Snow Chihiro decline Shi Qingxuan’s request for a bath together.

Habitually go back to your room to bathe and change clothes first.
What about the bathroom? The water rushes in and washes away all the fatigue.
In transpiration water mist
Snow Chihiro still has some disbelief until now.
She stared at her white hands, and it was a breakthrough?
There is no doubt that she is the first player to reach the level of "limit" OL in real sense!
And then the door rang.
Accompanied by Su Weiyin
"Are you there?"
"Su Zhangmen wait a moment"
Snow Chihiro should be in a hurry to wipe the shower gel and shampoo again and then rinse it off.
Change clothes as soon as possible, and then go out with wet hair hanging freely.
Snow Chihiro and Su Wei live next door to each other, but they often meet.
However, it’s the first time that Su Wei broke into the door without knocking directly like this.
"What are you doing?"
"Just taking a bath"
Su Wei laughed. "I’ve come to congratulate you. Chihiro’s first level 10 player was finally born."
Snow Chihiro sighed, "I remember when I just joined the" Limited "OL, it was level 43, right?"
"Well, that’s right. You remember it so clearly. It’s been so many years."
"Yes, my biggest dream at that time was to be able to break through the gas gathering environment as soon as possible and reach the micro-realm, but now look at the so-called micro-realm, which is only level 5, and I have already reached the level in the blink of an eye."
Snow Chihiro asked, "But how do you know about Su Zhangmen?"
Su Wei replied, "It was the dragon who pulled him out of the vice-team, and even those heaven and men didn’t care about it. He came to me the first time and congratulated me on the great rise of his younger brother and sister’s strength. He also died here once. He specially solemnly said that he was playing a concession match, otherwise he could easily beat you even if your strength broke through!"
Snow Chihiro said seriously, "It’s really thanks to his help, but you have to thank him seriously!"
"No, I already thanked him for you."
Su Wei laughed. "That guy is competitive to death. I invited him to the best hotel for a good meal at the first time and then complimented him. Now it’s all right."
"Thank you, Sue."
Snow Chihiro leng a this just to react the meaning in his words.
She smiled slightly, and her face flushed slightly.
But smiling is still natural …
She took the initiative to hold Su Wei’s palm and said, "Then I’ll invite you to dinner at noon today. Thank you?"
"That’s fine. I haven’t drunk bean curd and beef tendon noodles for a long time."