The children around don’t know what this means. It means busy saving Mr.

What happened in Tianming Hospital was unknown to Gede.
At this time, he was coming out of the small meditation room.
Holding a scroll of scripture in his hand
To be exact, it’s "The Golden Bell Cover Change" …
The surface not only completely records the Golden Bell Hood, but also has a treasure image, which is very complete and detailed after adaptation, which is naturally better for Goethe to pursue innovation at this moment.
It can be used for reference and by analogy.
Maybe it will be inspired.
Goethe happily put away the "golden bell cover change"
He put it back in Kongoji Square again.
Once again, I saw the body of san huang Zhao Cheng.
To be exact, it’s cicada slough!
He didn’t even do it, and the other side died.
Active’ death’
I also used some secret method to make myself die, which looks like someone killed by Blood Nerve.
And when Goethe saw Tianming Courtyard behind the scenes with the help of 【 Blood Crow Spirit 】, he even sighed-
What can I say?
Should I say that I am a royal?
If something goes wrong, you will protect yourself.
The two men don’t know anything about fighting.
Life-saving is really first-class
Compared with that one, it’s a bit of a failure. You have to rely on others to run away.
I don’t know what about the remaining two royal families.
Goethe thought and quietly returned to the foothold.
Haimen nature is a mess.
Both Kongoji and Tianmingyuan are one of the best transcendental forces in Haimen, and Cao Gang and Yan Gang are different. The latter is still a secular force.
Although there are strangers, there are not many
Kongoji and Tianmingyuan are both.
In particular, Kongoji and Tian Ming Yuan Fu are among the best.
But the light and the sound tonight.
Nothing will happen to you, will it
In Haimen, the stranger’s heart is dripping.
Some cowards are even more prepared to pack up and leave the city overnight.
No matter where you go, run first.
But also daring.
Then touch it towards Kongoji and Tianmingyuan.
When I got to the place, it was natural to bring up a wave to help boost the arrogance of the’ Immortality Road Demon’
Let’s talk about the remaining two royal families first.
Zhao Cheng faked his death and Zhao Tuo escaped.
That princess royal knew about it the first time.
It’s not that Zhao Ta, Zhao Cheng and his aunt are intimate with each other, but that princess royal put eyes around them.
Qin Tian supervisor told himself in detail that he saw everything.
When it comes to’ Immortality is the main manifestation of "Blood Nerve" and it is another way, this princess royal is a light smile.
"It’s not surprising that it’s him."
"It’s the right thing to do."
I was surprised when he stepped into that dead end ten years ago.
"He’s too smart and careful not to be a subsequent party."
"So that’s it."
"Oh, ten years."
"It’s him."
Listen, princess royal, that means not talking. Qin Tianjian, the man on duty, has a lower head.
Can he listen to this?
I’m afraid it’s not death, is it?
Sometimes. That’s what people do.
It’s so bad
I was killed by this princess royal before this worthy person could finish thinking from the bottom of his heart …
Nothing big.
Just took a breath.
The man on duty has lost his belt and meat.
Only clothes, shoes and hats fell to the ground.