I didn’t think for a few minutes and then I suddenly realized.

In fact, before Xu retired, he studied the theory of gene ability chain, which was mentioned in the book.
Many gene bases are diverse.
Similarly, there may be several ability chains that affect one ability, not just one.
Specifically, the first bright gene chain curve should be the main gene capacity chain of telepathy.
Only by opening this genetic ability chain can we obtain psychic ability.
The second bleak gene chain curve should be the gene chain that affects the strength of this psychic ability.
For example, the gene base points involved in this second bleak gene chain curve are the first and second gene base points of Xu tui’s practice of "Mental Sea Concentration and Sense of Foundation Forging Method 49"
These gene base points can continuously promote and retreat the spirit.
However, in the process of practicing, Xu tui found very early that his telepathic distance will also rise to a certain extent with the rise of spirit.
In an instant, it will be integrated.
Xu tui suddenly thought of an xiaoxue’s saying that the most common way of genetic miracle is to realize it.
Only with personal experience can we get the most credible conclusion.
But also can transform that learn theories into their own information in the short time.
Later, Xu retired and decided to completely give up other aspects of cultivation in one or two days and focus on strengthening this telepathic gene base point to verify the theory of hair color grade of one’s own gene base point.
In the process of strengthening, retreat and discovery are allowed.
When strengthening this telepathic gene base point, the energy transferred by the concentration method can still occupy 50%
But the remaining 50% energy is shared by two phase gene chain curves.
The bright main gene chain curve has many points of separation energy and the dim points, and the secondary gene chain curve has fewer points of separation energy.
But it’s all so-called
Anyway, they are all withdrawing their own genetic basis points.
If you strengthen your ability to retreat after a long period of time, you may also accumulate a lot of money.
Xu back now spirit strength spirit full situation a practice has been able to continuously consume seven bottles of E-class energy supplements.
Xu tui is psychologically prepared for this strengthening.
The consumption will definitely be great.
It happened that it was Sunday, and I was curious about it, so I was ready to practice once in a row.
Xu tui is a late Saturday night, and the target is selected to practice at 10: 30. After consuming seven bottles of E-class energy supplements, the spirit will soon bottom out and Xu tui will go straight to sleep.
After six hours, I woke up when I was ready to retire
High-quality sleep makes Xu retreat consume a spirit and return to a full state.
Without any delay, Xu retired and continued to practice.
At seven o’clock in the morning, seven bottles of E-class energy supplement potion were consumed, and the spirit was about to bottom out, so Xu retired and went to sleep again.
I woke up again at one o’clock at noon, but Xu retired without horse training.
I’m really hungry.
You have to take care of your stomach first
AnXiaoXue there is no.14 institute waste replacement, culture medium also need to be replaced.
This busy work was not finished until nearly four o’clock in the afternoon.