Ping-an Lu grew up thinking that I would be safe by killing all the enemies.

"Kill a taboo young players also want to so long? The face of paradise has been lost by you. "
At this time, a sound came from the virtual space, and a man wrapped in a binding suit appeared on the safe posterior road.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ninety-six Emperor Wudi shake paradise
No one knows when the prisoner will leave, but the moment he appeared, he blocked Lu Ping’s retreat route.
Prisoners’ experience in blockade is that the violators can get the best out of the giants, and even magicians have to bow down to the wind in this respect.
At this time, he cut off Lu Ping-an’s back road, and a new cage appeared, and Lu Ping-an was trapped at the end of the world.
The secret passage in Huoyun’s heart is in trouble, because prisoners are not only powerful blockades, but also first-class offenders. A magician once said that there are two people in the offenders, that is, the enchantress and the prisoner on the other side.
Tongtian leader doesn’t consider it because it is a wolf.
If the conventional taboos are also divided into three, six, nine and so on, the prisoners are obviously stronger than tyrants and gods, and taboos are often arrogant and will not admit that they are weaker than others.
The actual prisoners want to defeat tyrants and gods, but it is difficult to suppress them, let alone kill them.
However, it is more troublesome for prisoners to attack and attack for Lu Pingan, who is not forbidden.
Seeing that a poor chain flew out of the prisoner’s tunic and touched Lu Ping-an, it shattered Lu Ping-an’s jaws on the spot, and at the same time, the real injury and war force penetrated into the past, making Lu Ping-an cough up blood.
This is really not that Lu Pingan is weak. He is not forbidden to fight against the three taboos, but he has not been killed in seconds. It can be called the shock of ancient and modern times.
Unfortunately, at this time, it will be difficult for him to want deus ex or slay Taboo. The other party will not give him this opportunity, and there are still three Taboos who have not made moves by secretly observing.
The worst happened in the fire cloud’s expectation. Once there is a second taboo, the third will move quickly, and then the situation will be subtle.
Who doesn’t make moves is suspected of rape!
Over the years, after the park became more stable, there was an undercurrent. Some illegal giants wanted to deal with the magician and get rid of him. It was very suspected that the two illegal giants were probably trapped and killed by the magician … Well, actually they were.
But now this situation is the origin of the problem of the’ political’ team. Whoever doesn’t make a move is a’ political’ mistake and is suspected of making a late move.
Other giants will wonder if you are hesitant. Are you trying to figure out how to send the virtual hunter away?
Indeed, according to the fire cloud, the fourth taboo was also shot.
Seeing a fairy sword flying over the battlefield is sharper than piercing everything and stabbing it straight at Lu Ping ‘an.
But I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that Xianjian walked in a straight line and gave the prisoner a chain to swing. Instead, it gave Ping-an Lu a breathing space. Ping-an Lu reacted and immediately swept out the sword and hit the handle Xianjian.
Ping-an Lu coughed up blood again. This is not a fake sword. Although it relieved him, it also hit him hard. The war power is not fake.
"Psst-is this the virtual hunter King Wu?"
The offenders in the paradise gasped when they saw this scene, feeling that the offenders were powerful and even more shocked by the strength of King Wu.
You know, King Wu is not taboo, but the four illegal giants didn’t make moves at the moment and will fight bravely with King Wu.
"If this give featuring tens of thousands of years boarded the taboo that also get! ?”
Some violators are in awe, that is, before the establishment of the park, they were violators, and it can be said that it is evil to be a unified violator.
On the contrary, the new offenders in the park are not really wicked, but they are seduced by the offenders, that is, they have changed their platforms for development.
And those who are directly captured and transformed from the original world by the paradise can be called adventurers, natural violators and explorers.
At this time, those old offenders are very afraid, because they are all ninth-order hunters, and they will kill the list. If the origin is sent to their world, it will be doubtful if they meet King Wu.
"Wu Wang is so powerful, and Wu Di is not good?"
There are also violators who are indecisive and uncertain. They have never seen the Emperor Wu of the Middle Kingdom, but they also know that it is not boasting. I am afraid that the record is extremely outrageous.
Emperor Wu is the fear of all violators, just as former Lu Ping-an blocked the door and shouted that there was a peak in the paradise. Violators would ridicule Lu Ping-an, but no one dared to say anything like’ even if your father was here’.
Because everyone knows that if Emperor Wudi really wakes up, he really has the strength to slay the enemy he is forbidden to face.
Some offenders, the old white giants, are in such a hurry to set up a paradise because they are afraid that Emperor Wu hopes to stick to Emperor Wu by virtue of the tenth-order defense of the paradise. No matter how strong he is, it is impossible to destroy a type.
Huoyun looked at the situation at this time and felt a little desperate. Ping-an Lu couldn’t walk if he wanted to go now. Even if he wanted to release water at this time, it would be difficult because his three violators were staring at him.
"Why are you still so heavy that the horse is going to die?"
The fire cloud secretly asked the magician if there were any good countermeasures for this situation.
The magician was sitting in a pot of green tea in the rockery courtyard of the paradise mansion and smiled. "It’s a little interesting. Don’t worry about it."
He thought it was a hassle for Lu Ping-an to call, but after thinking about it, he felt that it was not so reckless.
And this kind of temptation is not only what he wants but also what he wants to observe.
In fact, from the first moment of the war, the magician noticed that he had discovered an interesting place, that is, Lu Ping ‘an was "very capable."
Just one-on-one with the tyrant, you can’t stop seeing the gods. After Lu Ping-an appeared, he fell into the wind and suffered continuous injuries. However, after the prisoner joined the middle school, he was supposed to crush Lu Ping-an and kill him instantly.
But the fact that Ping-an Lu still persisted for ten minutes was even more miserable than coming here.
In the end, the leader of Tongtian dealt a heavy blow to Ping-an Lu, who was supposed to have changed the ending, but actually two minutes later, Ping-an Lu was still alive!
Is this really Ping-an Lu? As powerful as his father?
The magician knew that he had been in close contact with Lu Ping Anren Lu Ping-an. When he was young, he also helped the other side to stabilize his blood. He was very clear about Lu Ping-an’s strength. Supposedly, when the prisoner made a move, Lu Ping-an made up his mind not to last more than a minute.