"Didn’t you just let that man do something?" Yip hon would never have believed that this woman had just been raped by a bed if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

Woman zheng with a bitter smile "almost again? It’s not the first time. "
"Then you still scream so badly?" Maybe it’s because the room is too dark for Ye Han to see a woman’s appearance, and he speaks boldly.
"I feel wronged in my heart …" The woman said with a hint of Kuqiang that her voice suddenly dropped a lot. "And me, the worse I scream, the sadder I cry, the more happy they are. If they don’t cry, they will call me until I cry."
Yip hon suddenly felt that it was cheap to shoot that man. People like him should be tortured, skinned, cramped and executed in the Qing Dynasty.
Not only the man, but also the Fenglu gang, everyone should tie stones and plant lotus flowers in pig cages-men are always particularly cruel when they encounter similar situations, especially when the victim is a beautiful woman.
Yip hon hesitated and asked, "haven’t you ever thought about resisting?"
"I want to think about it every day," the woman said. "I haven’t escaped several times, and my sisters have all died. If I hadn’t been good-looking, I would have been killed by them."
Yip hon gave a faint sigh. People in troubled times are not as good as Taiping dog. What he says now is an afterthought, and he is not good at comforting people. He finally suppressed a sentence, "Don’t worry, you can go home immediately."
The woman’s eyes flashed, "Brother, is it our people calling back outside?"
Our people?
Yip hon suddenly felt ashamed, but the soldiers let less than half of Linyi be occupied by gangs, so that such a weak woman had to sell her body to survive. When a soldier is in this position, how can he call himself a brother soldier?
He said with difficulty, "No, but it won’t be long before he calls back."
"Great!" Women are as happy as something: "My father and my mother are in another gangster site. If you don’t come back, I can’t go home if I run out."
Ye Han is dim.
Even if she escapes from the Fenglu gang, she will be stared at by other gangsters, and maybe even her parents will be involved.
Although it is not a good choice to stay in the hotel, it seems to be good for her to stay with her and her hotel staff, not only to maintain the normal operation of the hotel, but also to solve some physiological problems of helping others, except to consume some food surplus.
Chapter 235 Night
The beneficial value will not be easily abandoned, which is why she struggled to live in this chaotic day.
A sad and realistic story about morality, shame and even death. Who will think about that?
Yip hon sat in the dark with a heavy heart and looked at the direction of the big bed without saying a word.
A woman who can’t hear Ye Hanyin can’t help but feel a little flustered. "Why don’t you talk, big brother?"
Yip hon sighed, "I don’t know what to say … I’m tired and need a rest."
The woman smiled heartily. "Brother, if you don’t dislike me, come to bed. I will do anything."
Yip hon don’t talk a woman suddenly blushed and then sad "eldest brother, I don’t want to also let so many animals slept, have long been a broken pot, broken pot don’t dress lofty I now have nothing …"
"Stop it. I don’t dislike that you are too tired and need to rest." Yip Han interrupted the woman. "I won’t say a word about today’s affairs. When you are settled, everything can be restored. You can find a good man to treat him well and then get married and have a generation."
Ask yourself, is yip hon really not tempted?
He’s not saying that Liu Hui’s indifference is false, but he still has reason in his heart that he dare not go to the bed for fear that he can’t control the beast at the bottom of his heart.
"Over a generation?" Women gawk at the darkness in front of them, but their hearts swell with sadness.
How can a woman who has been slept with by dozens of animals be qualified to find a good man even if she has more reasons to fall?
Both of them lost their interest in talking, and the room was silent. There were guns and explosions outside the window and they kept getting into their eardrums.
Yip hon leaned back again and couldn’t think about women’s encounters. Close your eyes and make your brain as white as possible.
On the other side, the woman pulled and pulled, was tightly wrapped up, fell back in bed, stared at God’s eyes blankly, and was surrounded by a sense of loneliness in French language narration, which made her feel lonely.
Loneliness is not because she is alone, but because everyone’s heart is so far away from her, even the man who has said a few sweet words to her is her, and she has never cared about her heart.
Thought of here, she involuntarily smiled again, withered and bitter.
