is, it still has its limitations.
Because they have always been cultivated and grown up in the world.
Unless they can leave the current world and evolve their own.
And this is exactly what the gas refiner is taking.
Those who have never been gifted are a group of talented people who have a talent that is superior to all the creatures in the sky.
That is to shuttle through the long river of the heavens and the earth.
This allows them to go beyond the immediate world.
Can have a broader vision.
This kind of talent may be generally recognized by fairies and witches before their metamorphosis.
Not all talented people can have the opportunity to display such talent.
But the achievements of the immortals will enable them to be promoted to the immortals when they have the opportunity.
Through this talent, it is the first to understand that spiritual practice requires understanding the true meaning of the world.
When Taichangqin witnessed, inherited, guarded and responded to this historical movement,
Tian Ying understood and stripped from the "I" center, and then reconstructed this movement in her own way.
With the deepening of enlightenment, a cloud with many acres and five colors appeared on her top door.
A statue with a high hair comb and a long sleeve reveals the nine swords of the Yuan God, and naturally appears beside it as various musical instruments such as bell, drum, Qing, Qin, harp, flute, qi, qi and so on.
With a flick of a finger, all kinds of musical instruments on the bank played notes.
These notes are the most authentic regular information after Zhu Rong stripped off all the glitz.