When their realm rises slowly in the future, they can take this kind of vitality principle in their own cultivation.

So Lingqing prepared a huge experience package and energy package for two people.
There are many golden globeflower in smallpox, and even Lingqing and others can’t collect all of them.
At that time, the whole Beiju Luzhou friar suddenly fell into a carnival.
Especially for some scattered practices, it is a godsend opportunity based on the demon king.
With these, they may be able to go further, or they may gradually go to a higher level because of this small step in the future.
These are their good fortune, and they are also the merits of the demon emperor.
Swinging in the golden lotus, the demon emperor ordered Marshal 36 to still keep Luzhou in the north.
Before he went to Lingxiao Hall to deliver the errand, he still had to guard Luzhou in the north.
But now he has no time or mood to go to Lingxiao Hall.
Saying goodbye to Lingqing and others, he went straight to the big red sky in a auspicious light.
Du Jie, the emperor of the self-swinging magic, gathered in the Palace of Pocahontas, the Xuandu exorcist Nanhua, Tongxuan Zhenren and others.
Seeing the scene of Luzhou in Beiju, I laughed with a long beard.
South China reality is more like the Xuan exorcist handing congratulations "congratulations brother! Brother He Xi! "
"happiness! Tongxi! " Xuan exorcist is also walked over and said.
Tong Xuan’s reality laughed. "Xuanwu has gone through all kinds of disasters and several generations of reincarnation, and it is indeed worthy of congratulations to prove that it is a positive result today."
As he spoke, a mysterious light fell in front of the pocket palace, showing the figure of the demon emperor
The demon emperor dressed himself up and went into the temple to bow down and said, "Brother, meet the master and meet your uncles!"
"Gift!" South China reality and others repeatedly stretched out their hands to help.
At this time, the demon emperor is half a step away from the state of pick and can step over at any time.
Although we are different in generations, we are already friends at the moment.
Seek mixed friends together!
Compared with the fairy’s promotion to pick, he wants to further reach the eternal and immortal mixed state.
It is even more elusive.
It was only when the Jade Emperor Hao Tian, the one who got the certificate of the great pick in all the heavens and all the worlds, first got the certificate of the great pick-and-roll demon emperor.
There are only a few hundred people in the forest.
Of course, those who can have great abilities in their own world, such as the spiritual Lord and the famine, are not counted.