Giving your body to gain money is a transaction between you and me. How can you expect to gain feelings? Maybe it’s not that man is stingy, but that she is too unrealistic to want too much.
A low buzzing from the window interrupted her thoughts. The woman could turn her head and look at the floor-to-ceiling window with horror in her eyes. "What is that?"
"It’s just a giant cockroach. You’ll be fine if you don’t go out." Yip Han said flatly. "Everything will be fine."
The woman tried hard to put her head into the soft pillow and tried to completely isolate the outside sound, but no matter how hard she tried, those annoying sounds still stubbornly got into her ears, which made her upset and worried about the couch. I don’t know how long it took the man to fall asleep.
At this time, it was already midnight. Sleepiness also harassed Yip hon and unconsciously fell asleep on the sofa.
A woman can’t lie still when the sky is dim. She quietly looks up at Ye Han, who seems to be sleeping. She is gently lifted by a chill, which makes her skin tight and tense, and several goose bumps pop up instantly.
Looking back uneasily, I found that Yip hon had no movement. The woman was relieved and put away the clothes around the scattered big bed, but she put them on and walked into the health quietly with a pair of white and slender feet.
She did tear a lot of clothes, but she was far from wearing them. What she said last night was because she didn’t know the identity of Yip Han and worried that Yip Han would kill her.
She really doesn’t have any other weapons except this natural stinky skin.
The woman just walked into the sanitary Yip hon immediately opened her eyes and heard the flush in the sanitary room before slowly closing her eyes.
A woman can’t sleep reliably, but he stares at her eyes when she sleeps. Although the woman deliberately lightens her movements, her actions still disturb Yip Han.
Close your eyes and listen carefully to what’s going on outside. The explosion has stopped and the guns have become sparse.
Yip hon gently spit out a sigh of relief. It’s time for the giant cockroach to retreat at dawn!
When the sanitary door lock clicked, Yip Han couldn’t help laughing. The neural circuit of a woman is really different. I should have seen it long ago. If he wants to do something, he can’t wait until he locks it now. What’s the difference?
I think so in my heart, but the surface is still a sleeping appearance.
The woman crept out and took a look at the sofa Yip hon. She hesitated for a moment before hitting the cabinet and taking out a bed. She was carefully gathered near the sofa and stared at Yip hon’s face full of perseverance for a long time. Suddenly, her white face turned red and gently covered Yip hon.
Yip hon blink of an eye can easily grabbed a woman’s wrist woman "ah" a light shout also don’t know intentional or meaning unexpectedly lost balance directly to yip hon.
The scene looks very fragrant, but the woman is actually hurt.
Yip hon didn’t sleep with all his equipment. He hung his arm with a large caliber semi-automatic device. The woman’s chest was so dead that it just hit the muzzle. This stamp was unusually strong. The woman’s chest was so painful that her eyes turned straight and tears came to her eyes.
The woman’s skin is very thin and tender, which makes Yip Han reluctant to let go of the stalemate for a moment. Yip Han finally captured the reason and loosened the woman’s arm slightly and said "thank you"
She doesn’t know when to put on a large men’s shirt, which covers the bust but can cover the thigh root. It looks more tempting than dressing, which makes Yip hon feel inexplicably agitated at heart.
The woman hurriedly got up "no, no, no" and glanced at yip hon nervously, only then did she notice that her little brother was restless and cried a burst of anger.
It’s just that this thing is not under the control of the will, and the more you want it to stop, the more it gets carried away.
Woman Yan mouth light smile softly mouth "eldest brother …"
Yip Han’s will is about to collapse. Suddenly, I heard a rush in my ear. "Wolf’s den calls lone wolf’s den calls lone wolf. Please answer when you hear it!"
Chapter 236 Changes
Ye instantly broke free from the charming atmosphere, and the lust in his eyes was instantly replaced by coldness. "Lonely Wolf, please speak!" Only then did he find that the lowest height of a woman is 1.71 meters, and a pair of straight, white and long legs is amazing.
Then he suddenly realized that it was a star-rated hotel or a lot of stars. If the recruiter was poor, would it be worthy of the stars in the hotel lobby?
A woman’s eyes flitted with anxiety and fear and stepped back consciously.